The Lives of Men and Women in Taiwan “Family” and “work” are the major topics in the lives of modern Taiwanese men and women. However, men and women seem to put themselves in different ideas for these two issues. Family and work should complement each other, instead of clashing. But if love and work cannot get balance, it may bring some mental persecution, and its effects on women are deeper, such as the limit of the traditional concept on women, the clash between the family and work, and the authorities of men and women.

Like many women around the world, more and more Taiwanese women have begun to leave their homes to work out. According to a report, 61% of Taiwanese families are double-income families. Overall, the satisfaction of married women in employment is lower than of housewives, yet they have a higher level of education, household income, economic autonomy, and are more respected by their partners. On the other hand, about 80% of women want to be a married woman in employment in the future, still, 50% of men want their wives to stay at home, and be a full-time housewife.

This represents the traditional concept of gender roles in Taiwan that limits the career development of women. Taiwanese people have been accepting the cultures from western countries, and becoming modernistic, but Taiwanese women are struggling and suffering over the differences between eastern and western cultures. In traditional concept, if women choose to have a job, then they wouldn’t have any support from the traditional society, would have family harmony problems, conflict in the role of identity, and even get exhaustion.

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Couples usually fight for the responsibilities of the family. The main conflicts between work and family are role coordination and stress loaded. And the cruxes of the problems are lack of time and fairness. Taiwanese women are not like men who can strive in their careers without having too many family factors to worry about. Contrary, women try to achieve the tasks in career, at the same time; they often realize that they cannot have enough time to take care of the family. Home” for men is a harbor of refuge, but for women it’s a responsibility to take care of. Married women in employment should sacrifice themselves on work and operate in coordination for their husbands’ career. The women are even engaged in non-traditional female occupations, such as doctors, they have to adjust their work to cope with the children educated at home, housework and others which a family needs. They also have to operate in coordination for working overtime, promotion, transferring and other working conditions of their husbands.

In Taiwan, women who have overachievement may suffer from wedlock, and the responsibility of children’s education, and possibly impact on husbands’ careers. Finally, the authorities are unequal between men and women. Women are living in the inherent disadvantages; it cannot be improved just through the right to education or the right to work. Women cannot escape the fate is to have children; however, it is not fair to women. Raising children is the responsibility of society; it should not be borne by women.

The number of Requirements for women is always greater than for men. If we want to change this, it is necessary to re-adjust the function of the family. The composition of the family is not in order to continue the family line, nor is it based on some kind of social and moral obligations. To sum, Taiwanese women have many options between family and work, and traditional culture and modern one. How to explore the process of self-development is important. Between two sexual lives, people should understand both sides and respect them to make the society better.


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