The United States of America is a democratic society. I came from Ukraine. which is besides a democratic society presents. but merely for a little more than ten old ages. and the difference between the forms of people’s behaviour and interaction in the USA and Ukraine is really large. What I see in America Teachs me that democracy is non merely some formal political processs leting all the citizens to take portion in doing the authorities and act upon its political relations.

Democracy. first of all. implies a society consisting of responsible and self-sufficing persons. persons that have high self-pride. and. hence. to the full respect self-pride of others. Democracy means that these free and responsible persons engage in collaborative work and work out common societal jobs. every bit long as they can it. without the assistance of province. That is. democracy is besides a proper coaction between people. I came to America in January. 2003. as an undergraduate pupil.

My experience of the American life chiefly has to make with the instruction. college and campus life. Nevertheless. such topographic points attract tonss of immature and active people and are supposed to supply them the accomplishments and cognition required for obtaining a nice life in the hereafter. Therefore. what can be observed in this environment is one of the best illustrations of the American system that a alien can larn from. My first great feeling was the system of higher instruction adopted in the USA. In Ukraine. where I started my higher instruction. pupils can take their module.

Actually. that is the lone freedom they are given in Ukrainian universities. Later. until the graduating. everything is scheduled for us by the module governments and lectors. We are non able to take whether to analyze a peculiar class or non. even if we surely do non necessitate some of the classs. We are non able choose whether to go to talks of a peculiar lector or non. even if the quality of his/her talks is far from first-class. We are denied the ego duty. which is the basis of the American system of higher instruction.

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Here I can pick up my ain agenda ; furthermore. the greater accent is put on self-cultivation alternatively of merely “consuming” the information prepared by the lector. The consequences are double. First. I have to believe much harder and much more accurately in order to calculate out what is truly of primary importance for me. Second. I need to prosecute in active communicating with other people. who can assist me to make up one’s mind. which pick is the best pick. Engagement in campus and community activities is strongly needed for cognizing other people and this is one of the stairss in the whole procedure of geting the accomplishments of societal interaction.

I am besides really much impressed by the sum of people who volunteer their clip and attempts to function their community needs. It differs well from my old image of American life as lone money-driven. Of class. people need to procure their economic places. and pupils learn for acquiring a occupation that will back up them in the hereafter. but this is merely one side of the coin. As I see here. people know that wellbeing of their state depends on their ability to unify in work outing common jobs. The society is built on rules of common regard. support and coaction.

Its members do non wait for the authorities to better the life of their communities ; they do everything possible to pull off it themselves. Naturally. after I had realized it. I decided to take part in this work excessively. Now I am involved in the preschool instruction as voluntary learning childs pulling accomplishments. I besides work every bit administrative helper for AMBAR for free. In Ukraine. where I was raised. the influence of totalitarian political orientation. psychological science and civilization still prevails. Most people are non able to take full duty for their ain lives.

Consequently. they can non take full duty for the wellbeing of their society either. The American experience wholly changed my positions on the proper devising of life. Here. in America. I know that everything is possible if one works difficult and does non anticipate that person else will work out his jobs. But I besides know that while making this one will hold support from the remainder of society. I will make everything to acquire the best possible instruction in order to assist myself. to assist other people and to do this universe better.


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