Brian Child from International Herald Tribune brought the CSR new standard expression: Social+ Responsibility=Reward.

Responsible action towards employees, providers, stakeholders, stockholders supports the economical success of the company.

CSR has been the chief subject of treatment for the European Commission, United Nations every bit good as other NGO ‘s and in Johannesburg 2002 was established in the action program of World Summit for Sustainable Development as an international end.

A study on CSR was published in 2004 by the European Commission and in March 2006 the European Committee founded the “ European confederation for CSR ” which is chiefly powered by endeavors.

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In Romania, the “ American Chamber of Commerce ” started CSR conferences in 2002.

In order to acquire a proper comprehension of the sustainable development and concern moralss we will offer the definition of the chief constructs get downing with Dennis A. Rondinelli who has prepared for International Research Colloquium on Multinational Enterprise and Sustainable Development: Strategic Tool for Competitiveness, Center for International Business Education and Research, Georgia Tech, October 19-20, 2006 the article named: Globalization of sustainable development? : Principles and patterns in multinational corporations.

In this article the writer is analyzing the turning public concern that private corporations should non merely gain sensible net incomes and supply just returns to stockholders but besides operate as good corporate citizens and socially responsible organisations has spread to the largest multinational corporations ( TNCs ) and seems to hold been taken up by companies in both richer and poorer states. Sustainable development – a construct that has been widely adopted by international organisations, national and local authoritiess, and concerns – calls for people and organisations “ to run into the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands. ”

The construct of sustainable development includes the coincident consideration of economic growing, environmental protection, and societal equity in concern planning and decision-making.

As portion of their corporate citizenship or societal duty schemes many TNC ‘s are making voluntary environmental plans to pull off more efficaciously the environmental impacts of their workss, installations, and operations.

Survey of the Transnationality Index ( TNI )

This survey is following two waies, based on UNCTAD statistics for 2008. The first 1 is showing the top 10 non-financial transnational corporations analysing TNI ranking by per centum. The 2nd survey is focused on top 100 non-financial transnational corporations analysing TNI ranking by foreign assets.

For a better apprehension of the CSR of TNC ‘s we have to discourse further about the Transnationality Index.

The Transnationality Index ( TNI ) is a agency of ranking transnational corporations that is employed by economic experts and politicians. It is calculated as the arithmetic mean of the undermentioned three ratios ( where “ foreign ” agencies outside of the corporation ‘s place state ) :

the ratio of foreign assets to entire assets ;

the ratio of foreign gross revenues to entire gross revenues ;

the ratio of foreign employment to entire employment.

Table 1. The universe ‘s top 10 non-financial transnational corporations by Transnationality Index as calculated by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in 2008


Home State




United Kingdom

Mining & A ; quarrying


ABB Ltd.


Technology services




Electrical & A ; electronic equipment


Pernod Ricard SA


Food, drinks and baccy


WPP Group

United Kingdom

Business services


Vodafone Group Plc

United Kingdom



Linde AG




Anheuser-Busch InBev


Food, drinks and baccy


Anglo American

United Kingdom

Mining & A ; quarrying




Metallic element and metal merchandises


Beginning: UNCTAD, 2008

Xstrata, founded as place state in UK, has the taking place in 2008 with a deliberate per centum of 93.2, followed by the ABB Ltd from Switzerland with 90.4 per centum and Nokia from Finland with 90.3 per centum. As entire per centum the top the companies are viing with really tight consequences.

The globalisation of industry and services was a good chance for these top degree companies to accomplish high degree of public presentation in their concern field and to traverse the national boundary lines going extremely public presentation multinational companies.

Multinational corporations are besides ranked by the sum of foreign assets that they own.

All the informations are from the companies one-year studies ‘ unless otherwise stated.

TNI, the Transnationality Index is calculated as the norm of the undermentioned three rations: foreign assets to entire assets, foreign gross revenues to entire gross revenues and foreign employment to entire employment.

Industry categorization for the companies follows the United States Standard Industrial Classification as used by the United States Security and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) .

In a figure of instances foreign employment informations were ciphering by using the portion of foreign employment in entire employment of the old twelvemonth to entire employment of 2008.

As is presented by the UNCTAD it consequences that USA, by General Electric has the first place in the universe top 100 non-financial TNC ‘s ranked by the foreign assets in 2008, followed by Royal Duch/Shell Group from UK, 2nd topographic point and Vodafone Group Plc, UK on the 3rd topographic point.

Get downing with this state of affairs analyzed by UNCTAD, other organisations evolved in concern moralss execution of the TNC ‘s are showing their ain wagess for good ethical pattern, using different standards for their categorization.

The research-based Ethisphere Institute is a prima international think-tank dedicated to the creative activity, promotion and sharing of best patterns in concern moralss, corporate societal duty, anti-corruption and sustainability. The Institute ‘s associated rank groups, the Ethisphere Council and Business Ethics Leadership Alliance, are forums for concern moralss that includes over 200 prima corporations, universities and establishments.

Ethisphere Institute provides the lone third-party confirmations of conformity plans and ethical civilizations, Ethical motives Inside CertificationA® and Compliance Leader Verification.

Business Ethics Leadership Alliance ( BELA ) founded by The Ethisphere Institut promotes ethical concern pattern to promote openness, transparence, duty and answerability.

BELA seeks to set up a benchmark model for ethical behaviour in the corporate universe by concentrating on four nucleus values:

Legal Compliance – Following both the missive and spirit of the jurisprudence to counter fraud, corruptness, graft and fraudulence

Transparency – Puting the cultural tone from the top by promoting duologue on ethical issues and unwraping information in a full, accurate and timely mode

Conflict Identification – Actively placing and turn toing possible struggles of involvement and visual aspects of improperness

Accountability – Emphasizing quality, client protection, environmental sustainability and unity in the supply concatenation

Ford Motor Company was named in 2010 The Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institut, the lone car manufacturer to have the award in 2010, is among 100 planetary companies chosen for the appellation from a field of 1000s of companies in more than 100 states and 36 industries.

In the World top 100 non-financial TNC ‘s ranked by foreign assets, Ford Motor Company has the place 16, with 102 588 million dollars in foreign assets, from a sum of 222 977 million dollars assets. It has 124 000 foreign employees from a sum of 213 000 employees. TNI for Ford is 54.3 % .

David Leitch, Group Vice President and General Counsel for Ford reminds about the heritage of concern moralss from the laminitis of this company, Henry Ford:

“ Another manner to promote ethical behavior is to hold a heritage of moralss. Our laminitis Henry Ford one time said, “ There is a most intimate connexion between decency and good concern. ” He believed that the chief intent of a corporation should be to function clients, employees, and communities, and we still speak today about working to do great merchandises, turn a strong concern, and contribute to a better universe. ”


As a decision of the old analyze we see the competition in the concern environment founded on the common involvement and on common understanding refering the leading regulations and in a entire apprehension of the fact that this competition takes topographic point in a community that it serves and depend on, thereby ensuing the mutualness. When a common concern addition and/or concern dependence relationship is perceived, people can anticipate a higher trust degree between the parties.

Business does n’t means merely the company itself, but besides the webs of providers, workers, clients and investors that are sharing common involvements, connoting cooperation and common trust.

The societal duty is a moral construct that sums-up private virtuousnesss ( honestness, mutualness, utility ) and besides the societal and moral handiness and capableness.

International organisations as European Committee, United Nations or private organisations ( for illustration Ethispere Institut, Caux Round Table, Globethics ) are continuously detecting the concern environment and analysing the corporate behaviour based on assorted moralss rules.

Pull offing environmental, societal and administration issues based on ethical concern behaviour must be a cardinal portion of the investment-decision devising for establishments and companies. In fact, people can even fault the corporations for deficiency of ethical patterns and being responsible for the existent economical crises.

The awarded of best ethical concern pattern corporate offer a theoretical account of behavior sing all parts involved with their concern ( stockholders, stakeholders, societal communities and environment ) , following the sustainable development form to run into the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands.


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