Pepee. Joseph. “The White Women of Genesee” . The World Turned Upside Down. Boston: Bedford. 1994. Occum. Sampson. “A Short Narrative of My Life” . The World Turned Upside Down. Boston: Bedford. 1994 The World Turned Upside Down Chapt. 2. Boston: Bedford. 1994. In early America as the Europeans began to colonise the land. most Europeans did non believe excessively kindly of these really different brown people that already inhabited this infinite.

The European idea leaned greatly towards the thought of the Native Indians being of a barbaric and heathenness civilization that must be changed ( converted and educated ) or eliminated. nevertheless. the exchange of civilization often went both ways and sometimes those very differences in civilization proved to be a great seduction to the non-Indian people. Some European immigrants found a great entreaty to the Indian manner of life by encompassing the Native American manner of ; talking. eating. dressing. runing. farming etc. Others went on their ain free will to travel unrecorded with the Indians.

Marrying and following foreigners was customary to some Indian traditions and with the rise of neighbours that were non Indian. the indigens sought to intermarry due to population losingss. Children from these matrimonies frequently became go-betweens in traffics between the European and Indian civilizations. The narrative of Mary Jemison reflects that blending of civilizations and the affinity that can develop to the Native manner of life. She was taken confined by the Indians at 15 old ages old so adopted into a loving Indian household. As the old ages went by she adapted and grew to love her Indian household and friends.

She married an Indian and considered herself one of them. Mary Jemison was one of many prisoners who finally refused the chance to come place. happening life in Indian society more rewarding. Many people- so and today- have an attractive force to the Indian civilization for the really differences that the Europeans sought to destruct them. Those differences apparently so alone and different from our civilization ; and though the European civilization from a distance won the conflict of integrating their manner of life into a new state and an eventual political world power. the native civilization did go forth a low cogitation on America as it emerged.

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