She looked at her wide-eyed little sister. A smile flashed over her little face, like sunshine over a flower. She was instinctively waiting for the deserved praises from her sister.

” So are you going out with me?” her little sister asked.

She had just had the rug pulled out from under her. She felt uprooted. Her eyes smouldered with rage. Ignoring her little sister, she hurriedly walked to her room and slammed the door in her sister’s face.

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” Get lost! You’ve caused enough problems for today!” she shouted.

” But I tidied your room and posted your letters!” her bewildered little sister said.

” I didn’t even ask for your ‘help’? Didn’t I tell you not to mess with my stuff. Why do you have to be such a good-for-nothing, fat, annoying, little…” she trailed off, discharging her anger on her little sister.

Her little sister’s eyes were overflowing with disappointment. In tears she stomped off, lowered and hurt by her sister.

Her eyes and ears were closed to everything around her, even her little sister. She just sat there helplessly. Her eyeballs fixed to the drawer where her letters where clandestinely cloaked by her Shakespeare textbook. She had been stupid to leave them there. Her intrusive, big-eyed sister was bound to find them. She just sat there benumbed and defeated by her crisis. She walked over to the drawer to confirm that the letters were gone. She crossed her fingers and pulled the drawer open slowly.

The letters were gone. Tears trickled down her cheeks. She grabbed her teddy bear and hugged it. She collapsed on to her bed, unsure of what to do, she sobbed endlessly. Holding on to the teddy which was now drenched in her tears. She cried until she was fatigued and faded. Her swollen, bloodshot eyes were weighed down with the purple bags underneath them; her face scarlet with anger and discomfiture. She was immersed in the problem that was weighing heavily on her mind.


Stupid kid. I can’t believe she’s done this. She always has to complicate my life, everything would have been fine she hadn’t posted those letters. Now I’ve got this MESS to sort out. What am I going to do? George is going to hate me. He’ll think I’m a weird stalker. Who would send their pubic hair in a letter to someone they hardly know. A freak. He’ll think I’m a creep. A psycho. George won’t want to go out with me. There’s no chance of him liking me, but that’s not the worst bit; he’ll probably tell his friends. Oh no! His friends. They’ll laugh at me; and they’ll tell everyone! No boy at my school will want to go out with me. Nobody will want me. My mates might reject me. I’ll end up being a loner. I’ll be laughed at, humiliated and rejected.

I have to get the letter before George does. I just simply have to. Question. HOW? Maybe I could go and pretend I’m part of George’s family and then get the letters from the post man before he posts them through the door. The stamps are first class stamps so the letters will get to George’s house tomorrow. That won’t work. How am I going to get to George’s house early enough to get the letters before he does?! Or I could try and get the letters before tomorrow. Question. WHEN? Well my annoying little sister posted the letters about an hour ago. There could be a chance the letters are not collected from the post-box yet. STUPID idea. I suppose I’ll just go to the post-box and magic the letters out of it. If only that was possible.

Ok, now I’ve got to think of a better idea. Think, think, think. I have to get those letters before tomorrow. Question. WHERE? Um… the post office. I know it sounds stupid but its worth a try. NOT. How on earth would I get posted letters from a local Post office. One: I’m not sure my letter’s there. Two: I think the people who work there would need something to prove I sent the letter. Ok, so back to plan one. I’ll wake up early and get to George’s house and get that letter. It’ll be fine though, all I have to do is to get to George’s house before the postman gets there.


All her negative thoughts were now erased by her brilliant plan. She sat up, and looked at herself in the mirror. In front of her was a blotchy, reddened face. She went to the bathroom cautiously hoping no one would see her. She washed her face. She looked at herself, smiling with amelioration. Her feet were back on the ground. She nourished the hope that everything would be alright.

She got back to her room where she would beautify herself. She was not planning on going out, she just wanted look good. All the time. With the make-up the sweet girl was replaced by a sophisticated lady. Her face lit up with a beaming smile as she looked at the reflection in the mirror with admiration. With satisfaction she went downstairs sashaying like a peacock..

In the living room was her little sister who seemed to be smiling sweetly at her.

” Hi sis!” her little sister said rather too good-naturedly.

” What’s happened to you?” she asked with a question mark written all over her face.

“I’m just being nice.” her little sister said sweetly.

“Could I have a word with you?” her mum interrupted their conversation.

She walked to the kitchen eagerly, anxiously waiting for her mum to speak.

” Me and your father need to talk to you” she said quite seriously.

Her body tensed with nausea as her mum mention her step-father.

” What about?” she said questioningly.

“About the way you have been treating your little sister, it is absolutely unacceptable young lady, unacceptable” she said repeating her self.

“I haven’t done anything to her that she didn’t deserve” she said justifying herself.

” I heard you shouting at her, calling her names, this afternoon. After she had tidied your room. You could have at least shown a bit of gratitude”

” She invaded my privacy!” she contended.

” She was only trying to help.” her mum said appealingly.

” Mum,” her little sister interrupted.

“Yes, darling?” her mum said.

” She also said a naughty word to me.” her little sister replied.

” You’ve been swearing in front of the poor child as well?!” she erupted.

“I didn’t swear, mum, I promise.” she flabbergasted by her sister’s actions.

” Lying won’t get you out of this one, young lady. You’re grounded for two days!”

She ran upstairs, feeling as dumb as a fish. She collapsed on her bed, sulking. She had another knotty problem. She was grounded. She sat there trying to churn out ideas out of this mess.


Oh no! I can’t believe this is happening! My stupid little sister has done it again. She’s got me into trouble. I knew she was up to something, the way she was being unbelievably nice to me earlier.

I can’t believe mum believed her over me! That was just so unfair! She believed that manipulative stupid little idiot over me. Mum believes everything she says; mum is silly putty in her little hands. I will get her back though, once I’ve sorted this out.

Oh no! I need to get that letter tomorrow and now I am GROUNDED! Grounded today of all days. It could have been on Monday or Tuesday but it just had to be today! Oh no! What am I going to do now! There is nothing I can do now! I’m jus going to have to forget about it and put on a brave face. Who cares if George gets the letter, or what everyone thinks of me? What matters is how I feel about myself, right? Who am I kidding? I’d be gutted if everyone found out. Everyone would hate me!

Well I can’t let George get the letter, but I can’t go out. What am I going to do?! Sneak out? I could do that but I’d be in heaps of trouble if mum found out. But its worth it, right? Right! That’s what I’m going to do then! Phew! I nearly saw the end of my world then! Thank God, I’m such a dexterous genius!


With her plan thought up and sorted, she carried on with her Shakespeare homework to pass away time. She was charged up with anxiety; anxious about the happenings of the next day. Everything had been planned. She was going to wake up earlier than normal, 6 am so she could slip away without anyone hearing her leave. She would then walk to George’s house which would take around thirty minutes. And then wait until the postman arrived. It would be a long wait. The postman would get to George’s house at around ten o’clock.

She looked at her clock, it was half past nine. She decided to go to bed as she was going to have an early start to the day the next day. She went to wash her face and brush her teeth in the bathroom. She got dressed in her pyjamas, switched the lights off and tucked herself into bed. It was going to be a long night.

She felt anxious and excited. Anxious because she did not know what the outcome would be the next day. Excited because she had never done anything like this before. Sneaking out, stealing people’s mail. It was going to be quite a mission.

The moonlight pierced through her curtains into her lightless room. Restlessly she lay underneath her covers. She was wide awake, listening to the rhythm of voices came from the lounge downstairs. She could hear her step-dad’s casual guffaw and her mum’s small mousy voice. She tried to eavesdrop but none of the words could be made out. The voices carried on. Talking. Laughing. Talking. Laughing. Soon she was sent to sleep by the lullaby of voices.

She lay asleep in the quiet room. For once that day, her mind was freed from anything worrying or distressing. She was in a different world. A perfect world. She was on a beach. A beautiful beach on her own. Beneath her feet was the grainy golden sand. The crashing waves of the turquoise sea could be heard in the distance. The warmth of the golden sun was complimented by the fresh, invigorating sea-breeze. It was just so beautiful and serene. So peaceful and perfect.

RING! RING! RING! RING! The alarm went off. It was 6 am. She immediately woke up. She was alert. She quickly grabbed any piece of clothing and put it on. There was no time for make up. She had to leave the house before anyone woke up.

After getting dressed, she tip-toed down her creaky stairs. She crept slowly hoping no one would hear her. She finally got downstairs. She went to the kitchen, slowly and carefully. She then went out through the back door. Mission One completed!

She walked slowly regarding the plenty of time she had before the postman came. She considered herself lucky as she had got out of the house without waking anyone up. Things were looking up for her now. She positively smiled proudly, there was just one more thing to do: get the letter.

She walked on listening to the patter of her trainers as she walked. She listened a bit more, she could hear the wind weaving in and out of the branches above her. She looked up to see the sky, the clouds were a dull, grey colour. This just made her feel as cold as a lump of clay; even the leaves shivered.

She looked at her watch as she nervously turned to George’s street. It was only 6:45 am. Discouraged, she carried on walking slowly. Soon she got to his house.

She perched herself on a bench across George’s house. She had only spent 2 minutes waiting but she was already bored. She then started doodling on the bench with a sharp stone she had found on the ground. She carefully carved out a perfectly shaped heard with her initials in the middle. She looked at her watch, it had only gone past seven o’clock. She grunted in annoyance as it seemed time was on a stand-still.

She started watching the people on the streets. She started of by being a fashion critic; criticising their dressing in her mind. Everyone she saw seemed to be oddly dressed to her. No one was dressed in a fashionable way. She got bored and started criticising their features. She saw a lot of big noses and spotty faces. No one looked as perfect as she did. She got bored of doing that too.

She just sat there and stared at the pavement. She watched the little insects that busily crawled on the floor. There were many of them probably twenty of the same specie. They all disappeared in a hole on the pavement. She watched them in amazement. She tried to count them as they went in the hole. 1…2…..3…..4….

She yawned. She started to get sleepy. Her eyelids started getting heavy. She struggled to keep her eyes open. Her eyelids shut. She fell asleep. She was sleeping uncomfortably with her head unsupported. She sub-consciously repositioned herself. She now lay on the bench.

Time went by as she slept. the postman started delivering the letters. He drew closer to George’s home. She was still asleep. Fast asleep. The postman was a few houses away, she was still asleep. The postman got to George’s house. She was still asleep. The letters were in George’s house. She was still fast asleep.


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