The marketing environment:

The nature of the business is multidisciplinary, and all the business courses will have at least one business element that required for the functioning of the business that includes the management of the finance, marketing and human resource. Some business schools have identified the need to include some functions such as operations management, supply chain management and product management in their programmes as they are vital in the global business. In this era of information technology, it is important for a business school to develop a programme that makes the effective use of this technology for the benefit of the business. Many business companies prefer the employees that are proficient in this area. In today’s world, it is important for any business to take a strategic view and an ability to take a multidisciplinary approach such that one can manage the business effectively by resolving the issues and problems. The business course should comprise of a core course that can develop the ability for a business strategy or business policy.

Areas of competition:

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As such, the field of management is a combination of a wide range of sub-disciplines and comprises of a complex differences in the types of knowledge and research. The increasing globalization has increased the demand for training, knowledge and learning in the field of management. Many reviews in the field of management uncovered the existing tensions between the traditional fields, which are single, and the popularity of the interdisciplinary fields that concentrate more towards applications.

SWOT analysis:

A method of strategic planning used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the business processes is referred to as swot analysis. It is important to identify the external and internal factors that influence the objective, which in turn helps to achieve the objective.

The University of Glamorgan business school is the largest in Wales with many of the courses that are relevant and dynamic.


The courses are designed in such a way that they suit the needs and interests of aspirants of degree, individuals who want to improve their career through professional study, and research aspirants. The courses are designed to meet the demands of the industry that allows the graduates of the University for their Excellent Progress in the business. The university has a reputation for its excellence in teaching and the faculties are the leading authorities in their respective fields.


With the globalization, there is a need for innovation with a future outlook which is a dire necessity for an ever changing multidisciplinary field like management. Research that addresses the complex changes in the policy is required.


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