Method This project explored the motivations and affective appraisals of non-donors, novice, experienced and lapsed Gem-Y blood donors. Responses from 68 young Australians were gained from twelve focus groups. Findings Gene-Y donors were ego rather than altruistically motivated. Experienced donors felt little motivational conflict, used cognitive re-appraisal, novice/ lapsed donors experienced higher levels and used emotional suppression ND manipulation of the serviceable.

Non-donors were unable to overcome the high levels of conflict. Research- implications Further research needs to investigate why the non-donors could not overcome the motivational conflict. The role of customer value and social capital could provide useful explanations for this finding. Practical- implications To encourage Gene-Y to donate blood, there needs to be recognition of the non-altruistic motivations for donation to inform marketing strategies. While

Gene-Y want to help others, if this comes at too high a ‘price’ they are less likely to ordinate. Social-implications This research is essential to the provision of a sustainable blood supply in Australia. Without establishing a foundation of donors amongst Gene-Y now there will be a shortage of donors in the future. Originality This paper has identified a new form of emotional regulation; manipulation of the serviceable and egoism rather than altruism as a motivation for blood donation.

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