The internet should be implemented into all educational sectors as a tool for learning. The internet contains both positive and negative impacts on its users. There are various arguments for the internet to be used as an educational tool. First of all, with the help of the internet people are learning more and therefore becoming more intelligent as they search for and discover information. Secondly, people are becoming more productive by using the internet to get their important tasks done.

Thirdly, people are able to communicate with other people with general interests at very long distances. Finally, Internet users can find many ways to keep entertained. There are lots of people who are using the internet each day and it has become difficult to filter out all the negative information that is on the internet. In conclusion there are more positive impacts than there are negative impacts for people who use the internet. There are many people that use the internet today. The internet should be implemented into all educational sectors as a tool for learning.

The internet is defined as a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange (WordNet search 3. 0 n. d. , para 1). This essay will argue that use of the internet should increase intelligence, increase productivity, bring people closer together and keeps you entertained. However, there is information on the internet that has a negative impact, but through increased intelligence people can avoid this.

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Using the internet makes you more intelligent. Firstly, there are many websites and applications on the internet that can help you improve your intelligence. The introduction of the internet began to change the world that we live in, ebooks, databases, search engines, blogs, discussion boards, chat sites, and virtual classrooms all contributed as tools in making people more intelligent. One area still being worked on is the use of the internet in education.

As educators integrate technology and the internet into their classrooms, they are also becoming aware of the current brain research and the theory of multiple intelligences that are opening doors for reaching and teaching students more effectively (Nelson 2008, p. 13). According to new findings and surveys from 900 experts ranging from scientists to business leaders and technology developers, say the internet is actually making us more intelligent. Most perceive that the internet can and would improve our reading, writing and overall grasp of knowledge (Whitney 2010, para 2).

From the 900 of the experts surveyed 76% agreed with the prediction that by 2020, use of the internet will have enhanced human intelligence (Whitney 2010, para 3), And all in all as people are allowed unprecedented access to more information, they become more intelligent and make better choices (Pew internet & American life project 2010, para 4). Secondly, using the internet increases productivity. Designing a safe and productive internet project by teachers is essential when it comes to internet activities. Teachers should take certain steps to make the students internet experience as safe and productive as possible.

Students should be required to find specific information not just surf, teachers should never start a lesson by telling students to go surf the internet because this will cause students to become less productive. As students visit websites they should always take note of the websites details as this will be useful when it comes to referencing their essays (Nelson 2008, p. 25). The internet has become a tool for increasing productivity like nothing else before it. It can function as a library, an encyclopedia, or simply as a replacement for pencil and paper.

It can also serve as a telephone, deliver mail like a mailman, and act as a file cabinet for collections of information (Nelson 2008, p. 25). Some other productivity tools also include planned lessons, virtual field trips, blogs, book reviews, historical archives, tutorials, simulations and maps; all in all because of the power of the internet, we assume that it is saving us time and money. It is true that if used carefully the internet can increase our productivity (Pettinger n. d. , para 1) Thirdly, the internet can help bring people closer together.

How the internet has brought people together goes back to the origins of the internet where it got started in 1957. It was the international Geophysical year where people with a common interest came up with the idea of linking computers from different locations together. By 1974 scientists developed a common language between computers that allowed different networked computers to communicate with each other and by 1980 the internets purpose became clear as it became a common communicating tool with the success of email. The internet became more popular as it continued to be driven by governments and academic communities.

The internet later expanded into newer forms of communication. Internet chat was one of these forms; it is a synchronous, real time mode of online communication (Mc Pherson 2003, p. 58). Web blogs is another tool that brought people closer together, and it is a form of micro publishing that consists of online personal dairies that engage people in collaborative activity, knowledge sharing, reflections and debate (William, J. B. and Jacobs, J 2004, para 1) Other communicating tools include Discussion forums, Virtual classrooms, Social networking and internet dating sites.

Finally, the internet keeps you entertained. The internet is a means by which people can gain access to a bundle of services to keep users entertained, the world wide web email, chatting, blogs, discussion forums, virtual classrooms online music, movies, social networking, dating sites (Soong 2000, para 1) and online gaming. People from around the world are recognizing the internet as a form of entertained due to its integration with technology. All in all because of the internets wide range of entertainment services people are finding more ways of keeping themselves entertained for longer periods of time.

However the internet also contains information that has a negative impact on its users. These information include hacking, creating or releasing a malicious computer program, and harassment and stalking in cyberspace (Standler 2002, para 6) Information on hacking is promptly available on the internet and can cause people to gain unauthorized access to computers which in turns leads to criminal activity or cybercrime, also details on how to create and release malicious software can seriously damage computers. Harassment and stalking on the internet has become a major concern also.

Due to the popularity of social networking people are able to gain personal information through hacking its users, which leads to identity theft, threats, sexual remarks and pejorative labels (Standler 2002, para 52), but through increased intelligence people can overcome all the negative impacts. People can become more intelligent in finding strategies, filters and blocks to come up with solutions to deal with the negative impacts it has on internet users. In conclusion there are a number of reasons why the internet should be implemented into all educational sectors as a tool for learning.

People who use the internet can increase there intelligence by improving there reading, writing and overall grasp of knowledge. The Internet also helps increase productivity because it contains many tools for saving time and money, and also helps bring people closer together and keeps you entertained. Although there are information that can cause negative impacts on internet users it can be overcome through increased intelligence. It seems that the internet has more positive impacts than there is negative on its users so the internet will only continue to grow into something that will benefit all of its users.


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