As we embark on a new journey we ever look frontward to the finer things no affair how simple it may be. The meet or transcend the outlook has ne’er waver over the old ages particularly for new and approaching concern whether Public or Private and the immature Entrepreneur in the devising but it ‘s all about doing it to the top and puting the necessary foundation to remain at that place.

This undertaking will present you to some old and new patterns that can take you into the hereafter and go forthing a permanent feeling for your coevals. It will sketch the importance of presenting quality client service non merely in the cordial reception sector but besides in other endeavors.

It ‘s a motivative constructs giving you futuristic balance on the saving of what is really of import to the upliftment of 1s ‘ state and the sustainability for the hereafter.

Hospitality Sector

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The importance of presenting good quality service.

The cordial reception industry is a long standing industry which have provided people with occupations that improved their ways of life for many old ages. With the different sectors and rivals originating all the clip, it was ever the focal point of ruling the client service market that is of import.

Importance of quality service, how of import is presenting quality services? Very of import as it deals with head of the concern and they say first feeling goes a long manner. The client ‘s outlook is ever high so it ‘s the organisation occupation to run into or transcend their outlook. The cordial reception industry relies on client satisfaction for the success and continued gross. Effective client service can decide a customer/guest issues in a positive and efficient mode, which will promote positive trade name perceptual experience.

The best thing for any concern is to present on promise, you have put yourself out at that place in the highest criterion possible illustration assuring a invitee ‘that there will be champagne and caviars in their room with particular service upon reaching but upon reaching there is n’t even a bell hop to take their baggage ‘s, ‘ that is dropping to a 2 stars service for the 5 stars you promise, which will do them frustrated and non desire to come back. It can be the same in other concerns when they promise you fast and efficient services and you are at that place for half of your twenty-four hours when there ‘s other concern to take attention of. In some sectors it has improve over the old ages as engineering has increase productiveness and doing occupations in the work topographic point less clip devouring for both the concern and the consumers/customers.

The industry have talk about presenting quality service but another of import factor is the ‘product ‘ as client will stay loyal because your merchandise offering is first-class but do it a point of responsibility to maintain up with the tendencies so you do n’t maintain clients waiting, that will take them directly to the competition. If concerns can maintain up with the tendencies in the market topographic point along with offering quality client service this will increase and maximise their net income.

As the development of community based touristry advancement you see more of the local communities interacting with the visitants, these people are non professionally trained to make so, they are merely of course hospitable yet they offer choice service presenting visitants to civilizations and demoing them a good clip. Whereas in other concern they will merely use qualified and experience people and these services offered can either do your concern or interrupt your concern.

Customers need to vent at times about something negative which happened, give them the mercantile establishment for making so but with professionalism and do it a point to rectify and better where necessary.

Tourist does non merely look frontward to quality services they besides depends on safety and protection. They want to research sites and non experience threatened in any manner and if they slip off a incline while nature draging they want to cognize that there is medical installations and exigency vehicles available to suit them. This must be handled with professionalism every bit good as some degree of client service.

Businesss in Jamaica or anyplace else in the universe sometimes failed because the degree of client service is non at that place even with trained forces as we frequently see sometimes when you walk into a shop looking for something in peculiar and the gross revenues clerk is excessively busy on his/her cell phone to assist you the client turn up your point. This is a consequence sometimes due to complacency on both director and employees as there is no rating done and implementing alterations where necessary. Peoples are really busy and they do non hold a batch of clip to pass in one shop, the ‘Hi welcome to our shop is like a thing of the past even the smilings have disappear, they prefer to watched your every move to see if you would steal anything than give you the client service you deserve.

Professionals of Community Based Tourism

Foundation is the key to the success of any concern and the community is a cardinal land work for the development of touristry as the host state will be presenting tourer to the manner of life in the host state. Community based touristry means seting local communities in control of the development of the wider touristry development of the wider merchandise and guaranting that the benefits is dispersed widely within the community. The community engagement is important because it can function as a support to place possible jobs at a ulterior day of the month. What makes community based touristry of import to tourist is because of its positive attitude towards tourer. Developing of the touristry merchandise around the community will go forth a permanent impact for old ages to come and these impacts are:

The community will profit from employment chance whether direct or indirect. Direct employment are: circuit: husbandmans, and local makers. These employment will better their manner of life and alleviate poorness.

Communities recognized the assets they have that can be developed on to pull tourist the demand grows to continue and take pride in these countries and the success of this is because of full engagement of the locals.

Tourist is ever looking frontward to mixing with the locals and larning their civilization, and we as the warm and friendly state turn outing the necessary adjustments and particular events is a pleasance to showcase what we are made of go forthing the tourer feeling at place. Sing this as manner of pulling tourer to the finish the JTB has develop a program called ‘Meet the People ‘ wherein the tourer are really entered into the places of households to see first manus their manner for life.

The communities can profit from the educational constituents touristry can convey to the bow forepart as the different boards looks for trained certified forces to be after and market the finish locally, regionally and internationally.

Cons of Community Based Tourism

They say in life you have to take the good with the bad. The planning selling and development of community based touristry will hold its negative impacts. These impacts are inevitable as the state tries to prolong growing in the economic system. The community is supplying all the comfortss for the tourer whilst they are left with the negative impacts of:

As the community and its household members grow the demand for colony addition and these demands is to remain in their community but because of the development of the finish the cost of belongings has risen to a important degree and they are non financially able to buy it.These sorts of development besides leads to.

Deforestation when the tourer attractive forces needs infinite for edifices the country has to be cleared, taking away big trees and lively goon for animate beings that depends on wood for endurance so the state is left with the impact of landslides, dirt eroding, and implosion therapy.

Not merely does the environment suffer but the economic system through import and export escapes. Local concern is ever looking towards gaining an income the touristry sector but that has been cut down as a consequence of all inclusive bundles where the tourer spend their full holiday at the resort. Government make an income through revenue enhancement but these grosss collected is spent importing natural stuffs to back up the touristry industry because local green goods is non plenty or non of good quality. Because of the investors are largely international their net incomes made from puting up store in the host state they send money back place for their households.

With the development of substructure it will be the authorities and revenue enhancement remunerator a important sum of money to better on airdrome, roads and substructure.

Tourist Attractions

What are the chief factors that attract tourers to the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is a set of islands surrounded by H2O and the first clip our instructor asked the inquiry ‘what attracts tourer to the Caribbean the replies came were sand, Sun, and sea. Yes the publicities over the old ages have focus on coastal attractive forces, beaches, coral reefs, and coastal Waterss combined with our wonderful all twelvemonth unit of ammunition clime. The part has more to offer because there is a broad scope of different tourer to pull:

We attracts eco-tourist or nature loving tourer who want to research natural attractive forces such as our caves, waterfalls, stone formations, landscape, seascape, beaches, mountains, Marine environment, and workss and animate beings. The development of these attractive forces sites for the intent of enjoyment and instruction is a societal and economic benefit. ( gleaner )

What attracts tourer to the Caribbean besides is our alone civilization. They are exposed to our particular events such as festivals, shows of cultural artefacts, humanistic disciplines ( music, theater, dance and trade ) . Besides our imposts, traditions, faith, folklore and culinary art. It educates them about the facets of executing humanistic disciplines, architecture and history in relation to a peculiar topographic point.

Our heritage attractive forces reflect the history and folklore of the finishs. They will be able to see our churches, galleries, garrisons, museums and other historical sites and Jamaica has the most esteemed churches in the Caribbean with their alone form and the stuff used to do them is one of a sort.

Leisure attractive forces were designed for the intent of turn outing leisure activities for visitants it can be a combination of natural and semisynthetic attractive forces. Example, casinos, featuring installations, subject Parkss and the dark life. We attract a batch of tourer to the Caribbean particularly when there is trial cricket lucifers. When we talk about athleticss that attracts tourists we have to besides see the impact of the Beijing and London Olympics which draws tourers from all over the universe to the Caribbean particularly Jamaica it was a polar clip in the Caribbean history 1 that has taken us beyond our musical history.

The wellness benefit tourer get from a alteration of clime is phenomenal, the development of our mineral watering place and hot springs, massage centre, wellness nines and centres, steam bath and beauty handling what better manner to acquire it but under the Sun. The tourer gets to prosecute in healthy activities mix with some escapade such as hike, cycling and diving,

We besides attract a batch of sail tourer which began in the 1960 ‘s and has advancement over clip doing the Caribbean the figure one sail finish in the universe. The all twelvemonth unit of ammunition clime allows all twelvemonth unit of ammunition cruising. These cruise ship or drifting hotel its popular called conveyance 1000000s of tourer from finish to finish. ( Donald, 2000 )


Resource direction is a peculiarly of import issue given to the little size of the islands. It is of import to understand the force per unit area that the development of touristry topographic point on H2O supply, waste disposal and substructure and the demand for sound resource direction patterns. The amendss to our reefs by sail ships and frogmans that degrade the coral, with careful planning by National Environment & A ; Planning Agency ( NEPA ) these jobs can be alleviated.

Lack of a common vision frequently hampers the development and growing of touristry in the economic system. In the Caribbean it is frequently common to happen differences on the issues of touristry such as the type of tourer, the targeted figure of tourers desired, the type of touristry to develop and the outlooks of tourer. With all the factors act uponing the economic system the Government must move to forestall high economic escapes and to ease the responsible development of the industry. In add-on we continue to face two major obstructions such devastation and grosss loss from natural catastrophes which the Government is ne’er prepared for. If a stringent program is put in topographic point for when this happens it will decidedly convey down our debt shortage. It ‘s clip we stop running to International spouses for bond outs when these catastrophe hits.

With the development of community base touristry as a good foundation it can non be done without the execution of educational development of how of import touristry is to the host state and doing certain the spirit and friendliness prevails and maintain tourer coming back and remaining longer. We should besides be looking into implementing better services offered by constabularies and fire section in footings of doing the necessary resources available so they are better able to transport out their responsibilities efficaciously and expeditiously. Harmonizing to Caribbean Tourism Organization ( CTO ) Jamaica entirely has been enduring a diminution of 1.4 % in sail ships reachings since 2010 and this is because of offense and force this entirely will cramp the economic system significantly so I propose 24hrs constabulary forces ‘s dispatched in all shopping countries where sail ship riders are likely to ship.

The Ministry of touristry should spouse with the Ministry of Agriculture to explicate a program for husbandmans to bring forth more quality merchandises that will run into the requirements/standard of the industry. The touristry maestro program has outline a figure of mark countries for sustainable development such as: providing finance for micro and little concern, developing art and trade and these are all stairss in the right way and all the other Caribbean island who have n’t already should look deep into following some of these tracts one time the resources are available.


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