Georgina was waiting at Leicester train station. It was past midnight and her mum was going to be furious. Her train should be here in a few minutes though. The platform was deserted, apart from litter blowing along in the wind. Then the lights turned off and the train was still no where to be seen. Empty cans and crisps packets scattered around the abandoned train station like rats. Georgina felt something staring at the back of her neck. Their eyes embedded into her neck. She turned round as fast as she could, but there was nothing. No one was there. Georgina looked around the train station suspiciously but nothing. Why not?

Eventually the train thundered into the station. Georgina was so relived to see the train she thankfully dashed onto the train, sitting in the nearest corner. As quick as she could she pulled out of her pocket her pink mobile phone.

“Hi mum, the train has just got here, will be home in approximately twenty minutes. Don’t worry I’m safe. Love you x” the text read.

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Georgina settled down into the train journey, just thankful she was safe.

Looking around the train, she realised there was a man. This man stared at Georgina. Not taking his eyes off her he strolled towards her. Georgina sank back into her chair trying to make her self invisible, as he came closer and closer. She could smell the sweat on him. As he came closer and closer like a fox creeping up on his prey, Georgina became more petrified than she had ever been before. Until …

He actually came and sat down next to her. He pulled a flat, tea stained envelope out of his pocket. He placed it gently on her right leg, not worrying about what she thought about him or the envelope. Slowly but surely the man got up from his seat. Took a step and looked back at Georgina. Stared for a few moments. Then went. Georgina felt freaked out and disturbed. The train was beginning to slow down. Are we here? Georgina thought. But it was a tunnel. A dark dreary tunnel. With nobody else in sight Georgina felt more alone than ever. She looked around again to see if the strange man was still there. But nothing. Where had he gone? Turning back around to face forward Georgina was surprised with what she saw.

The man! Right there in front of her. Where had he come from? How had he got there without her seeing him? Coming back out of the tunnel the man moved. But this time he said something.

“Open the envelope, you will be surprised with what’s in it,

” he said in a deep whisper.

What shall I do now Georgina thought? If I open the envelope and it does something to me then I will regret it. But how can I live with the not knowing?

A few moments later Georgina found herself tearing at the envelope. Hesitantly but anxiously she pulled the flap of the envelope up. Tipping the contents of the envelope out onto her lap, Georgina began to get butterflies in her stomach. They were pictures. But not just any ordinary pictures. They were of Georgina through out her life. Some were when she about 2, some when she was about 6, and some when she was 13. But how had that man got her pictures? Had he been stalking her all her life? Maybe he knew her mum or dad or he might be a long lost relative. But still, how would he know her? Why would he randomly give her these pictures?

The train in full swing started to approach another tunnel. Darker and more fear-provoking than the one before. Looking for the man Georgina found tears streaming down her pale white cheeks that looked like snow. She closed her eyes for a few moments, images running through her disturbed mind. All she could witness was the man. A knife. Right there touching her throat. Georgina opened one eye and…


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