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The story of the video revolves on how a particular bank uses other people’s money in order to finance their inhumane activities such as murder. The video pretty much shows how the said bank take their client’s savings so that they may use those in hiring top class assassins who are keeping their way from obtaining what they want.

            It also shows how lives were ruined because of the killings and the innocent people who are caught in the middle of all the trouble that their supposedly trusted company did with all their hard earned money.

            The video’s narrative, on the other hand, is fit for the entire trailer. It entices the audience to watch the movie closely because of the many aesthetics they used in the film. With the captions, dubbing, and transitions, the video gives their prospective audience a little bit of what they should look forward to in the movie and those that will require them to wait for it until its showing date because of the intriguing action scenes they saw in the trailer.

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            The shift from one scene to another made the film more intriguing for the audience since there are fight scenes which are hard not to watch. Also, there are people who are closely involved in banks who might see their selves in the movie. The narrative provided the people a good bird’s eye view of the whole film leaving them in awe and asking for more other than the minute-long trailer.

            For the video production, the lighting affected the whole drama of the video. This gave a breath of life in the video which made it more vivid and realistic rather than being blunt and boring. The colors which were used in the video are all cool to the eyes and made the audience feel more relaxed even though there are brutal scenes being played. The accent light provided a good sight of the characters being shown in a particular frame which also gave a good grasp to the emotion being portrayed.

            Moreover, the aerial shots which provided a nice view of the locations and actual fight scenes were brilliantly exhibited as it showed the feel of the ones falling from one roof to another and gave the viewers a scene of connection to the movie.

            The background music, on one hand, accentuated the narrations in the film which gave more life to it. More than the sound of the guns, the instrumental music in the background became a breather in the entire film or particular scenarios. Aside from the original soundtrack used by the movie, the bed made audience be more attracted to the movie it self and on the scenes where the sound will be played even before the closing credits.

            In the entire video, the bank’s main office, Naomi Watts’ house and the main street served as the setting and crucial locations of the film. In these places, many scenes were filmed which gave the viewers the enticing bits and reason to watch the movie. The settings are plain but are also crucial for the plot and as well as the turning point.

            The camera angles’ varied from one scene to another so as not to be boring. The shift from worm’s eye view to cat’s eye view and eventually to bird’s eye view made the scenes more dramatic and exciting. At one point, there are close ups which are necessary to feel the intensity of the scenes.

            Camera movements are swift and barely noticeable by someone who does not usually edit or produces video. The change from top view to side view is obvious but these did not affect the whole feel of the video. Except for the unnecessary portraits to actors, the angle and movements used in the video are superb and excellent since it is barely seen by the naked eye.

            The editing of the video should also be commended because there are no unnecessary frames shown to capture the heart of the viewers. The sound editing on the other hand, is also brilliant since they used only the appropriate kind of music to make the audience be more attached to the video. Leaving no room for mediocrity, the background music gave an up-beat tempo to crucial fight scenes which generated heart-stomping reaction from audiences. This made the video more beautiful and exciting to watch over and over again.

            The transition of the video, however, is very fast that there are some scenes which are not given much importance. Although it is only a trailer, the viewers will be more excited to watch something they know will entertain them from start to finish. Additionally, the video is particular only to the fight scenes made by the actors which made the initial impression be brutal and gory.

            The selection of particular frames was also weak because there are scenes which should not be placed other than the enticing fight scenes. For example, the man lying on the street frame should not have been shown since it does not really draws audience. It was a bad decision for the editor to place that frame. Since the movie is not at all for young viewers, it should still be friendly and acceptable to those who are not in their adulthood since the video is shown via the television sets.

            The language and some dubbing are also weak because some are almost inaudible and the viewers cannot hear the lines being delivered by the actors. Sometimes, the music overlaps with the dialogues and made it hard for the audience to hear them. The loud gun shots also are almost deafening since they are too much loud for human ears especially for those who are watching it in a closed, small area.

            The director succeeded in making the video since he was able to draw viewers to watch his video. It made the people want to see the movie as soon as it comes out in cinemas because of the well-exhibited fight scenes and the plot of the story it self.

            The story made the film become anticipated since there are a lot of people who are keeping their money in some unknown banks and does not know whether their keeps are being used properly by the said banks. This could be the first major film produced this generation that deals with banks and the anomalies that they participate in. The public will be more eager to watch this because of the said plot and turning points.

            The special effects and actors came only second to the reasons why the video is being watched but these factors are detrimental to the success of it. Since those who will play the characters in the movie are popular, there is a great demand for people to see their idols doing great stunts and throwing in dialogues which will not be forgotten for a long time.

            Special effects including the stunts also made the video wonderful and much waited. The editing of fight scenes which gave more life to the video contributed to its success also. Because of the intelligent weaving of frames, the video became an eye-catcher to the point that the viewer will want to replay the video over and over again.



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