In this single research, we come across the subject of Destination Marketing and Management. The paper consists of the definition of a finish, selling and finish direction.

Schemes were developed that could be utilized by the Jamaica Tourist Board in selling and managing Jamaica as a finish every bit good as a SWOT analysis of the techniques that were used.

The importance of a Tourism Marketing Plan was critically assed every bit good as three procedure needed in developing such a program.

Last, external participants and organisations that assist the Jamaica Tourist Board in implementing the finish selling program every bit good as the important impacts it has on the state ‘s economic system.

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What is Destination?

Finishs are countries that attract and accommodate visitants temporarily. Finishs may change from: continents, states, provinces, states, metropoliss, small towns and resort countries. ( Pike, 2004 )

There are a figure of grounds why individuals travel, some of which may include: to see household and friends, concern related, for relaxation, love affair and more. ( Merith, 2009 ) In order to maintain a sustainable and competitory finish merchandise, it must be decently marketed and managed.

Selling AND MANAGING A Finish

What is Marketing?

Selling is referred to a series of actions between persons and organisations to accomplish their aims through making and interchanging values with other. ( Kotler & A ; Armstrong, 2010 ) Marketing a finish is a critical component in accomplishing the chief nonsubjective and keeping a comfortable tourer finish. ( Howie, 2003 ) ( Middleton, 1998 ) referred to a touristry merchandise as “ a combination of merchandises and services provided by a finish. A selling mix includes the 4 P ‘s ( Place, monetary value, merchandise and publicity ) which are utilised to explicate schemes to market a finish or merchandise.

Destination Management

Destination direction is accountable for administrating the demands and supply of touristry within a peculiar country, topographic point or part. ( Kozak & A ; Baloglu, 2011 ) Bing as how all accomplishments will trust on the right blend of units to suit clients ‘ demands, plans under finish direction would affect concentrating their attendings on factors that would negatively impact experiences for tourers.

Convention and Visitors Bureau

What is a Convention and Visitors Bureau?

Convention and Visitors Bureaus are organisations whose duty is to advance touristry at local and regional degrees.

Functions and Responsibility of the Convention and Visitors Bureau

The CVB has four chief duties. They are:

To function as the state ‘s selling bureau by advancing its resources to tourers.

To convert tourers to see and bask all that the finish has to offer.

To help and stand for finishs in the development of communities through continual travel and touristry techniques.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Jamaica is the Jamaica Tourist Board, established in 1955 with three subdivisions situated across the island. ( Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios )

The Jamaica Tourist Board, with the aid of other bureaus contributes to marketing Jamaica as a finish for visitants appeal by the usage of assorted schemes.


To market Jamaica for visitants ‘ entreaty, the Jamaica Tourist Board can set in to consequence the undermentioned schemes:

Liaise with private organisations within the Tourism Industry to advance Jamaica as the figure one finish for holidaying.

Encourage patterning bureaus to carry on some of their picture or exposure shoots in Jamaica that would be televised worldwide therefore supplying the island with a more competitory advantage.

Make a web site that can be accessed worldwide to showcase the beauty of the island every bit good as attractive forces that will fascinate possible visitants.

Implement constabularies to guarantee that tourer attractive forces are ever environmentally friendly.

Focus more on the development community-based touristry to showcase the island ‘s rich civilization and heritage and the heat and friendliness of Jamaicans.


A SWOT analysis was conducted based on the schemes that were used supra.


Provides exposure of our civilization, heritage and people.

The creative activity of the website marks a wider market portion.


Residence may object to holding their community being used as tourer finish.

Lack of human resources.


Provides more employment and gross to profit the economic system.

Partnering with private sectors provides more fiscal aid in marketing the finish.


Resentment towards tourers.

Increase in competition.

Selling Plan

A Selling Plan is a concern papers developed to sketch clear prioritization of marketing aims and schemes. ( McDonald & A ; Keegan, 2002 )

In Tourism, a selling program is important because it assist in determining the walls of the concern before really puting up the foundations. ( Mountifield, 2009 ) By developing a selling program, the concern is able to set up clear aims to measure the effectivity of the selling tools or techniques used. It administers the way of the concern ‘s selling purpose. Alternatively of blowing clip on uneffective selling exercisings, a selling program would hold prevented that from go oning. ( Mountifield, 2009 )

A budget is besides an of import necessity when developing a market program. Reason being, the budget would allow the selling squad cognize how much money is available to effectually pass on the undertaking. Basically the budget would be indispensable for the planning of disbursals. ( Mountifield, 2009 ) The selling program would besides incorporate selling schemes that would lend to the acknowledgment of a concern ‘s trade name every bit good as the merchandise and services it has to offer.

When developing a concern program, the selling squad is able to aim a specific market through market cleavage, therefore giving the concern the capableness of pulling new types of clients worldwide. Planing an effectual touristry selling program would besides help in raising money for outgo. ( Mountifield, 2009 )

When developing a finish selling program, there are a figure processes or phases involved with its development. These include:

Research and Planning Process

Selling Scheme

Actions and Control

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As seen above in the diagram, there are several constituents needed to be act upon when developing a Finish Selling program.


The Jamaican Tourist Board is the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Jamaica. In implementing of a Destination Marketing Plan, the Jamaica Tourist Board is assisted by assorted bureaus and organisations under the Ministry of Tourism. Some of which are as follows:

Tourism Product Development Company ( TPDCo )

World Tourism Organization ( WTO )

Jamaica Association for Villas and Apartments ( JAVA )

Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association ( JHTA )

Caribbean Tourism Organization ( CTO )

Jamaica Union of Travellers Association ( JUTA )

Jamaica Tourist Association ( JTA )


In Jamaica, the Tourism Industry is the state ‘s figure one earner of foreign exchange. The Tourism Product Development Company ( TPDCo ) is an bureau, which assists the Jamaica Tourist Board with the sweetening, development and care of Jamaica as a touristry merchandise. They assist with the development of the state ‘s human resources by developing persons who are involvement in the field in order to put to death and present quality services to our visitants. Delivering quality services to our visitants provides the state with a more competitory advantage. The development of community based touristry would besides bring forth gross for the community, supply employment every bit good as exposure to our, civilization, heritage and people. This would besides supply Jamaica with a competitory advantage for tourers that might be interested and intrigued by our life style. All these factors would significantly impact Jamaica ‘s economic system when the Tourism Product Development Company assists the Jamaica Tourist Board.

The Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association ( JHTA ) administers all hotels, adjustments and facilitators of services and merchandises in Jamaica ‘s Tourism Industry. The economic significance of the aid of this organisation is that it endorses the growing of the island ‘s Industry of Hospitality, doing Jamaica the figure one topographic point of adjustment when holidaying therefore bring forthing more foreign exchange for the state.


It can hence be concluded that a selling program plays a critical and effectual function when marketing a finish because of the many benefits it has to offer.

Besides, it can be concluded that the Jamaica Tourist Board does non work entirely in selling and managing Jamaica as a finish. There are several bureaus and organisations that assist them with such a undertaking. The aid of these external participants and organisations do hold important impacts on Jamaica ‘s Economy.


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