Arthur Birling says: “If we were all responsible for everything that happened to everybody we’d had had anything to make with. it would be really awkward wouldn’t it? ” Considering Act 1 of the drama. how does Priestly present thoughts about duty in An Inspector Calls?

The Inspector and Mr Birling are the chief characters J. B. Priestly uses as his tools to portray duty.

First. Mr Birling acts as a contradictor to Priestley’s beliefs and messages. For illustration in one of Mr Birling’s long speeches he quotes “a adult male has to mind his ain concern and expression after himself and his own” . This is the antonym of Priestley’s chief messages. of Responsibility. Community and the Individual as Priestley tries to portray to his audience the importance of personal duty. and the effects of our actions to others. in add-on that we should look after everyone in the community. non merely ourselves. as it is our responsibly. Mr Birling has the changeless usage of first individual personal pronoun ( I ) and genitive pronouns ( my ) adding to the selfishness and narcissistic Mr Birling. Priestly besides shows an opposing position to capitalist economy through Mr Birling as he is blinded in the position of current events and society.

In another one of Mr Birling’s long addresss with high lexical denseness. where he can take laterality and govern the eventide. he quotes that “there isn’t a opportunity of war…the Titanic – she sails following week…unsinkable” . Priestley intentionally uses dramatic sarcasm here to demo that even though Mr Birling has money and can be powerful. he is a sap as the audience would hold lived through these events and seen the effects. one of Priestley’s messages. how the effects of our actions act upon others and that history is of import as it can reiterate itself which affects the hereafter. He besides quotes “It’s a free state I told them” representing the sarcasm once more as in 1912 everyone was restricted by society and the category system. In add-on we learn that we can non swear Birling as he does non take duty for his actions. and everything has a effects doing him a sap as Birling voices sentiments Priestly disagrees with.

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The Inspector on the other manus Acts of the Apostless as a mouthpiece to Priestley’s beliefs in a manner that he contradicts Mr Birling for the better. The Inspector is a symbolic figure as he isn’t your normal inspector. foremost because the name “Goole” makes you believe of graverobber. something supernatural. in add-on the cryptic coming and traveling every bit good as his cognition of Gerald’s matter believes us to believe he is something ‘not of this world’ . IN decision the Inspector is a multi-faceted and multi-functional character in the manner he acts with different characters to derive the truth from them. for illustration with Mr Birling he is really to the point. “no” demoing that little words can make a immense impact and a large response. as with Shiela he acts more soft as there is no power battle. for illustration “yes. I’m afraid it did” . The Inspector goes on to quotation marks “But after all it’s better to inquire for the Earth. than to take it” .

This exemplifies that Priestly opposes socialist and capitalist positions as they ruin society and split us. so we can non be a proper community. besides looking at the Inspector. he is really self-asserting and uses declaratory statements to portray Priestley’s messages to the audience by utilizing no excess words and being honest. once more one of Priestley’s messages. as we see through Sheila and Gerald subsequently on that being honorable gets you further in life than lying. Responsibility is enormously of import to the Inspector as he portrays that the ground for Eva Smiths decease is because of the Birling household and Gerald. With each member he tries to do them take duty for their actions. portraying one of Priestley’s chief messages. For illustration “so you used your power…to penalize the girl” . here the Inspector is desiring to do Sheila see the effects of her actions and now to take duty for that as it was her ain mistake.

Sheila does take the duty and changes her ways for the better. as she has lessons and messages of the Inspector. like the audience does and that was what Priestly wanted us to make. In decision. Priestly uses the two chief influential characters to portray what he believes and what he doesn’t. Through these characters he exemplifies his subjects and messages that we should larn from and so better others and ourselves from them to do a better society and community. Priestley believed taking personal duty and caring for others are the chief facets of a good society and that socialism and capitalist economy aren’t what make this happen as they are perversive and can non take duty for their actions.


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