In the old chapter, secondary informations such as books, diaries and on-line diaries are used to carry on the literature reappraisal. In this chapter, primary information is collected through the instance survey. This chapter will cover the research model consists of research intent, research method, trying method, research instrument and information collected from the instance survey. The analysis of the information is discussed in the following chapter.

This instance survey is conducted for the intent of look intoing the degree of client satisfaction of the local clients towards the public presentation of a shopping Centre. Mid vale megamall is chosen as the topic in instance survey. The clip frame for the whole research is 1 month.


First of wholly, the measuring aims must be specified in order to simplify the research procedure. Basically, there are four types of client satisfaction study which is based on the measurement aims of the research ( Vavra, 2002 ) . Since this research is used to look into the degree of public presentation of a shopping Centre from the client ‘s satisfaction in general, therefore, it is known as overall position study. Harmonizing to Vavra, overall position study is emphasized more on the general issues, overall public presentation, and overall clients ‘ satisfaction. ( 2002 )

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This research is conducted utilizing quantitative research method. From the client satisfaction study, the research information collected from the sample is the primary informations. The purpose of this survey is to look into the degree of clients ‘ satisfaction in a shopping Centre, to place the existent demand of clients through the distribution of questionnaires to the sample and to clear up whether the public presentation meet the clients ‘ outlooks.


Sampling method is a method of taking a group of peoples from the full mark population in order to obtain the needed information. Basically, there are two types of trying designs: chance and non-probability. This research has adopted non chance sampling technique which is most suited for a widely dispersed population such as the clients of Mid Valley Megamall. It is impossible to utilize the chance trying method for this research due to the trouble in identifies the mark populations as it is excessively big for research. The sample is selected to gauge the gross consequences because less cost and clip required and the sample is easy obtained while compared with the chance sampling technique.

The mark populations for this research are the Malayan clients of Mid Valley Megamall and the sample is limited to adult from 18 to 50 old ages old. This sample is chosen because these groups of individual visit the shopping promenade more often than other demographic profile. The sample size of 100 clients ranged from 18 to 50 old ages old is considered as representative of Malayan clients of Mid Valley Megamall.


Questionnaire is used as research instrument for this survey. The questionnaires are prepared harmonizing to the aims which set up at the beginning. In order to obtain better response from the sample, the questionnaires are designed to be simple and easy to be understood. If the length of the questionnaires is excessively long, it will impact the rate of response. Harmonizing to Vavra, there are four types of inquiry can be collected, viz. facts, attitudes, anticipation behaviour and demographics. ( 2002 ) . Diversified types of inquiry are more interesting for the clients.

The questionnaire consists of three subdivisions. The first subdivision is about the demographic profile of the respondent. The aim is to cognize the respondents ‘ background. The 2nd subdivision is about the general information sing the relationship between the respondents and the shopping promenade. Besides, it is used to place the existent demand of the clients. The 3rd subdivision is about the probe on the degree of satisfaction of the clients from the sample chosen towards the location, merchandise public presentation, staff, edifice layout, substructure and installations provided in the shopping promenade. This subdivision is of import in determine whether the shopping promenade meet the demands of the clients. Furthermore, it includes the recommendations from the clients in order to assist the shopping promenade to heighten their public presentation in the hereafter.

3.5 Scale

For the questionnaire, every inquiry has its ain response options such as open-ended response and close-ended response. Open-ended inquiries require the sentiments of the clients sing the overall public presentation of the shopping promenade. Close-ended inquiries are more efficient and quantifiable because it consists of numeral graduated tables which used by the clients to show their feelings in a simple manner. The graduated table is known as Likert Scale. The 5-point numerical graduated table is adopted which runing from 1 to 5, 1 represents non satisfied, 2 represents slightly disgruntled, 3 represents neither satisfied or dissatisfied, 4 represents slightly satisfied and 5 represents strongly satisfied. The graduated table help the respondents to do a clear determination based on their degree of satisfaction.


Distribution method besides known as field method and it defined as the manner used by the interviewer to administer the questionnaires to the sample. The questionnaires in research are distributed to the clients personally at the Mid Valley Megamall and at the same clip they return the questionnaires.



Mid Valley Megamall is one of the Malaysia ‘s largest urban development undertakings in the universe. It was one of the undertakings inside the Mid Valley City. Mid Valley City desires to be the most modern and incorporate mixed-use developments in the universe. The building starts in twelvemonth 1995. At present, it comprises Mid Valley Megamall, Cititel Hotel, Menara IGB, Boulevard Offices, Boulevard Hotel, Northpoint Mid Valley City, Centrepoint North and South Towers, The Gardens Retail Gallery, The Gardens Hotel, The Gardens Residences and two landmark office towers.

IGB Corporation Berhad, a belongings and investing keeping company listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad is the developer of Mid Valley City while the Mid Valley Megamall is owned and operated by Kris Assets Holdings Berhad, a listed IGB subordinate company. A two dimension maestro program of Mid Valley City is enclosed in appendix.


Mid Valley Megamall is selected for the instance survey. Mid Valley Megamall is launched in twelvemonth 1995 and it was opened in November 1999. Mid Valley Megamall is a complex consists of a shopping promenade, an office tower block, 30 signature offices and two hotels. It is the first shopping promenade comprises four successful ground tackle renters, viz. Jaya Jusco, Metrojaya, Carrefour and Golden Screen Cinemas. Besides, it comprises 13 junior and mini ground tackles and 403 forte stores. Mid Valley Megamall has a gross floor country of 4.5 million square pess and net lettable country exceeds 1.7 million square pess.

Mid Valley City is planned and developed as a “ City in a City ” Mid Valley Megamall is a cardinal portion of Mid Valley City. It was awarded the Best Shopping Complex Award 2000 by Tourism Malaysia and Best Retail Development Award 2001 by FIABCI Malaysia ( International Real Estate Federation ) . Mid Valley Megamall is a good pick for the local occupants and foreign tourers.

Jusco is the Malaysia ‘s shopping retailing concatenation and supermarkets

Carrefour is the largest hypermarket concatenation in the universe in footings of size and the 2nd largest retail group in the universe in footings of gross and 3rd largest in footings of net income. It occupies one floor of Mid Valley Megamall. It provides a broad scope of merchandises, from fresh farm merchandises, colorful seafood to household trade names.

Metrojaya occupied three floors of Mid Valley Megamall and offers broad scope of local and international quality merchandises which cater the demand of medium and high income groups.

Golden Screen Cinemas is the Malaysia ‘s largest concatenation of film which offers 18 screens and provides 2899 comfy seats and broad leg room. GSC non merely brings you the best blockbuster, but besides the international showing.

Figure: Four Anchor Tenants of Mid Valley Megamall


Mid Valley Megamall is aimed to carry throughing everyone ‘s demands. In order to accomplish the mission, the extremely energetic and gifted professionals are appointed in sections. In fact, Mid Valley Megamall emphasizes on their service criterion and it wishes to make a modern and fashionable shopping Eden for their clients. Equally long as the clients are in the Mid Valley Megamall, they will do certain everyone enjoy the services and merchandises provided. Besides, Mid Valley Megamall aims to keep the growing of the shopping promenade in the competitory retail industry.



Mid Valley Megamall is strategically located between Kuala Lumpur Central Business District and Petaling Jaya. It is located in a convenient location that can be easy accessible from all corners on the Klang Valley. Besides it is surrounded by Petaling Jaya, Bangsar and Damansara.

There is a KTM Komuter train-stop and a LRT Station nearby while taxis are available at the entrywaies of Centre, North and South Courts. The KTM commuter station can be accessed through a covered prosaic span to the Megamall. It ‘s believed to convey an norm of 10,000 riders each twenty-four hours. The station is disable-friendly, and installations comprise lavatories, lifts, covered platforms, ticket and information counters and ticket peddling machines. Furthermore, Mid Valley has offers free complimentary shutter coach services ( Trinton Bus ) at an interval of 30 proceedingss to 1 hr that travel between Bangsar LRT Station and Mid Valley South Court. Other option of transit is the public conveyance available, the item information about public conveyance is shown in figure.

Figure: The KTM Route

( Beginning: Mid Valley Megamall functionary web site )



Servicess available at every 30* proceedingss intervals

*Subject to traffic conditions

Form Bangsar LRT Station

First Departure: 8.05 am

Last Departure: 10.40pm

From Mid Valley Megamall

First Departure: 8.10am

Last Departure: 10.45pm

Form Bangsar LRT Station

First Departure: 8.05 am

Last Departure: 10.40pm

From Mid Valley Megamall

First Departure: 8.10am

Last Departure: 10.55pm

No bird services between these clip

10.55am – 11.25am

3.10pm – 4.10pm

7.30pm – 8.00pm

No bird coach services between there times

10.55am – 11.25am

2.45pm – 3.45pm

7.15pm – 7.45pm

Figure: Bus Schedule for Shutter Bus

( Beginning: Mid Valley Megamall functionary web site )

Bus No

Bus Route


Bus Stop Location


University LRT Station – Mid Valley Megamall – University LRT Station

20 – 30 min

North Court


Klang Bus Stand – KL Sentral – Brickfields – Mid Valley Megamall – Taman Medan

15 – 20 min

North Court & A ; South Court


Klang Bus Stand – KL Sentral – Bangsar LRT Station – Mid Valley Megamall – Kelana Jaya

15 – 20 min

North Court & A ; South Court


Klang Bus Stand – KL Sentral – Bangsar LRT Station – Mid Valley Megamall – SS2 – Seapark

15 – 20 min

North Court & A ; South Court


Klang Bus Stand – KL Sentral – Bangsar LRT Station – Mid Valley Megamall – Bangsar Park

15 – 20 min

North Court & A ; South Court

Figure: General Bus Services

( Beginning: Mid Valley Megamall functionary web site. )

Mid Valley Megamall can be accessed through five major main roads and two railroad lines. In the hereafter, the betterment of route and public transit will be done. It includes a designated monorail station, a nexus span to the Putra LRT Station and the upgrading of internal traffic flow. Being located in between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, an sum of RM250 million was invested in building a overpass and heighten the web of route for the intent to link the Federal Highway and all the major catchment and residential suburbs or concerns premises within Klang Valley to Mid Valley Megamall. The location program is enclosed in appendix X. Meanwhile, the location of the section shops is besides really of import for the convenient of the clients.


Mid Valley consists of four entrywaies located at the way of E, South, north and west severally. Information Counters are available in Centre, North and South Court at land floor. They are willing to help those clients by demoing a helpful attitude. In footings of auto parking, Mid Valley is provided 4000 auto Parkss in order to provide the demand of high crowd during peak hours. Effective from 5 May 2008, the cellar auto Parkss of Mid Valley Megamall & A ; The Gardens Mall were separated where the auto Parks for Mid Valley Megamall are zones A and C. The exact location of the parking country is shown in the program enclosed in appendix.

Figure: New Car Park Rates effectual 26 March 2007 until the present.

( Beginning: Mid Valley Megamall functionary web site. )

Besides, Mid Valley Megamall besides provides washrooms and babe altering installations. The washrooms provided for the benefit of all the clients while the babe altering installations are provided for the benefit of a female parent. In add-on, Mid Valley Megamall is comprises five lifts which enable the clients to go from floor to floor. Escalator clauses besides available at East, South and North Court and there are two travelators that linking the lower land floor with cellar which is really convenient for the clients. A proper floor program is enclosed in appendix for farther elucidation of the exact location for the installations and substructures.


Mid Valley consists of five floors where each floor is stipulating for certain merchandises and services. Lower land floor is for day-to-day necessities such as hypermarket, supermarket, pharmaceuticss and money-changers. Besides, this floor is supplying a legion fast nutrient mercantile establishment and local delectations. Ground floor is chiefly for the grownups which include the dress, footwear, accoutrements, beauty attention, wellness attention, bookstore and others indispensable points that fulfill the desires of an grownup. First floor is the Eden for a child, which include the manner for childs, beauty and hair barrooms for the grownups. Second floor is specialized for those who wish to adorn their house. Besides, IT Centre is besides available in this floor to provide the demand of immature coevals in the of all time altering engineering of the universe. Third floor is for amusement such as Golden Screen Cinemas, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Pets Wonderland, Cosmic Bowl, Megakidz and a nutrient tribunal. Besides the merchandises, the proper show country besides being taken into consideration in order to be easy accessible by the client. Mid vale is able to excite clients to pass more clip and money in Mid Valley through the ocular show selling.

The shop directory:




Discount houses


Exhibition/ Property Showroom

Food and Beverage

Health/ Personal Care

Houseware and Furnishings

Information Technology




Places and Bags

Sporting Goods and Apparel

Sundry and Services



Watchs and Pens

Mid Valley Megamall besides provides certain services for the convenience of the clients. The services provided:

Standard atmosphere




Money Changers

Post Office

Change Shop





Print Shop


In add-on, Mid Valley Megamall is continually puting in a comprehensive staff preparation and accomplishments development programme which aimed at bettering both the soft and difficult accomplishments of the staff and enable them to execute their duties in a right mode. The quality and attitude of the staffs will be indirectly impacting the degree of client satisfaction towards Mid Valley Megamall. The of import qualities of the staffs are friendliness, helpfulness, communicating accomplishment and reactivity.

Building LAYOUT

Challenge of the direction squad of Mid Valley Megamall is to guarantee the clients willing to see Mid Valley Megamall repeatedly. Mid Valley Megamall is a customer-centric shopping Centre which offers best and broad scope of services. It is operated by an experient squad of industry experts to guarantee the advanced selling and renting enterprises. Besides, Mid Valley Megamall was invested over 1000000s in comprehensive shop redevelopment and upgrading activities in order to better and heighten the promenade ‘s environment.

In footings of selling, Mid Valley Megamall has planned the publicity sharply with the mission to supply the delicious shopping experience to the shoppers. In order to convey exhilaration and hr of enjoyment to the shoppers, ocular selling are used in making a unique atmosphere for the populace and heighten the fight of Mid Valley Megamall. The selling and promotional activities are supported by themed and strong-concept in-house events throughout the promenade such as Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week 2009 which introduce the hottest spring or summer aggregations through the fabulous design and smart track shows. This show is designated for the manner lover.

During different festivals such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Merry Christmas jubilation, Mid Valley Megamall will adorn the centre tribunal into ambiance with alone and attractive subject. Mid Valley Megamall was the lone shopping promenade in Asia that achieved international acknowledgment in MAXI Awards ceremonial held in Hollywood last twelvemonth. This award is organized by International Council of Shopping Centres. For the Hari Raya jubilation 2008, Mid Valley Megamall themed as “ Care for The Good Old Days in a Brand New Way ” that create a harmoniousness atmosphere. This alone subject aid Mid Valley Megamall won in the Visual Merchandising class of the MAXI Award.

3.5 Summary

This chapter has discussed about the research procedure which include the research model, research method and intent, population of questionnaire, the graduated table for the inquiries and administering method. A instance survey in Mid Valley Megamall has been discussed in this chapter ; it includes the background, description, mission and vision of Mid Valley Megamall. Furthermore, the factors that influences the client satisfaction being discussed for the instance survey of Mid Valley Megamall. The factors are location and handiness, substructure and installations, merchandise and services, staff and edifice layout.


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