Puritan Literature is written in several signifiers. It expresses feelings. life. God. Gods word. Gods work and at that place aditudes.

The chief belief of the Puritan’s that was written about in the yesteryear is religon. and religion in God. They showed there feelings in narratives. diaries. and meny other signifiers. Some of the major Puritan authors are: Anne Bradstreet. William Bradford. Edward Taylor. William Byrd. and menny outhers.

The writer of ‘Huswifery’ . Edward Taylor expreses his feelings in a verse form. he talks about how he wants the Godhead to utilize his organic structure as a whirling wheel to laud God and his word. He compares his organic structure. and parts of his organic structure to the whirling wheel. and parts of the spinning wheel. He asks God to transform him to do him better for the glorification of God.

This one narrative shows a breaf section of how the puritan’s felt about and what there attitudes were and they beleved deep in God and that he is the lone true relish. They change ways. words. and feelings to suit in with God and good things to seek to do people alter to puritanisum.

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Jonathan Edwards arthor of ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’ expresses his feelings in a narrative that tells God is non a adult male to mess with and that we are all bad people that are condemed to ageless darn state. There is no manner to go saved unless we are bornagian. he uses this to pruswade people to change over back to puritanisum and this worked for a little sum of people.

Anne Bradstreet aouthor of ‘Upon the combustion of our House. ’ This verse form is one of the 1s that I liked most because it tells a good point that we should non worry. love. Etc. . about earthly things over God and our religion because God will give and take away what of all time he wants when of all time he wants and we should be grateful for what he gives us and love and esteem him for that. She expresses her feelings of this so we under base and gets it into our heads.

Another narrative by Anne Bradstreet maid me understand how the puritan’s felt by the note that was written to her hubby that was non ment for printing ‘To my beloved and Loving Husband’ she talks about how she loves her hubby so and expresses her feelings toward him but besides still includes her religion in her writting by stating ‘the celestial spheres reward thee manifold. I pray. ’ She negotiations that she is happy to cognize that when sh dies and will travel to the celestial spheres that she will be able to pass infinity with her husbane and God.

So if you look in all the puritan Hagiographas you will see a spot of love for a few things manily God and at that place faith in God. Most puritians are proud and happy about there religion because it is so strong they sound like they know that they are traveling to pass infinity in Eden with our savior Christ. These are merely a few of the things that I learned signifier this and that I learned about the Puritans. these statements show a few ways the Puritans felt and how they expressed there feelings in there Hagiographas about there Faith and Love for people and God.


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