The drama that I viewed was The Small Prince on October 18th 2012 at the Carousel Theatre. Even though I enjoyed the public presentation. I thought it was alone in a certain manner. There was something about this public presentation that was merely different from any other drama I have attended. Overall The Small Prince was a great experience and I enjoyed it. In the undermentioned paper I will speak about the research of this drama every bit good as a critical analysis of the costumes. moving and the sets and props used during this drama.

Before I even took this class. I have heard of The Little Prince many times. It was until after I did some research that I figured out how popular this novelette truly is. After making some research and looking on several different web sites is when I found out that the book The Small Prince was so popular in general. I found out that the book was foremost published in 1943 and is the most celebrated work of the Gallic author Antoine de Saint-Exupery. After even more research. I besides found out that the novelette is both the most read and most translated book in the Gallic linguistic communication. and was voted the best book of the twentieth century in France.

Then came the research of the author of this drama Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I was sort of astonied when I was reading the plan about the author of this novelette. The Small Prince. What surprised me the most was that he had such a strong involvement in Aviation and didn’t grow up desiring to be a author or anything. Then one time he was dismissed from being a combatant pilot because of his age. he decided to compose the best book of the twentieth century in France. Overall the research of this novelette and the author himself. Antoine de Saint-Exupery. truly surprised me. Overall. after research I did on the novelette every bit good as the author of the novelette. I realized how popular it really is.

Following is the critical analysis of the drama. First are the costumes that were used in this drama. The costumes in this drama were alone every bit good as elaborate. The cloud suit “others” was the chief portion of the costumes that stood out to me the most. I thought those costumes were really originative. The other costumes is what made me sum up the costumes as being truly luxuriant. For illustration the actress that played rose. had a really luxuriant ruddy and green frock that resembled a rose. Following. the playing in this drama was phenomenal in my sentiment. The ground why I use the word phenomenal was because several histrions and actresses played several different characters. The histrions that played several different characters did a great occupation separating their different characters. One thing about the acting/costumes that was odd to me was the cloud suit characters.

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Normally. at least to the dramas that I have been to they usually dim the visible radiations or set the drapes down to travel objects on phase about. Alternatively of diping the visible radiations and switching material about in this drama. the cloud suit “others” moved props around on phase while the full audience could see them. That was really different so what I have of all time seen earlier. Last. is the props and sets that were used in this drama. The sets and props used were simple unlike the costumes and moving. The chief object that makes me use the word simple was the 2 propellors on phase that resembled a plane. Of class. you can’t conveying a plane on phase so utilizing the 2 propellors was a simple/unique manner to resemble a plane on phase.

In decision. I am glad I attended this drama and ended up basking it. I have been to a few dramas throughout my life and this was likely the best of I have been to so far. In drumhead. I found out how popular this drama truly was and got to happen and make some research on it to educate myself even more on this great novelette. The narrative behind Antoine de Saint-Exupery and how he was so much into air power and so was merely dismissed and wrote this popular of a novelette was genuinely surprising. The playing was astonishing when it came to separating yourself between different characters. The costumes were really luxuriant when it comes to how the actors/actresses dressed. The sets and props were rather simple significance that nil immense and elaborate was used on phase to resemble something. I hope the following drama I attend will excel this one.


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