The Lakota folk introduced many values in this book. Humility ( unsiiciyapi ) . doggedness ( wowacintanka ) . regard ( wawoohola ) . award ( wayuoniban ) . love ( cantognake ) . forfeit ( incicupi ) . truth ( wowicake ) . compassion ( waunsilapi ) . courage ( woohitike ) . fortitude ( cantewasake ) . generousness ( camteyuke ) . and wisdom ( woksape ) were among the lessons learned throughout this book in the narratives told. These narratives have been told by grandmas and grampss to their family. which is the instance with Joseph M. Marshall III. being told these narratives by his gramps. These narratives are non merely advice or Teach ethical motives. they besides teach people about the Lakota civilization.

Right now we live in a really materialist universe. Everyone is about success and achievement. doing certain we win in this universe. We still look after our households. but we have many more wants than earlier. Towards the terminal of the book is what more wedged me by speaking about the rite of the perspiration Lodge. It represented the uterus. which is speaking about being reborn. The concluding words they say when they leave the perspiration Lodge is mitakuye oyasin which means “all my relations. ” When they leave it is the start of a new beginning for them. The ground for making this is to experience connexion with friends and relations ; they are all brought together to portion and aid others.

There is a assortment of what Marshall writes about. He writes about the felicity. sad times. losingss. and battles. For case. “The Story of the Flute” is one of the narratives I truly understood. A adult male runs off into the forests after the loss of a adult female he loved even though she chose another adult male to be her hubby. As he was in the forests. he got really tired and fell asleep beneath a tree. When he woke up he heard a really plaintive sounding voice which sounded like what his broken bosom sounded like. The sound really turned out to be coming from a hallow tree subdivision that had been pecked full of holes and when the air current blew through it. it made that sound. He took the subdivision down and started to play the sound from it.

“Because he and the air current had given the subdivision a voice. he decided to name it a hokagapi. or ‘to do a voice. ’” Him playing this was his lone manner of alleviation of the hurting he had been caused. He so took it back to his small town and started to play it which brought much attending to him. one of them happened to be the adult female he loved. The adult female realized she had made a error and told him. They so married. had kids. and lived their lives together. This narrative has been told from coevals to coevals stating the narrative about the flute that is played to win love. The manner Marshall tells the narrative. you get sucked into it because it is so elaborate you can about hear the air current blowing through the holes in the hallow tree. This narrative shows a balance of emotions. much joy. but besides much unhappiness.

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