The IOM study has been a critical plus to the nursing profession. The research they have prepared has been an indispensable tool for supplying thoughts in respects to alterations that will non merely better the nursing profession but besides assist it to germinate the nursing instruction so that the hereafter of nursing can progress as a whole.

Harmonizing to the IOM. nurses should be able to pattern to the full extent of their instruction and preparation they have received. In making so they should be offered better chances and higher instruction to progress their grades with improved educational installations that focus on the development of the nurses. This function has been one of the most various callings within the wellness attention forces. Ever since the beginning of nursing with Florence Nightingale. modern nursing has been reinvented legion times as the epoch of nursing has advanced and changed. As a consequence the nursing profession has created new tracts for nurses. which has lead to expanded Scopess of pattern and duties for nurses ( The National Academies Press. 2011 ) .

The IOM provinces that education for the most portion will go on to stay the same. The nurse will be required to go through the province licensure test and be able to supply high quality attention every bit good as maintain patient safety. As attention within the infirmary environment grows more complex. nurses should be able to do critical determinations in covering with the attention for the sick ( The National Academies Press. 2011 ) . That is the ground we are in demand of extra plans. more faculty members. updated course of studies. and placement academically for clinical chances. so that they can implement competence based instruction. every bit good as promote gender. cultural. and racial diverseness in all countries of nursing.

A manner we can get the better of these barriers is to advance an inducement so that nurses will desire to foster their instruction and in making so will increase the figure of module to be able to educate the new nurses of tomorrow. This besides helps to advance diverseness in the healthcare field. every bit good as discovery installations that can learn and clinically develop new nurses. Colleges must be able to offer new categories that help to pull off more in-depth. with higher sharp-sightedness patients. They should besides educate nursing pupils on the ways a nurse can pass on a patient’s attention with other members of the health care squad so that they promote an increased degree of attention ( The National Academies Press. 2011 ) .

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The IOM study on primary attention states that there is a deficit of primary attention wellness professionals. Majority of primary attention is still provided by Physicians. but the figure of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners ( ARNP ) and Physician Assistants ( PA ) is increasing while there is a diminution in medical pupils and occupants who are come ining the field of primary attention ( The National Academies Press. 2011 ) . Nurses must be better prepared in giving higher quality and safe attention. They must besides be able to work in coaction with the physician. ARNP. and PA to supply the attention that is needed. The effects of holding a higher patient to sophisticate ratio has put a load on the physician to supply instruction on preventive attention. In bend can take to an addition in the function a nurse dramas in primary attention and aid to back up the criterions of nursing pattern that has already been put into topographic point by those before us. It is besides stated that nurses aid to diminish infection rates every bit good as lessening the sum of medical mistakes ( The National Academies Press 2011 ) .

“Nurses should be full spouses. with doctors and other wellness professionals. in redesigning wellness attention in the United Stated” ( The National Academies Press. 2011 ) . Bing a full spouse goes above degree of the nursing profession. The accomplishments required are first-class leading accomplishments and competences. They are to be involved in placing jobs. implementing programs for betterment. and doing accommodations to make the ends that have been established. This is why nurses should take portion in commissions and boards where policy determinations are made. The IOM besides states that strong leading is critical if the vision of a transformed wellness attention system is to be realized ( The National Academies Press. 2011 ) . This is why plans on leading should be offered to the nursing staff. I am presently altering my pattern to run into the demands of the IOM study by go oning my instruction. The demand for ARNP’s. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists ( CRNA ) . and MSN nursing pedagogues is still increasing. which is why I am truthfully undecided on which path to travel. I have the longing to go on larning so that I may break myself and my trade. and in making so will able to supply the most recent and competent nursing attention for my patient. I am besides involved in a commission as the nurse representative at my presently employer which oversees patient safety. Lend my voice as a nurse advocator has helped the upper direction see things in a different position. This has lead to alterations in our policies.

So in decision. if nurses. physicians. ARNP’s. and PA’s can work together the hereafter of the wellness attention can make the common end which is to supply attention that is of the highest quality. safe. and low-cost to the patient.


Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing at the Institute of Medicine & A ; Institute Of Medicine. ( 2011 ) . The Future of Nursing: Leading Change. Advancing Health. National Academy Press. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //books. sleep. edu/openbook. php? record_id=12956 & A ; page=R1


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