Gay marriage is equality, it happens all over the world, and marriage is a civilian right that gays deserve to have. Everyone, no matter what, should have the right to marry whomever they choose, no matter what gender. Equality is a huge issue in today’s society. People argue about equality between races, genders, and many other situations. Feminism, along many others, is huge, as well as homosexual rights. While feminism is not directly related to gay rights, relation does exist. “Feminism made same-sex marriage possible by doing so much to transform a hierarchical relationship onto an egalitarian one” (Solicit).

Everything comes back to equality. Everyone wants to have the same rights as the person sitting next to them. Heterosexual marriage is a relationship where the man, in most cases, has more power. Feminism has changed that around, making both parties have an equal share of power. Homosexual relationships have an equal share of power because most of the time, neither one in the relationship feels like they have more power. Heterosexual relationships now becoming egalitarian has pushed forth the allowance of homosexual couples because the power is equal in both cases.

Allowing same sex marriage will create more equality for everyone (Solicit). Many places have already completely legalized gay marriage. “Internationally, in the past few years, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, and Spain have granted full marriage rights to gay people… Civil union or same-sex registered partnerships are allowed in Denmark, Iceland, France, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, and Britain” (Stewart). The United States is partially there, with nineteen states having passed laws allowing same-sex marriage.

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It is not particular to the United States. There are homosexuals in every country on the planet. Living in the United States, it is easy to think that nothing happens outside our own little world. This is not just something with which a few gay people in our country struggle. It is an international fight that these people have to endure every day. It should not even be a fight at all. If all the countries previously mentioned have found a reason to let gays marry, then it should not be a huge debate in the Land of the Free. Many supporters liken gay marriage to interracial marriage, which was legal in many jurisdictions until the Supreme Court-?recognizing “the freedom to marry” as “one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of down such bans in the 1 967 case Loving v. Virginia” (“Gay Rights and Marriage”). Interracial marriage was also frowned upon because it is different from traditional marriage. If the freedom to marry is one for the rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness, as determined by the Supreme Court, then the law should not be able to take that right away.

Many people think that same-sex marriage will ruin the institution of reggae, but to be completely honest, it was ruined a long, long time ago. Marriage, in the very beginning, was about ownership; a man owned his wife (Cellared). Marriage was very rarely ever about love. Long ago, people married to raise their social standings. Even today, people marry for money, health benefits, and to keep One parent of a child from leaving. There are heterosexual couples out there in the world today that are married for reasons completely other than love. Why does that not ruin the sanctity of marriage?

Two homosexuals that love each other and want to spend their ivies together should have more of a right to get married than two heterosexuals who are married for money. Many people also believe that, due to their religious beliefs, gays should not marry. However, we have forgotten many religious conventions simply because they are ridiculous. On the subject of marriage, the Bible considers remarrying and divorce adultery. However, we have ruled that as ridiculous, because it is. Depriving homosexuals of the right to be married is just as ridiculous, yet it happens.

Gay marriage is harmless, yet many people disagree with it. People have to live with a majority of people disapproving of their love, when all they are asking for is to have equal rights. All supporters of same-sex marriage just want gay people to be able to love whom they want. They want equality for gays, and many countries all over the world have given it to them, because it is a civilian right that everyone deserves to have. The world will not blow up or descend into anarchy if homosexuals are free to marry whom they choose. Give the gay community the right to marry without discrimination.



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