The liturgical narration of the apocalypse brought a existent experience of the land of God as apocalypse is the original disclosure of the program of God refering the ultimate hereafter of this Earth. The aureate fact in apocalypse is nil but the land of God which God has prepared for his chosen people. The opportunities of inheriting the land of God made the trusters prepare their life in a typical manner. It influenced their civilization. patterns and their full life. The Resurrection of the dead. the concluding judgement. ageless life and Hell rolled into the life and civilization of the so coevals.

The impressions and understanding about the land of God rolled into the civilization of people. The apocalypse speaks about the Resurrection of the dead and the terminal of the agonies and decease itself. Those who arise from the dead are destined for either snake pit or the land of the God. The land of God mentioned in apocalypse is the cardinal subject of the Christian religion. The crucified Jesus who has resurrected from the Christ became the first fruits unto God. The Jesus will come once more for the chosen saints and would garner them for the land of God at the terminal of the universe.

The land of God is devoid of all sorrows. battles and decease. Jesus taught that those love their ain life is non worthy of the land of God. The land of God is so beautiful that no 1 is truly worthy to have it. The grace of God that follows a individual who believes merely can do him come in the land of God. Apocalypse is the coming of the land of God. Declaiming the Apocalypse made people retrieve the land of God and made them and changed the manner in which they practiced their civilization.


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Encyclop?dia Britannica Eleventh Edition

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