Many different people can be good or bad or might look good but really bad or the other manner around. In The merchandiser of Venice by William Shakespeare. usurer. the money loaning Jew. is seen more like a scoundrel so a victim. Shylock is a scoundrel because he cares more about his money so he cares about his girl. he is non merciful towards usurer and hewants a lb of flesh from Antonio for hi retaliation. First of all usurer is a scoundrel because he cares more about his ducats so his girl. Jessica. Shylock cares more about his money so his girl because when Jessica left place with Lorenzo. that she planned to run off with. usurer was truly huffy because his girl left but largely he was huffy because she left with a batch of money and his gems. This shows that usurer is a scoundrel since he cares more of his money so his household and household should ever be more of import than money. Solanio is stating what he heard usurer say in the streets:

My girl! O my ducats! O my girl!
Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats!
Justice! The jurisprudence! My ducats and my girl!
And jewels-two rocks. two rich and cherished rocks.
Stol`n by my girl! Justice! Find the miss!
She hath the rocks upon her. and the ducats!

In this citation Solanio is stating to Salerio what he heard usurer stating in the streets of how huffy he was of his girl go forthing with all his money. This quotation mark is shylock speaking to tubal about Jessica go forthing “I would my girl were dead at my pes. and/ the gems in her ears: would she were hearsed at my pes. /and the ducats in her casket! . ( III. I. 79-81 ) . Shylock is huffy that his girl left him with his money and would desire her to be dead in forepart of him to acquire his money and have all her ducats from her casket. This shows that Shylock is a scoundrel since he would travel to the extent to desiring her dead for his ducats.

Shylock is besides a scoundrel because he was non being merciful towards Antonio. When Shylock wanted his lb of flesh from Antonio usurer was non being merciful he truly wanted that lb of flesh from him. Portia disguised as a attorney even tried to state usurer to be give clemency but he did non desire excessively. Shylock believed more in the justness but the Christians want clemency. This quotation mark is shylock declining to the duke of being merciful “ I have possessed your grace of what I purpose. /And by our holy Sabbath have I sworn/ To hold the due and forfeit of my bond” usurer I stating to the duke that I will maintain my bond and that no affair what this is his bond and he will maintain it no 1 can convert him. Portia and Shylock are discussed about clemency:

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In this citation usurer does non desire to give clemency to Antonio and Portia says that you can non have clemency if you do non give some. As you can see Shylock is a scoundrel since he is non merciful at all. Finally usurer is a scoundrel because he wants a lb of flesh from Antonio since Antonio did non pay him back. The lone ground the Shylock wants a lb of flesh from Antonio is for retaliation and if you get a lb of flesh taken there are many alterations you will decease which were Shylock`s purpose to acquire Antonio to decease so he gets his retaliation for ptyalizing in his face and holding to impart money to other people involvement free and that made Shylock lose money.

This is Shylock stating that Antonio miss treats him and he hopes to impart money from Shylock “Fair sir. you spet on me on Wednesday last ; /to you spurned me such a twenty-four hours ; another time/you called me a dog” ( I. iii. 126-128 ) here Shylock is huffy at Antonio and wants retaliation so makes a trade that he makes the bond involvement free but if Antonio does non pay back he will necessitate to give a lb of flesh to Shylock.

This quotation mark is Shylock offering to Antonio the money involvement free but under the status of one lb flesh if he does non refund in clip “Expressed in the status. allow the forfeit/be nominated for an equal pound/Of your just flesh to be cut off and taken” ( I. iii. 151-153 ) . Shylock wanted retaliation towards Antonio for what he had done so he made this bond this proves that usurer is a scoundrel In decision. Shylock is a scoundrel since he does non care about his girl more so his money and he wants retaliation on Antonio by acquiring a lb of flesh. Like you can see in the merchandiser of Venice by William Shakespeare. Shylock is seen as a atrocious adult male. Peoples are good or bad those this mean they were born that manner or you get bad or good subsequently on in life.


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