The Life Cycle Hypothesis ( LCH ) is an economic construct analysing single ingestion forms. It was developed by the economic experts Albert Ando and Franco Modigliani. The theory is based on the observation that people make ingestion determinations based on the income and resources they are expected to gain over their life-time and at which phase of life they are at. The theory considers that persons plan their ingestion and nest eggs behaviour over the long term and intend to even out their ingestion in the best possible mode over their full life-times. Harmonizing to the life rhythm hypothesis. immature people have low incomes but large disbursement committednesss for illustration on puting in their human capital through instruction and preparation. constructing a household. purchasing a place. and so on. So they save less and borrow more.

As they get older their income by and large rises. they pay off their mortgage. the kids leave place and they prepare for retirement. so they aggressively increase their economy and investing. In retirement. their income is mostly or wholly from the economy and investing they did when working ; they spend most or all of their income. and. by selling off assets. frequently spend more than their income that is. engage in dissaving. The life rhythm hypothesis can be explained by the equation C = ( W + RY ) / T. Rewriting the equation gives the single ingestion map C = ( 1 / T ) W + ( R / T ) Y. If this applies to every person in the economic system. the aggregative ingestion map takes the signifier C = aW + bY. The theory has the deduction that high income leads to a low mean leaning to devour over short periods of clip.

However. over a long period of clip. wealth and income addition together which leads to a changeless ratio W?Y and therefore a changeless norm leaning to devour. However. the theory is criticized for non sing that the aged have precautional nest eggs and legacies which will deter dissaving at the expected rate. Furthermore harmonizing to Froyen. the hypothesis does non see liquidness restraints. with liquidness restraints families will non devour every bit much as they like. The life rhythm hypothesis is a great betterment of earlier ingestion theories such as the lasting income hypothesis and absolute income hypothesis. Despite being based on single ingestion. the hypothesis offers anticipations of the economic system as a whole. It is indispensable for policy shapers to integrate the theory when doing policy determinations.


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