The Maya Essay, Research Paper

Noor Al-Kuwari

Chichen Itza, The Maya

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Deep within the jungle of Mexico and widening into the limestone shelf of the Yucatan peninsula lie the cryptic temple and pyramids of the Maya. While Europe was still in the thick of the dark ages, these astonishing people had mapped the celestial spheres, evolved the lone true authorship system native to the Americas and were Masterss of mathematics. They invented the calendars we use today.

Across a immense jungle landscape with an astonishing grade of architectural flawlessness and assortment. Their bequest in rock, which has survived in a dramatic manner at topographic points such as Palenque, Tikal, Tulum, Chichen Itza, Copan and Uxmal, lives on as do the seven million posterities of authoritative Maya civilisation.

Chichen Itza is one of the greatest ruins of the Maya. I have been to Chichen Itza last twelvemonth ad I have seen so much great things over at that place. At the hub of Toltac, Chichen stands it & # 8217 ; s most of import construction. The monolithic Kukulch pyramid called & # 8220 ; El Castillo & # 8221 ; ( the palace ) is approximately at the centre of the site. Climbing it is rather a challenge and those who make it are rewarded. Whit a dramatic position of the metropolis and environing state side A trip inside the pyramid is rather the antonym. The dark, unbearably humid corridors and Chamberss are excessively much for some people. Chichen Itza is a charming topographic point. I had the chance wander around the site for two hours. Watching the monolithic pyramid return form through the lifting fog is an experience I will non shortly bury. Every twelvemonth over 40,000 people make the trek to the great pyramid to watch in awe as the serpent diamond backed organic structure easy appears. Great for -side temple- pyramid which was dedicated to the cult of Kukulcan. Inside the Castillo has been discovered on earlier Toltec-Maya pyramids, with attractively preserved inside informations. Besides if you stand confronting the pes of the temple and shout the reverberation comes back as a piercing scream. And a individual standing on the top measure can talk in a normal voice and be heard by those at the land degree for

some distance. This quality is besides shared by another Mayan pyramid at Tika.

Position from the top of the Castillo, looking towards the temple of the Worriers. The temple of the Worriers and it & # 8217 ; s next Temple of the Jaguar are the most awe inspiring ruins on the composite. A monolithic temple construction, surrounded by 100s of columns is carved with alleviation. A glorious edifice resting upon a stepped platform surrounded by colonnaded halls. It is a good illustration of Maya architectects and craftsmen. The edifice is approached on the northwest through impressive file of square columns, which are decorated on all four with alleviation. The columns continue on into the jungle, that portion of the jungle, that portion of the temple still has non been restored. It & # 8217 ; s an unsetting sight to see how easy the wood has reclaimed the country.

Next, the

strangest site of all, E of the major Chichen Itza ruins is a dark belowground universe the Mayans called Cenote. They are deep H2O filled swallow holes formed by H2O leaching through the soft limestone above. Since the porous dirt held small H2O, these belowground organic structures were highly of import to the metropolis. Entry is through a perpendicular hole with narrow stepss stairss carved by The Mayan’s themselves. The air is thick and moldy. One trip on the slimy ledges theatens to direct you neglecting over 20 pess. Stalagtites of blood ruddy limestone seem to seep from the dripping walls. Ahead is a unusual green pool of glowing H2O. As you approach the pool roots of trees hanging before you. In their hunt for H2O they have penetrated the ceiling, dropping 50 pess to the pool below. It’s like an eerie belowground wood. After crawled under some particularly low hanging stalactites a beautiful blue green pool of unknown deepness stretches out before you. A monolithic stalagmite bents down, merely inches from touching the surface, and above a piercing beam of light watercourses in from the ceiling, lighting the pool and full chamber. Once a twelvemonth, in April, the beam of light touches the tip of the stalagmite. There are many cases of ancient people constructing minute to take advantage of events like these but this is something that is wholly natural and unplanned. There is a darker side to this and other Cenote, nevertheless. In the Wellss around Chichen Itza have been found tonss of skeletons. Mayan petroglyphs depict human forfeits at these sites. What lies under this Cenote is non Known, no 1 has of all time been able to make it’s deepness.

Finally, one of the most pure Mexican civilization was found in the Ballcourt Temple. Two parallel walls 27ft high, and an overall length of about 490ft. This is the largest tribunal in Mesoamerica. The rings set high on either wall were used in hiting the game. At either terminal of the I-shaped playing field, is a little temple, the 1 on the north incorporating extended bas-relief of Toltec life. Above the east wall of the tribunal is placed the of import temple of Jaguars. It is non difficult to conceive of a Mayan King locating here presiding over the games. And it is said that the winning captain would show his caput to the losing cpitan, who so decapitates him. While this may look a unusual wages, the Mayans believed this to be the ultimate award. The winning captain acquiring a direct ticket to heaven alternatively of traveling through the 13 stairss that the Mayan & # 8217 ; s believed they had to travel through in order to make heaven..

In decision, Chichen iItza is merely one of so many good illustrations of the high techniques and mathematical accomplishments that they developed and used. They were great in edifice on the familial innovations and thoughts of earlier civilisation. They developed some other astonishing things like, uranology, calendrical system and hieroglyphic authorship. The Maya were noted every bit good for elaborate and extremely decorated ceremonial architecture.


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