Foremost, I would wish to show my sincere gratitude to those who have brought along their support throughout the realization of this thesis: my manager of undertaking, Ms Rheema Aubeeluck, for her committedness and support. Mr. Dario Fortuno his devotedness in supplying me the right information even if he was rather busy, all the hotels and lector encountered sharing their cognition.

My sincere thanks besides go to the Director of VATEL Mr. Renaud Azema. A particular thanks to the General Manger Mr. Nicolas b. de Chalain and Mr. Herve Sydonie the Food & A ; Beverage Executive Assistant Manager of Long Beach Hotel for offering me the chance of making my last traineeship in Quality Assurance and Food and Beverage Department in the Sun Resort Hotel Group at Long Beach and taking me working on diverse interesting undertakings.

A large thank you to all those who have participated in my probes and provided their personal sentiments viz. : Long Beach Staff and VATEL Administration squad, Mr. Dinesh Khoody and Ms Rheema Aubeeluck every bit good as the undermentioned coachs: Mr. Michel Prefumo, Mr. Mervyn Ramasamy, and Mr. Barry Andrews.

Finally, I take this chance to show the profound gratitude to my beloved one ‘s, to my darling parents, sisters, niece, and my brother-in-law Mr. Alain Aupiais ( guardian ) for their love and uninterrupted support for both materially, spiritually and contributed a batch my enthusiasm and willingness to turn. My particular ideas go for Mr. Christophe Le Couviour for his limitless advice and support by assisting me at uneven hours

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This thesis is genuinely a profound overview of the consequence of service on client through which I came across during my three old ages of exposure in the cordial reception industry both nationally and internationally, where I enrich my cognition.

“ Measurement is the first measure that leads to command and finally to betterment. If you ca n’t mensurate something, you ca n’t understand it. If you ca n’t understand it, you ca n’t command it. If you ca n’t command it, you ca n’t better it. ” – H. James Harrington

List of abbreviations

TQM – Entire Quality Management

GSQ – Guest Satisfaction Questionnaire

HOD – Head of Department

SOP- Standard Operating Procedures

Chapter 1 – Introduction

The thesis helps us to see how Entire Quality Management may be used in hotel to convey truth and consistence in service provided between internal and external invitees with purpose to Blow the guest off by making THE WOW EFFECT. The ground behind establishing the thesis on this subject is the fact that “ This universe was built by people who felt some discontent with the manner thing were and knew they could make better ” , Robin Sharma.

Reasons for taking this subject:

The ground behind making my thesis on this subject is every bit mentioned above we can make better to maximise the betterment fact in service. Through our exposure in different hotelkeeper constitution inbound and outbound during those three old ages, we have come across different civilization where there is later the same purpose ; SUCCESS.

In other word success is to supply an outstanding service to the invitee, where they will be delighted, acquire a dream, and non even a dream, but a gem to care for and speak about. So to state, to be on the same line as our leading Guru mentioned ; “ ( we can ) make better ” , by adding our ain particular touch in conformity to the hotel civilization.

On the other manus the most curious ground is because the Food and Beverage Department is the mercantile establishment of a hotel that trades and welcome the invitees the whole journey

Aim & A ; Aims of thesis:

The purpose behind our thesis is to give an thought of how is the service in a five star hotel eating house. And how can it be in troubles during peak seasons, even if entire quality direction is already being used in the section and why is it like this? The probes that are traveling to be performed will be purely linked to the betterment of the service. Whereby, the staff will hold to “ transform troubles into strength for their psyche ” , Ryuho Okawa, which implies that the direction along with the staff will hold to undergo alterations together in order to minimise the troubles and transform them into a power. That is, the power of carry throughing invitee ‘s desire and the staff self satisfaction of making a great occupation.

The aims of my thesis is to do an analysis of how may number quality direction presently affects positively the service in hotels, to understand the grounds behind the fact that guest tend to do ailments for the Food and Beverage Department peculiarly eating house, what must be done to better every bit compared to what is being done and in the terminal, to place the end that most of the hotel staff want to accomplish.

Methods use to garner information:

The survey will be performed through studies within the hotel itself among the staff: forepart line drives and seniors where two different questionnaires will be distributed by electronic mail and other online due to our limited clip frame whereby classs are held the whole hebdomad from 8:30 am till 5:30 autopsy except on Sundays, so that they may be filled up and direct to us quickly.


Therefore survey of this subject is truly cardinal work for us, as we are wholly


In add-on, to all these we want to show that there has been some restrictions due to the fact that we took clip to acquire truly affect in our thesis, as our confederate ( wise man ) from the cordial reception industry was non approachable. Therefore, we started our thesis without the aid of our coach from hotel. But we have been able to pull off to garner the informations from other members of the hotel.

Chapter 2 – Literature Reappraisal

Long Beach Hotel, SUN Resorts Hotel ( Ex Coco Beach )

The Long Beach Hotel is a new bliss hotel which was antecedently Le Coco Beach before being reconstructed ; the Long Beach nestles on the border of one of the Island ‘s longest, widest and most beautiful natural beaches at Belle Mare peculiarly at Pointe de Flacq. Contemporary and smart, the Long Beach has been built around the construct of “ Italian life ” . The lively cardinal Square has an air of the Dolce Vita, the existent bosom of the hotel, surrounded byA eating houses, bars and dress shops.

The modern architecture, with high ceilings, pastel colorss, epicurean gardens, natural signifiers and traditional Mauritanian edifice stuffs come together absolutely and run into the empyreal natural decor of this small piece of Eden on the Island ‘s East Coast. The hotel’sA roomsA have fantastic positions over the crystal-clear Waterss of the laguna, the coral reef and the Indian Ocean beyond.

Entire Quality Management byA Philip B.Crosby, A W.EdwardsDeming, A Armand V.Feigenbaum, A Kaoru Ishikawa, andA Joseph M. Juran.

Entire quality direction ( TQM ) is an advanced maneuver, which is being used in hotels in and outside Mauritius as a utile direction tool. It focuses on the long-run peculiarly cumulative betterment of staff towards client service. TQM uses attack such as facts and utile information to incorporate the quality subject into the civilization and activities of the organisation.

Essential elements to Total Quality Management are ; client focused, entire employee engagement, incorporate system, procedure centered, strategic & A ; systematic technique, continual betterment, fortunes based, determination devising and communications.

Customer focused

It is of great importance to be client focused in order to relieve the client emphasis and do their twenty-four hours through simple action.

For illustration, at Long Beach for Break Fast ( as it is at buffet- ego service ) , if you come across a invitee carrying home bases where they have put spectacless of juice on it, assist them to convey their home bases to the tabular array. Simultaneously, avoiding home bases spillage and if of all time it does go on to the invitee to interrupt home bases or spectacless, he or she will hold a bad twenty-four hours with the sense of guilt.

Entire employee engagement

It is the procedure of deputing work to the staff so as to accomplish a end. Each and every employee is asked to supply certain work load so that the group can be more productive which will fundamentally be an plus for the hotel.A

An illustration would be in eating house the deputation of work is done for the devising of the “ Mise en Topographic point ” ( MEP ) of the eating house before each service.

Integrated system

It is a direction system that permits a senior squad of a hotel or an administration to do a work construction that can back up skilfully and usefully to accomplish administration ends. Which trades from directing or oversing employees ‘ demands to command rivals ‘ undertaking, from actuating best pattern to relieve the hazards and increase the assets, where an integrated technique is implemented that can assist an administration to accomplish their aims.

Procedure centered

It is all about the behavioral province of people which ever keeps on altering toward a singularity of a group aspiration. Procedure centered put a series of inquiries refering people, the put them aside and trades exactly the inquiries are as follows ; “ Can a individual alteration person else? ” “ Can one individual motivate another? ” “ Is motive internally initiated? ” harmonizing to the alterations in others characters. The lone fact of doing alterations can dramatically alter the values of person ‘s behavioral wonts which is developed through the repeat and reinforcing behaviors.

This workshop so represents a matter-of-fact “ procedure ” for altering the behaviour, wonts and in a little manner the values of others.

Strategic and systematic technique

Continual betterment

Fact based determination devising


“ To make full the nothingness, a survey of the published TQM literature is undertaken. A reappraisal, categorization, and analysis of the research in TQM crossing the last two decennaries is presented. A sum of 226 TQM-related articles are identified from 44 refereed direction diaries published from 1970 to 1993 ” .

The articles are so organized into a hierarchy signifier and examined, by doing usage of the two theories which are ; foremost the “ Article orientation ” ( conceptual, instance survey, empirical, analytical, simulation, and overview ) and the “ Article focal points ” by doing usage of the Malcolm Baldridge standards.

The analysis of the literature presents pertinent developments in each of the seven standards. In add-on, it provides future research waies every bit good as a ready mention of the TQM literature. The suggestions for research should steer future developments in the TQM field and assist transform it into a formal subject.

Management Styles Brick Jackson

In all workplace we need to hold a direction manner, but we find out that in most administrations presents and before direction manner did and still exists. In most instances the administrations make a mixture of all the bing direction manner without cognizing that they did. At times the consequences may be dramatic nevertheless ; it can be a negative result.

As we have antecedently mentioned different types of direction manners exists. To be able to hold an effectual and efficient craft at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, suited direction manner must be adopted to present quality wise service between staff and invitees. As Brick Jackson mentioned “ cognizing that we have four types of direction manner does non intend that we have to take one from the beginning till the terminal and so believing that it is traveling to work because you are so in kernel to worsen the state of affairs ” . Through this statement we can clearly province that hotel has ever alterations in its direction. But there will still be a portion of the set up manner present during the alteration. One peculiar fact is that most of the clip it will be the distinctive feature of the people that are managed which is traveling to be decisive to characterize the different managing manners that troughs will utilize. Where the concluding result will be a assorted up of contrasting portion of the direction manners.

Autocratic Management Style

It is all about a director that takes determinations without the discussing with the whole staff, instead functioning as a autocrat or the absolute swayer in his or her manner of go throughing on message to its subsidiaries as they love to be considered as the hoot to be in the dominating place every clip through this peculiar type of direction has got it ‘s positive and negative facets. When we talk about the positive we want to state that the directors controls so that the work load is handed on clip. This is due to the fact that in this manner of direction the figure of people concerned with the determination devising procedure is little. The incommodiousness with such type of direction manner are as follows ; the employee will work merely for the interest of carry throughing the work without paying attending if the work is efficient and effectual, with a inclination of losing their passion & A ; involvement in what they fundamentally love. Therefore making an instability in the motive factor of the hole staff due to the fact that they in a feverish environment where determination are taken entirely by the director and they do non hold raise their thoughts and adhere to the determinations that has been passed on.

This manner of direction is besides really suited for state of affairss where the leader has to take determination on the topographic point. By seeking to set in topographic point in eating house an bossy direction manner this will do tremendous jobs to the people that are concerned with the work for longer period.

Democratic Management Style

A democratic director is person who is ever the first to administer the work load among his or her staff, by deputing them to every individual that is involved, so that at the terminal of the twenty-four hours the work is accomplished. But the staff has ever to confer with the director and delay for his or her blessing before traveling to the following measure. Therefore, the leader is numbering and even capitalising on the accomplishments and experience of the squad to hold the work done on clip and that is a quality wise one. Meaning that, the work has non been done randomly. Most of the staff adores the democratic manner in the company they work for as they feel more concerned and that they are an of import component of the procedure. In contrast with the bossy direction manner the democratic manner is far better as they are given the right to treat the work themselves, whereby some of the staff will be given to number on others and the others to back up the force per unit area that is put on them with respects to the work. Concurrently, capable to the type of work that the staff has been given, he or she will experience that they workload is being delegated to them merely because of the simple fact of the latter being the director. The fact of holding excessively much staff in this peculiar direction manner to work on a undertaking may take excessively much clip to acquire the work done

Participative Management Style

Participative Management Style besides called advisory direction manner is a determination doing manner in direction based on feedback from staff in order to take the best determination. In other words determinations are non taken without cognizing the staff sentiments and thoughts. This procedure is by and large longer than other direction manner because there are more voices to be heard in the sense that staff point of positions are considered to be a cardinal to accomplish ends. It permits a consensus on major determinations, the understanding of all and is really utile in altering state of affairss. Employees feel more involved in the house determinations doing, that ‘s why it is of import non to pretermit their feedback. This direction manner is frequently adopted for brainstorming Sessionss as you work on new merchandise thoughts or selling publicities.

Laissez Faire Management Style

This leading direction manner key word is freedom. Indeed, employees are free to finish the occupation or undertakings in any manner they feel the best. This attack at the direction degree is easy for the way but the director has to be present to supply counsel as needed. This direction manner confers plentifulness of independency and helps developing single parts into leaders with the purpose to do your squad stronger. Therefore, it can bring forth involvement struggles between some employees seeking to presume the function as a leader in the meantime or to order to others how their work should be done.

Each direction manner has its ain advantages and must be applied harmonizing to the type of concern and environment you are in, every bit good as the state of affairs. There is no ideal direction manner ; the most of import is to take the direction manner that correspond the best to your ain direction manner in order to make a good working environment for all involved staff.

Rotation attack to heighten the quality of service

Job rotary motion is a method used for employer towards their employees in position of developing and authorising them, it is largely done with trainees over some months or for a twelvemonth, so that they may go more familiar with the endeavor. It gives the employee the chance to develop and derive more accomplishments in a assortment of altering occupations. Simultaneously, it besides gives the staff the chance to acquire affect with the other section ‘s staff and the civilization of the company excessively. In occupation rotary motion most of the clip, it involves usually the staff in a sidelong move. Furthermore occupation rotary motion can besides be the lifting in class of a staff ( publicity ) .

Keies to Successful Job Rotation Susan M. Heathfield

Job rotary motion has several advantages if it is carefully planned and executed to make a predefined end. First and first, employees taking portion of a carefully planned occupation rotary motion will profit and larn. As mentioned antecedently, occupation rotary motion must get down with a defined end. This procedure consists of finding the occupation alterations. If the concluding end is that every employee is cross-trained to make every occupation, a peculiar attending has to be made on its administration. Job rotary motion ‘s ends are diverse as the development of employees, to optimise the employee ‘s calling options, to squash occupation ennui, or to make backup aid for holiday times and it needs to be planned specifically. Effective occupation rotary motion specifies the end.

Job rotary motion must be carefully planned.

The most favourable preparation programme provides an chance to the employee to beef up the accomplishments that he or she acquired throughout their occupation rotary motion procedure So, the preparation programme involves the employee to take portion in a figure of occupations on the same path that other employees have followed which that ended in a wholly trained employee, or the accomplishment of the end.

Employees are able to measure whether the occupation rotary motion is accomplishing the ends.

Consequently the stairss in a occupation rotary motion should be mensurable and build upon each other.

Both the employee and the organisation demand to profit from the occupation rotary motion.

Constantly developing the employees advance working accomplishments which consume a batch of clip and run down the administration efficiency. If the latter after holding undergone through the acquisition of new accomplishments by doing great attempt does non experience like interested and happen that there is nil which correspond to his or her wants, the rotary motion procedure will be useless. This will be useless in the sense that the latter will non be motivated.

Due to the fact that the staff learns new or more hard accomplishments during their work an extra compensation are normally given as staff because of the occupation rotary motion. It is besides a manner to make the staff that is cross-trained to work more so that they get paid more because of their employer adaptability that consequences from their acquisition procedure.

The hotel ever seeks to supply a wise man, an internal trainer, or supervisor/trainer, who is recognized, is given to develop the employee during the whole procedure of the occupation rotary motion program. As an employee moves to each new occupation, he or she is assigned to another employee who has the duty to learn, answer inquiries, and wise man during the preparation.

Wayss to ease and better the acquisition procedure of the staff assorted stuffs are implemented in hotel and they are as ; written certification, an employee manual, or online. Written certification refering the different characteristics of each occupation is helpful to relieve the employee larning curve in occupation rotary motion. For illustration ; at Long Beach Hotel where we were on traineeship, processs are

Advantages of Job Rotation

Job rotary motion represents an chance for employees when publicities are non available or when they do non desire a publicity or direction duties and can supply advantages. With this procedure, the employee:

Is given a new challenge, an chance for the employee to spread out his or her cognition, achievements, range, impact, and potentially, influence different facets of the organisation.

Reduces & A ; overcomes possible ennui and occupation dissatisfaction by interrupting the modus operandi and making different occupations with changed duties and undertakings

Is given a new motive, an chance for the employee to spread out his cognition achievements, range, impact, and potentially, influence different facets of the organisation.

Additions more consciousness and experience by larning different work that need new accomplishments and gives more responsibilities.

Through the manuals that the hotel has implemented online the employee may larn the different facets of the organisation and how the occupation needs to be done in all sections, ( This will construct his or her organisational cognition and ability to acquire things done. )

Is prepared for an eventual publicity, in a sequence program, by having the opportunity to spread out his or her accomplishment set and duties, and derive broader cognition about the organisation.

Additions visibleness with a new group of coworkers and directors. Visibility for a good employee brings possible chances.

Job rotary motion is viewed as desirable by employees because of the impact a sidelong move or publicity has on the employee ‘s chance for personal and professional growing and motive. Job rotary motion is seen as a go oning committedness from the employer that enables employees to develop and turn in their employment and prosecute a desirable calling way.

Chapter 3 – Research Methodology

Research methodological analysis is all about the methodsA used in assorted typesA of research and the term is normally considered to includeA research design, informations assemblage and information analysis. The word itself entails that it is the procedure of doing research by utilizing different methods. The purpose of doing research is to come up with consequences. Research can be performed through studies, interview, feedback from internal & A ; external clients, enigma shopper, through bing database & A ; study. When we talk about study mention is made with questionnaires, where there may be unfastened ended inquiries or near complete inquiries or both.

Open & A ; Close ended Questionnaire

An unfastened ended inquiry is sketched to excite a full, important reply utilizing the mention ‘s ain familiarity or feelings. It is wholly the antonym of aA closed-ended inquiry, which encourages a brief or single-word reply. Without burying that Open-ended inquiries has a inclination to be more indifferent every bit good as less taking than closed-ended inquiries.

Open-ended inquiries usually begin with words such as ; “ Why ” and “ How ” , or sentences get downing with ; “ State me about… ”

Normally unfastened ended inquiries are statements inquiring for replies but are non inquiries.

For illustration of:

Closed-Ended Question

Make you cognize the grounds behind which invitees make ailments?

Open-ended Question

State me about unsated invitees.

Who is in charge of the invitees a ailment in the eating house?

What do you believe is the duty of the eating house director?

The diagram below may give us an thought of the research methodological analysis procedure:

hypertext transfer protocol: //

There are two types of research that can be performed and they are as follows ; Quantitative and Qualitative research.

Qualitative research purposes are more focussed on roll uping information from interview to hold an analytical broader hypothesis by holding resort to semi- structured interviews, group focal point and expression for quality, the ground why research are in deepness. Whereas a Quantitative research is more focussed, with a narrow hypothesis but utilizing convincing research this is chiefly performed ; via telephone, in-street, and cyberspace and by mail ( postal ) .

The advantages and disadvantages of Qualitative research

The advantages of a Qualitative research is utile during the beginning of a survey where there is no demand to hold rigorous design program before it starts ; that is, it gives freedom to analyze the subject, deriving more elaborate and ample informations in the signifier of comprehensive descriptions which are written or ocular grounds. For illustration, it can be images.

And the disadvantages are qualitative research is to a great extent involved in the research, which gives the research worker a personal position of the analysis and about the participants excessively. Thus the latter understands the survey harmonizing to his owns prejudiced position, which affects the assembled information. Furthermore, one more disadvantage is the fact that the research procedure is clip devouring and may take months and besides some old ages.

The advantages and disadvantages of Quantitative research

Through Quantitative research the fact happening allows the research worker to measure and construe informations. The latter is more impartial refering the findings of his or her research. Quantitative research uses statistics in order to prove the ability of mensurating informations.

In add-on, Quantitative research head disadvantage is the model of the survey or test is ignored. One other disadvantage is that immense figure samples of the people need to be calculated ; the larger the sample of people researched, the more changeless the consequences will be.

Methods used

We came up to a point where we want to do usage of both quantitative & A ; qualitative research and existent clip observation for our thesis. The ground why, is the fact of doing usage of merely near ended inquiries will forbear the staff of hotel to reply the inquiries harmonizing to their existent province of head.

For illustration ; the reply is either satisfactory or hapless, but possibly the latter perceptual experience of how the reply should be: is in between satisfactory and hapless.

The thought is to convey up a balance in the information aggregation, where we can clearly see the pre-concise thought of the individual at the same time to roll up replies that are direct to the point. We are traveling to do usage of three questionnaires that will be distributed among the hotel staff. By bearing in head, the questionnaires will be filled up by ; each and every staff of the five eating houses in the hotel, each eating house director and all the troughs of the hotel. The questionnaires will be more or less the same except from the one which is traveling to be aiming other section which are decidedly linked to the Food and Beverages section.

Having been exposed to the: Food and Beverages, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Front – Office ( reserve, public relation, conciergerie, response ) , Housekeeping, Rooms Division Department during our three old ages of surveies at Vatel Mauritius. We ended our last traineeship at Long Beach Hotel in the nutrient and drinks ( eating house ) and choice confidence section during the extremum season, which was an enriching experience. In the sense that we have made our observation refering to the service delivered among and to both internal and external invitees.

The clip spent in those sections deeply helps us, in the sense that we were looking at our co-workers non as trainee of the hotel but in other positions ; where we try to set ourselves in the place of the clients, and staff. We besides look at them from the angle of holding seen different or even similar state of affairss where staff is traveling against the client focused civilization of the hotel.

Chapter 4 – Findingss and Analysis

Response from Directors

From 20 questionnaires that have been sent to the hotel via electronic mail to the directors, 14 of them were replied. And the analysis was done harmonizing to the figure of answers that we got. The questionnaire is based largely on closed ended inquiries and partially on unfastened ended. See Annex 2

Question 1: Where do you range quality of service in Tides eating house?

Therefore, some of the directors mentioned that there may be some characteristics that may be reviewed with purpose to heighten the quality of service delivered. To heighten, foremost of wholly, we must get down among staff itself, so that there will non be any troubles to acquire rid of the mentioned job and to hold ways to better the service that has been raised by the directors and they are as follows:

There is a great demand of more staff and altered equipments are needed in the section

And intense preparation must be provided

Some directors find that there must be better coordination in the sense that it has to come from the superior so break down in term of the hierarchy which will ensue in more efficient service.

More alone services besides have to be provided to the invitees ; an illustration would be a romantic dinner on the breakwater with a individualized service that is merely one server managing the whole dinner.

Without burying the fact that they besides mentioned that communicating is the key for better service and this is what we found out during our research antecedently mentioned in the Literature reappraisal.

Harmonizing to consequences we got from the questionnaires 57 per centum ( % ) of the Mangers which reflects a entire figure of eight ( 8 ) directors find Tides eating house service really good on the other manus, six directors that is 43 per centum ( % ) has got another position of the quality service in the eating house.

Through the chart above chart we may see that three tierce of the troughs are for the fact of enabling them to bask either the breakfast, tiffin, or dinner in one of the nutrient & A ; drink mercantile establishment to mensurate the quality of service by moving as being a invitee. The three tierce of them is of 71 % as we may happen on the cone and those individual thinks that it is of extreme importance so that we may acquire the feedback from an internal individual who will be given to do constructive remarks which will be pass on to each and every staff of the section, so that such mistakes will non be repeated. Question 2: Harmonizing to your managerial point of position, do you believe that twice a month one or two senior flat staff of the hotel has to hold breakfast, tiffin or dinner in the hotel ‘s eating house to mensurate the service quality? ( Food & A ; Beverages & A ; Operationss

And the 29 % were against because for them the senior degree staffs are ever on the floor, therefore they are able to mensurate the service quality. Furthermore, if it would hold been a invitee either he or she would kick and speak to their circle familiarity or remain quiet and will non come to the hotel once more.

The roaster is a topic to a large treatment. This is due to the fact that the consequences are practically on the same line, where we find 57 % of the directors are for the gesture of reexamining the roaster and 43 % against.

Why reexamining it, is because peculiarly during peak seasons there is a great dither which is created in the afternoon at around 3 o’clock. Where the displacement alterations and it is merely at this point of clip, invitees tend to come for tiffin or are waiting for their dish. Therefore, the figure of staff to help all those clients is deficient. In add-on to this the staff of the dark displacement takes all their clip to be at the mercantile establishment, so they are non quickly eating house. Simultaneously, some tend to state that they work for excessively long hours.

Question 3: Do you believe that the roaster of staff working in eating house must be reviewed?

When we talk about the grounds for ailments to the directors most of them come to the same point of position by 71 % stating that the service is excessively slow and so they meet once more on the another point by 57 % mentioning that there is deficiency of professionalism in the eating house. And the two points that they have chosen are straight linked.

Food non served quickly is in a manner a deficiency of professionalism, as they are non at the base on balls at the minute that the dish is ready ; make non assist their co-worker when they are free in their subdivision.

The fact that the senior staff point out those facts is a approval as harmonizing to those constructive remarks, disciplinary actions may be put in topographic point to avoid complaints.Question 4: What are the grounds why invitees make tonss of ailments?

Question 5: Do you believe in rotary motion in same section? ( Waiter to head server or caput server to Assistant R. Manager )

While looking to the point of inquiring the troughs for occupation rotary motion, about of them are for this gesture. Which is a really good reply and 86 % is decidedly a important per centum.

Question 6: How may occupation rotary motion be good for the hotel ( Food & A ; Beverages Department -restaurant ) and its staff?

The grounds why are as follows ; chance for employees to make different undertakings, therefore making more motive and authorising the staff, less expensive in the sense that there will non be the demand to engage new staff to make the work of those who have resigned. Concurrently, the staff will be besides good versed with all the mercantile establishments plus staff. The employee will be more adept and will be able to present information to the clients. A perfect illustration of occupation rotary motion is what we did in our first twelvemonth traineeship at VATEL Mauritius, where at the terminal of the twelvemonth when we were covering with invitees we knew everything about the hotel services and etiquette.

The reply for this inquiry has been consentaneous as all the troughs who replied to the questionnaires were wholly for the thought of implementing a Spanish Guest Satisfaction Questionnaires and that after this execution there will be besides a Russian 1. As, the hotel is largely filled up with Spanish and Russian people.

Reason behind their reply was for the assemblage of more feedback, cognizing that most of the Spanish and Russian are none English talkers. Simultaneously, alternatively of giving English GSQ ‘s to them this one will be making a sense of importance towards the guests.Question 7: Would you like the execution of Spanish GSQ and even after a Russian one?

Response from the staff

Questionnaires have been sent to the hotel via electronic mail to the director of eating house so that he may administer them to the staff of saloon and eating house, 40 questionnaires were expected to be filled up but we got response from 20 eight staff. The analysis was done harmonizing to answers we got. As we antecedently mentioned in the analysis of the Managers Questionnaires the inquiries were both unfastened and near ended one. See Annex 1

Question 1: Where do you range quality of service in Tides eating house?

( 1: Poor, 2: Satisfactory, 3: Good, 4: Very Good, 5: Outstanding )

Among the staff who answered the questionnaires 71 % find the quality of service good by 39 % and really good by 32 % . The balance which is 29 % found the service satisfactory.

As harmonizing to them the mise ne topographic point are non decently done besides because of the fact that the harmony of merchandises relayed to the bill of fare are non ever good. This is due to the fact that they do non travel towards the chef asks – what merchandise is losing today?

The staff are willing to hold their ain staff for good as we got 79 % of positive response as 22 over 20 eight individuals answers Yes and 6 individuals, which is 21 % who are against this fact.

The ground is, they will non hold to wait to hold some assisting manus from other eating houses mercantile establishment for tiffin in their premises. Therefore, making a concise and efficient service, where the staff will work harmonizing to the standard operation processs of the eating house they work for.

The six staff who replied No, is largely because they think of the fiscal position of the hotel and besides want to go on the procedure of doing rotary motion as they believe in the facet of giving lesser but skilled and good intimate staff.Question 2: Do you believe that Tides eating houses need to hold it owns staff for good? ( Even peak & amp ; low season )

Question 3: Harmonizing to you what is the inadequacy in Tides Restaurant?

The most chief inadequacy noticed and mentioned by the staff is the deficiency of cooperation 71 % and deficiency of diary direction 60 % . Then lesser than the two mentioned above are is the deficiency of coordination 39 %

This inquiry helps to set in grounds the points that need to be improved to optimise the quality of service in eating house.

Lack of cooperation


Lack of diary direction


Lack of coordination




Questions 4: Do you believe that the roaster must be reviewed?

The staff are about on the same line as 86 % of the staff are for the alteration in their roaster and wants to see it.

5. What is ailment that guests tend to do when they are non delighted?

6. Harmonizing to you does the feeling that the invitee has at the eating house create a great impact on them?

7. Make you believe in rotary motion in same section? ( Waiter head server or caput server Assistant R. Manager )

8. Would you like the execution of Spanish GSQ and even after a Russian one?

A Implementation of GSQ



Number of staff




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9. Harmonizing to you where would you locate the direction manner of the Food & A ; Beverages Department? ( Restaurant )

Chapter 5 – Recommendations

After the analysis of my findings in the old chapter, below you may happen some recommendations. It is of class hard to give appropriate recommendations as the analysis done is based on many different facets. We come to happen out that that the chief attributes one should hold to win, to name but a few, are:

To be a leader and a good squad participant.

To pull off emphasis by demoing assurance and to be positive.

Job Rotation harmonizing to an Organigramme

Be motivated and actuate your staff.

Develop good communicating accomplishments and pass on efficaciously.

To implement a new GSQ in Spanish

To maintain smiling at all times – training and position included.

To modify the roaster of eating house

To be a leader and a good squad participant.

Most of us have you worked in squads or Hotel Company, where working in group by giving each one of us his/her portion of seeing things and work create a perfect harmoniousness. Mentioning to a say “ Peoples want to work for a good company – 1 that is non merely well-run but that does its portion to construct a better universe ” Robin Sharma. By taking this into consideration ask yourself, if you have of all time worked for squads where everyone pitches in?

Possibly most of us do non cognize that we all may take without holding any rubric, as we all have that peculiar touch which will endeavor others to follow this making a positive impact. Over our three old ages of surveies and practical application we have been across all kinds of managerial manner, where hold oning both the negative and positive impacts the HOD ‘s were bring forthing. We have seen that peculiarly the negative impacts were more likely to go on unconsciously.

Bing dedicated will be great part to hotel ; ever play to your strengths in a squad, or at times when the group does travel along briefly. Team working is viewed to be aboriginal manner of achieving ends that are deserving bettering and developing the accomplishments which will assist you make a utile part to any type of squad you are working with.

Football squad is a perfect illustration of how participants working together can accomplish much more than one participant who is moving entirely. You may non be the best end scorer, but you ‘re great at traveling the ball frontward. You know that if you pass that ball to the individual who may hit, the squad has a better opportunity of winning. As Peter Koestenbaun mentioned “ Leadership: The interior Side of Greatness ” working in group is above all a manner to achieve group and personal fulfilment.

Some cardinal points that need to pay attending to be a “ good squad participant ” they are as follows:

Stay Flexible

We must at any clip be ready for alterations, seeking to remain in your comfort zone will non the group as competition among co-workers even hotel grows. So, to be on the move the staff must ; remain fast, flexible and agile at any period of the twelvemonth.

Staff may fall in or go forth the hotel, the wage may be reduced, or S.O.P may be redefined.

The best squad participants know how to be flexible. Good squad participants know how to accommodate to alter, they do n’t contend alteration alternatively they take the alteration in their favour as an chance for growing ( larning procedure ) .

Be Reliable

Frustration may be caused due to some meaningful grounds, it largely happens when people tend to state one thing and does another, and this may besides decelerate the patterned advance of the work. Particularly in Food and Beverages section where dependability is a must ; as it is the key for good client service.

Peculiarly being dependable is straight concerned to the work you do for the squad. If you have high criterions, people will depend on you to bring forth quality work. If your end product is first-class one twenty-four hours, but merely average the following, the squad may see you as being undependable.

Be a Good Communicator to understand the squad ‘s aims

When we look at the sentence, the word itself entails communicating ; which may be direct or indirect. Make a nexus to the

Be involved and active within the group. If you sit mutely while person else discusses an thought that you know wo n’t work, you could damage the squad ‘s opportunities of accomplishing its results. If you ‘re got an alternate suggestion that might be more effectual, so portion it with the group. This is where we find that we must hold portion of participative direction manner is needed to hold a perfect communicating among the eating house ‘s squad.

To pull off emphasis by demoing assurance and to be positive.

The staff has a aberrant inclination to be submerged by work load and unsated client, therefore making self stress at the same time, stresses the others. We found that in eating houses the staff like that the work is done rapidly but it is non done quickly. Therefore, stress direction classs are advised to be provided to the forepart line drives. This will constantly ensue in an interesting alteration in the restaurant staff psychological science.

The emphasis of the staff are normally due to the fact that ; there is non adequate seating for invitees who like to hold their repast in the eating house, the service is excessively slow: drinks are non served quickly

Be motivated and actuate your staff.

Motivation is another cardinal component for faultless client services. It is literally the will to put and accomplish ends. Some research shows that each individual is responsible of his/her ain grade of self-denial and motive. The director has to look frontward about-what he wants to make with his squad and what are the factors which retain them from executing beyond hundred per cent. Therefore, starts to respond by making what he finds right.

The director of the eating house has the responsibility to speak to the staff, he/she is has to truly listen to them and assist the eyes of the staff on the concern because the staff can anticipate merely what they expect.

Be truly good to people. Treat your clients with respect give them good value be caring and cover with any ailments fast

Job Rotation harmonizing to an Organigramme

Harmonizing to what Susan M. Heathfield ; a occupation rotary motion is the intent of supplying to staff new chances, so that they may turn in the concern ; in term of accomplishments, public presentation and to demo their adaptability to new state of affairss. As it has been mentioned it links ever to a publicity, but here what we want to make is partially on other manner unit of ammunition.

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The point is that the hotel have to do the staff undergo the signature of a contract adverting – compulsory, on the occupation preparation will be provided to each staff irrespective to their rubric ( for the nutrient & A ; drinks section peculiarly eating house ) . Simultaneously, this can be done in all sections of the hotel. Thereafter, an organigramme with the rubric and name of each staff is of major importance to relieve the procedure of screening out staff name and rubric through the Human Resources section, to ease the occupation rotary motion.

The advantage of Job Rotation in the eating house ( Food & A ; Beverages Department )

Rotation in Tides eating house could be a really good facet in the term that it will assist the smooth running of the eating house. Concurrently, it will be a win/win state of affairs, whereby the hotel and the invitee will secure to themselves curious minute.

This implies that the undermentioned elements will be involved:

Broader competencies and experiences

Multi skilling

Broader competencies and experiences

This will profit non merely to the staff but to the hotel excessively. As when your co-worker is on ill leave during extremum or even low seasons you may replace him by making his or her occupation. Therefore, no dither will be created due to the absence of the latter and at that place will non be a demand to name for others, who are supposed to work on different displacement or are off to come for work.

For illustration ; staff will hold more experiences that are the server will derive the competencies and duties of a captain or the captain towards the helper eating house director ‘s excessively.

Multi skilling

It can be a powerful tool in the sense that it involves ; resources optimisation and staff development. It besides helps the hotel to turn financially ; whereby preparation can be done with the staff. Thus it will non be to the detrimental of the section which consequences on the hotel.

Staff development in the sense that the latter will be confronting new marks, new situational job ; may be between staff or invitees ailments.

For illustration ; A server




























































































To implement a new GSQ in Spanish

Each and every service company does necessitate a invitee ‘s satisfaction questionnaire ( GSQ ) . The ground behind this peculiar fact is that it helps for mensurating the service quality offered to the invitee. At Long Beach Hotel the state of affairs is such that we do non hold guest satisfaction questionnaires in Spanish and Russian.

Due to the turnover figure of Spanish and Russian invitees that the hotel it is of extreme importance that those questionnaires are implemented

Through the analysis we may besides see that most of the staff of the Food & A ; Beverage Department is for the execution of such questionnaires.

This will be user friendly for the invitee, as most of them are non English talkers more peculiarly the Russian so the Spanish. With Spanish and Russian invitee satisfaction questionnaires the figure of answers will raise and the hotel may garner a upper limit of remarks and grasps.

To maintain smiling at all times – training included.

When we talk about “ deficiency of professionalism ” , smiling at every state of affairss whereby preparing is straight linked. To be considered as a professional is non merely because of the fact that we have got academic making and old ages of experiences which means that, we are meant to be professional. What makes the staff look like a professional is first of all the feeling that he or she gives to the invitees at first contact and evolves during the service or the invitee ‘s stay, where at this point of clip the service must and necessitate to be consistent.

We must non bury that to do the twenty-four hours of a invitee we have to be smiling, as everybody tend to state ‘SMILE WE ARE ON STAGE ” so as good histrions that we are, we can do their twenty-four hours with merely a smiling which is embodies the training of the eating house ‘s staff. The position besides is a important portion of preparing. Why we make mention to a good position? It is largely because it is the factor which gives the feeling that the server or another staff knows his work. And more preparation should be done to better the training of staff which in other words reflects the image of the hotel.

Chapter 6 – Decision

Chapter 7 – Annex


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