In The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven. Sherman Alexie expresses the modern Native American experience throughout a series of short narratives. Throughout these narratives Alexie portrays the lives of Native Americans in a blue and melancholy manner. Most of his characters have failed or forgotten their dreams due to their jobs with intoxicant. Sherman Alexie’s accent on Native American’s issues with intoxicant gives us insight into how intoxicant has destructive effects on Native American society and civilization.

Alcoholism is a common subject within Native American society. Some characters became so enamored with the esthesis of being intoxicated that they really believe being drunk solves all of their jobs. Natives think that. “one more beer could salvage the universe. One more beer and every chair would be comfy. One more beer and the light bulb in the bathroom would ne’er fire out. One more beer and he would love her forever. One more beer and he would subscribe any pact for her ( Alexie 88 ) . ” Alcohol creates a bogus world in the heads of the indigens. It makes them believe that they are no longer responsible for their personal businesss. and covering with their jobs. However. intoxicant merely serves to do their lives worse.

Alcohol was the root cause of the separation between Native Americans and mainstream America. The interactions the mean American has with Natives is merely seeing them stagger around public infinites. because they are intoxicated. It is non surprising that whites dislike Natives. they are ever doing jobs because of their love of intoxicant. This is exemplified by Dirty Joe. who is belittled and degraded because of his actions in public: “I watched her move against the crowd. the lone individual non running to see the intoxicated Indian siting the Stallion. I turned back in clip to watch Dirty Joe lurch from the roller coaster and empty his tummy on the platform ( Alexie 57 ) . ” The uninterrupted sights or narratives of bibulous Indians form stereotypes. which make Native Americans seem like a civilization of alkies and shirkers.

Throughout. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven. one sees how destructive intoxicant is and how Native Americans have adopted the impression that intoxicant is all right. For illustration. in the fresh each of the characters throw their lives off due to alcohol maltreatment and they could non get away the rough world of life on a reserve. Even though they have free will. at that place does non look to be another mercantile establishment for them. It appears that in each of the short narratives. intoxicant is their mercantile establishment. When they do interact with mainstream white America. the negative “drunkard” stereotype prevails. The Native American community presented chiefly through Victor and Thomas Builds-the-Fire convey an implicit in issue of inequality and deficiency of chance.

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