We all have friends. We call them by different names. Regardless of the term we use, a friend to us is someone that is dear and important because of the many roles he or she performs in our lives. Though our parent’s and siblings are the most significant persons, the relationship we have to a friend is unexplainable and indescribable. Sometimes we are even more comfortable with a friend rather than our parent’s, brother or sister. Among our friends, we have someone whom we consider the dearest and that is the “best friend”. Our best friend knows everything about us more than our parent’s do.

They know our secrets, love affairs, inner thoughts and feelings, ambitions and future plans. They know when we are sad or happy and they know the things that cheer us. Our best friend does not put us down or put us in a bad light rather he/she makes ways to lift our name and image so others may gain confidence and trust in us. A best friend is a true and sincere person who sees the good and bad in you but still stick to you whether you are in your richest or poorest situation. The most memorable and happiest moments in our lives are shared with our best friends.

In the olden days where computers and modern gadgets are not yet the craze, my friends and I enjoy strolling in the streets, public parks or plazas. We swim in creeks and rivers, catch fish and play in the water with so much fun and laughter. We also enjoy bathing in the rain, running bare like wild children in the streets. We make paper boats and have a boat race in canals after a rain. During summer vacations and fiestas were celebrated in every village, we attend dance parties in the lazar and there we get the chance to dance with our crush.

After that we had long stories of the happiness and elation we felt dancing with our cherished girl or boy friends. Ah! Life is so much fun back then. The endless chats with friends along the seashores, beside the river, inside the nip hut in the fields or under a tree are priceless. Those bonding moments cannot be erased by time nor age. In our time of sorrow and grief, our best friend gives us the strength and will to move on. Even in our failures, he/she is there to tell us “it’s not the end of the world”, “there is always a second hence” and many other words of assurance that next time we will emerge the winner.

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A friend’s memory will always be stuck in our minds and engraved in our hearts. Even when we get old and move in other parts of the world, the memory lingers and that naive smile always comes out naturally in our face. That is the unique happiness a friend can give. It is like a Jewel that puts a natural spark and its value appreciates overtime. Yes, indeed, a friend wears many faces in our lives. He/she plays the roles caretaker and most of all a “partner in crimes” or the numerous “naughty things” we do.


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