Damages are the world of life that sooner or subsequently each individual will be sing this in some point of a individuals life peculiarly during the aged phase of an person. Serving the handicapped persons is non something that comes of course to most people. This chapter has been divided into three parts which are the accessible touristry, museum and handicapped visitants and handicapped individual. To give an overview of what and who are the visually impaired persons, a subdivision of this study will discourse about a ocular damage.

Furthermore, in this chapter, a brief overview of two museums and two galleries will be tackled in this chapter. The two museums are British Museum and National Maritime Museums while the two galleries are the National Gallery and the Tate Modern Gallery.

Harmonizing to Macfarlane ( 1996 cited in Barnes, 1991 ) , for over a hundred old ages, disablement has represented a culturally embedded and socially accepted signifier of subjugation against handicapped people. Furthermore, a disablement may be physical, cognitive, centripetal, emotional and or developmental.

Besides, harmonizing to the World Health Organisation ( WHO, 2010 ) , the term disablement is ‘an umbrella term, covering damages, activity restriction is a trouble encountered by an person in put to deathing a undertaking or actions ; while a engagement limitation is a job experienced by an person in engagement in life state of affairss. ” In add-on, Disability Discrimination Act ( DDA, 1995 ) defines disablement as ‘a physical or mental damage which has a significant and long-run inauspicious consequence on a individual ‘s ability to transport out normal daily activities ‘ . Furthermore, harmonizing to Shaw and Coles ( 2003 ) , disablement is ‘the loss or restrictions of chances to take portion in the normal life of the community on an equal degree with others, due to physical and societal barriers. On the other manus, Shaw and Coles ( 2003 ) specify damage as the functional restriction within the person caused by mental or centripetal damage.

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As mentioned above, handicapped persons faces different barriers which holds them back in take parting in such activities like going. Nevertheless, a figure of handicapped individuals do non see themselves as a individual with disablement to a certain extent. Some of handicapped people prefer to be independent in nature and associate disablement with passiveness and dependance qualities ( Barnes, 1996 ) .

In most instances, a individual with disablement likes better to go with their friends and or household members. Harmonizing to Yau, et Al ( 2004: 958 ) , the procedure of being a traveler with a disablement can be complex, necessitating personal enterprise, the demand to accurately measure 1 ‘s ain capablenesss every bit good as the ability to roll up dependable information, pull off the trip, pull off oneself and take stock to reflect experiences. However, the experience of the traveler with disablement is wholly different from the experience of the other travelers without disablement. Disabled travelers may hold an uneven experience as the installations being offered are non plenty most particularly for the other damage such as for visually impaired person. Even so, it is logical to observe that the bulk of the travelers, whether they are handicapped or non, are expected to see some signifier of barriers during their clip of travel.

A qualitative work was undertaken in Hong Kong, proposed ‘The Model of Tourism and Disability ‘ to ease an apprehension of the many-sided interaction amid disablement, touristry and the environmental context ( Packer et al, 2007 ) . A theoretical account of touristry and disablement included three cardinal constituents:

The procedure of going and staying travel active

The personal and or disablement context ; and

The environmental and or travel context

( Packer et al, 2007 )

The theoretical account of touristry and disablement Tells that the relationship affecting the procedure of going travel active and the environmental context are independent with each act uponing the other ( Packer et al. 2007 ) . In going there is ever a positive and negative result of travel experience. A negative travel experience could be the hapless quality of service or the finish being unaccessible. Furthermore, these could ensue on the lessening in Numberss of tourer in touristry market. Nevertheless, a positive result of travel experience is likely to ensue on a repeated visits and increasing the touristry market.

2.2.1 Ocular Damage

Ocular damage is one of the types of disablement. By and large, non all the persons with ocular damage are wholly unsighted. In 2002, the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) had estimated that there were more than 161 million people globally who were visually impaired. In which 37 million are unsighted and 124 million of whom had low in vision ( WHO, 2004 ) . At the same clip, World Health Organisation ( WHO ) noted that the ripening of the planetary population and the age-related nature of ocular damage was driving planetary alterations in the epidemiology of vision loss ( WHO, 2004 ) . In which at the present clip, harmonizing to the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) , there are about 314 Million people who are visually impaired worldwide and 45 million are unsighted. In add-on, most of the visually impaired persons are populating in a developed metropolis. Furthermore, harmonizing to Open University ( 2010 ) , there are between one and half and two million people who are visually impaired in UK. Subsequently, most instances of visually impaired are besides considered concealed disablement ( Open University, 2010 ) .

In touristry, disablement is a ignored topic within touristry question and blood relation Fieldss ( Aitchison, 2009 cited in Richards et Al, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to Royal National Institute of Blind People ( RNIB, 2010 ) , ocular damage may be highly different from individual to individual and that there are comparatively some facets that could back up and assist the blind or the partly sighted persons to bask and hold fun on a vacation. In add-on, a batch of older visually impaired persons may every bit good suffer on other disablements, for case, mobility and or hearing troubles.

Harmonizing to The Council for Museums Archives and Libraries ( 2001 ) , ‘every individual with a ocular damage is different in footings of the nature of their ocular restriction and their outlooks and demands ‘ . Most of the visually impaired persons use their other sense of odor, hearing, gustatory sensation and the sense of touch in order for them to experience the milieus that they are into. On the other manus, some of the visually impaired have a trouble in conceive ofing an existent object.

Furthermore, visually impaired people are considered as a possible market in touristry industry. In UK there are about 1.97 million grownups who are visually impaired ( The Council for Museums Archives and Libraries, 2001 ) . Additionally, harmonizing to The Council for Museums Archives and Libraries ( 2001 ) , 82 per centum of visually impaired in UK have low visions, 90 per centum are aged over 60 and about 75 per centum of visually impaired can read big prints. In most instances, partly sighted and the unsighted people travel with their friends and households and there is a bigger opportunities that will return on the topographic points where offers a good installations and provides good services ( RNIB, 2010 ) .

2.3 Accessible touristry

More persons enjoy the chance to go. Visiting the attractive forces is one of the foremost activities in touristry. On the other manus, travelers face many barriers during going such as acquiring information, adjustment and or jobs in acquiring about at their chosen finishs. On the contrary, non most of the tourers are capable of take parting in such behaviors that this industry could offer. Subsequently, most finishs offer a friendly environment although non to every visitants. Disabled people may be a important market section for the touristry industry. However, many touristry sites are non good suited to function handicapped tourer. Like, for the handicapped visitants, convenience of a peculiar finish is indispensable. In about all instances of a finish, the installations being offered for the handicapped individual are limited.

Accessible touristry benefits everyone. Harmonizing to Darcy ( 2006, P: 4 cited in Darcy and Dickson, 2009 ) , accessible touristry is defined as “ a procedure of enabling people with disablements and seniors to work independently and with equity and self-respect through the bringing of cosmopolitan touristry merchandises, services and environments. ” Furthermore, Tourism New South Wales ( Darcy and Dickson, 2009 ) , noted that ‘accessible touristry is about doing it easy for all people to bask touristry experiences. ‘

Accessibility is a necessary component for every twenty-four hours ‘s being. Neither, the privilege to go and take pleasance in all the good finishs is for every person. Tourism desires an entree to about the whole thing that a finish has to offer. At present, the consumer ‘s demands are bit by bit altering. Consequently, touristry is considered as one of the fastest turning industry. However, this industry could function as an instrument in advancing a barrier free circumstance for the persons with disablements. It will be an efficient agencies of fostering the equality for the handicapped persons that could take to barrier free.

Each person has the chance to go and profit from the surrounding of their chosen finishs. Harmonizing to Darcy ( 2007, p:74 ) , a rightly accessible touristry merchandise will decrease or extinguish physical, attitudinal, information, fiscal and other barriers that make the touristry experience less accessible to people with disablements. Furthermore, an accessible touristry should be made easier for all people, irrespectively of their age, gender and or physical position, in order to bask their touristry experiences. Harmonizing to Tourism New South Wales ( 2005, cited in Darcy and Dickson, 2009 ) , Easy Access Market is define as:

“ Any section within the touristry market that prefers accessing touristry experiences with easiness. This people with disablement, including those with physical and centripetal disablements, will happen it easier to entree touristry installations where there is a uninterrupted tract and haptic surfaces and clear signage. ”

As handiness plays an imperative function in touristry, non everyone could hold the entree to their designated finishs. Even though, still this industry attracts a Numberss of tourer at all times. On the other manus, handiness generates barriers in some peculiar individuals such as the handicapped persons. Subsequently, people with disablements have besides the rights to partake and profit from the community as the same quality of life of the people without disablements. However, people with disablements travel less due to the deficiency of installations of the touristry industry. In general, the commissariats that tourism industry offers to the handicapped individuals are normally for the mobility impaired persons. Furthermore, due to the increasing installations for the handicapped most particularly for the persons who have mobility damage, touristry has widened the comfortss for these types of tourer. Due to these installations, other handicapped individuals travel and take part less. In contrary to that, there are some increasing Numberss of handicapped persons who set off for travel largely for physically impaired persons merely. In add-on, this industry should necessitate holding an comfortss and installations that could make good to every tourer. Given the fact that most of the installations for the handicapped are for wheel chaired individual, it is more convenient for them to take part in leisure activities compared to visually impaired people.

Among all the types of handicapped persons, visually impaired might non be able to be pleased about the picturesque position, on the other manus, they could still hold a pleasant journey on some other manner. All the same, these types of tourer could still experience, hear, odor and touch. Likewise, there are an increasing Numberss of handicapped people and most of them are prosecuting in travel. In add-on, the addition in the demands of the mobility entree for the handicapped is in high demands at the present. In some point, the comfortss that are being offered are for the mobility impaired visitants. Visually impaired travelers have a lesser Numberss compared to the wheel chaired individuals. Presently, the common installations that touristry has to offer for the visually impaired tourer are the guide Canis familiariss, audio descriptions for some exhibits and Braille.

Increasingly the touristry industry is able to offer improved merchandises and services. While physical handiness is an indispensable constituent of inclusion, it has a long been recognised that successful inclusion besides requires societal credence by others ( Schwartz, 1988 ) . Harmonizing to Page and Connell ( 2006, P: 76 ) , modern-day literature recognises that ‘access is non merely about edifices ; a genuinely accessible environment is one in which a individual with disablement can freely show their independency, and one in which any hindrance to integrating is removed ‘ . Furthermore, harmonizing to Page and Connell ( 2006 ) , in United Kingdom, Visit Britain operates the National Accessible Scheme, which assists adjustment operators in doing their merchandises more accessible with criterions for ocular and physical damages. Furthermore, the Disability Discrimination Act ( 1995 ) , in the UK places a duty on all public and private administrations to do services full accessible to handicapped individuals ( Page and Connell, 2006 ) .

Harmonizing to Timothy and Crispin ( 2006, P: 4 ) , each twelvemonth, in states throughout the universe, 1000000s up on 1000000s of people visits museums. Additionally, there is an addition of all sorts of museums all over the states. In add-on, the Numberss of possible visitants are increasing due to the turning involvement in their aggregations and their plants. In some instances, a figure of finishs such as museums have already established a friendly environing for their visually impaired visitants by supplying an audio sound service. Furthermore, in some museums, they had already provided the ‘touching ‘ for the show objects for these types of visitants. Harmonizing to Urry, ( 2002, P: 256 ) , ‘touching the objects on the show is an alternate sense, makes the objects “ tacky ” and corroded so they no longer stay visually and physically the same ‘ . Besides, handicapped persons have the right to obtain the same benefits from museums as others are obtaining.

Travel by people with disablements happens regardless of the presence of legion detering barriers ( Darcy, 1998 ; Lipp 2003, cited in Packer, et.al, 2008 ) . On the other manus, while they look for the same or similar travel experiences to other travelers, travelers with disablements are likely to see highly different and uneven touristry experiences. In malice of all this, people with disablements still retain their avidity for travel and want to go. A individual going with a disablement can be complex, harmonizing to Yau et Al ( 2004 ) it requires a personal enterprise, the demand to accurately measure 1 ‘s ain capablenesss, every bit good as the ability to roll up dependable information, manage oneself and take the stock to reflect. The mentioned are considered the procedure of going with disablement.

It is sensible to observe that all travelers, whether they have a disablement or non, are likely to see some signifier of barriers to engagement while going. Furthermore, a individual without disablements thinks the barriers as merely an happening. On the other manus, a individual with disablements covering with the barriers during their travel is a ambitious undertaking. It is too bad that travelers with disablement may meet or sing a touristry market topographic point that does non provide and or give their demands as it does to travellers without disablements. Imagine that this is the ground why people with disablements participate less in travel and touristry.

2.4 Museum and disabled visitants

Persons with a sight job can confront a batch of barriers when sing a museums and or galleries. Museum shows, whether picturesque agreements of beautiful things or chronological narrations of a developmental procedure are involved in scopic signifiers of apprehension ( Hetherington, K. 2002 ) . On the other manus, there are some shows that at times seen as discriminatory for some visitants. Furthermore, constructing an entree in a museums or galleries for every person is a portion of the duty to the community. In add-on, a museum or gallery which are accessible to every individual attracts more visitants.

Most of visitants are pleased about museums and galleries as a topographic point where they can widen their experience and besides to hold an enjoyment on social circumstance. Museums have expanded in multiplicity and explosion in popularity over the last few decennaries. Millions of people every twelvemonth visit a museum. Furthermore, every museum attracts a assortment of visitants. Harmonizing to Dr. Johnson ‘s 1755 lexicon ( cited in Yale, 1998:33 ) a museum was merely ‘a depository of erudite wonders. ‘ “ The Museums and Galleries Commission presently defines a museum as ‘an establishment which collect, paperss, conserves, exhibits and interprets material grounds and associated information for the public benefit ” ( cited in Yale, 1998:33 ) . Furthermore, harmonizing to the International Council of Museums ( 2005 cited in Sandell, 2007:2 ) , ‘a museum have alone potency for turn toing and furthering cultural apprehension in interdisciplinary ways. ‘ It is known that a museum is a aggregation of old-timers or historical stuffs that has been used during a important event during earliest times. Furthermore, a museum broadens the cognition of its visitants. In most instances, the populace is the 1 benefitted on what the museums could supply and make. Harmonizing to Ambrose and Paine ( 2006 ) , it is merely when the museum ‘s public is exhaustively understood that the museum can efficaciously reacting to the populace ‘s demands and demands through services.

It is stated in Museums Association ‘s definition ( 1998 cited in Disability Directory for Museums and Galleries, 2001 ) that “ Museums enable people to research aggregations for inspiration, larning and enjoyment. They are establishments that collect, safeguard and do accessible artifacts and specimens which they hold in trust for society ” . Museums are for everyone this includes the handicapped people.

A museum visitant comes in all ages of any gender, societal position and with or without disablement. A museum ‘s market can be thought of as the overall societal and economic context within which the museum operates. All museums operate within a market and all provide a supply of services that meet a market demand. Harmonizing to Ambrose and Paine ( 2006 ) , ‘internationally, there is for illustration a turning critical consciousness of the ‘political ‘ nature of museums and their historic function in keeping the cultural values of elite or privileged groups Immigration and Naturalization Services society ‘ . A museums visitant expects more on what the museums could offer.

Disabled visitants must be accommodated in the museums. On the other manus, handiness in the museums is less for most instances of handicapped groups. Furthermore, the demands of each handicapped person may change on their types of disablement and there may be an incompatibility with one another. In add-on, in some instances the demands of the handicapped community may change quickly upon their visits. Harmonizing to Majewski and Bunch ( 1998, cited in Sandell, 2007 ) , there are three distinguishable grades of disablement entree that museums should turn to in order to run into the demands of their audiences and these are:

a ) Entree to the exhibition ‘s physical elements,

B ) Entree to exhibition ‘s content ; and

degree Celsius ) The entree that describes the representation of handicapped people and the inclusion of disability-related narrations and reading within exhibitions.

( Majewski and Bunch, 1998 cited in Sandell, 2007: 146-147 ) .

Furthermore, entree to the museums and galleries should besides take into consideration the architectural construction of the edifice, the parking infinites for the handicapped and on how to acquire to the museums and galleries. Likewise, if the museum or gallery is a monolithic topographic point, a map and signage ‘s will be helpful for these types of visitants.

Museum ‘s installations and services for people with mobility damage are extremely developed compared to with people with centripetal troubles such as the visually impaired visitants. Now a twenty-four hours, centripetal attacks are common in some museums. A museum plays a major function in communal alteration. Harmonizing to the Walters ( 2001 ) , ‘disability is viewed as being portion of diverseness, something that is non ever the instance ‘ . Furthermore, handicapped people are considered a possible visitant in museums. Harmonizing to Walter ( 2009 ) , in order to include handicapped visitants, museums should follow and understand the societal theoretical account of disablement. Social theoretical account of disablement does non deny damages or any medical demands that arises from damages ( Walter, 2009 ) . Through this societal theoretical account of disablement, museums will non take the handicapped visitants as a job, to a certain extent they will make a manner to welcome and suit them in their museums.

Entree in the museums for handicapped visitants should be considered in the broadest sense. Access is non merely about supplying lifts, lavatories, broad corridor and or parking infinites for the handicapped. Access should besides include the information and better entree to the exhibits inside the museums. Furthermore, betterment of entree should include centripetal, physical, rational, cultural every bit good as the fiscal entree in the museums. In add-on, a handicapped individual prefers to be independent but most of the clip needs aid in some certain things most particularly for visually impaired as they have low in visions and in some instances they are partly blind.

Harmonizing to the Disability Directory for Museums and Galleries ( 2001 ) , ‘nearly two million people have some signifier of ocular damage, but most unsighted people or 82 per centum have some residuary vision that they use to hold good consequence and many people who could register as blind do non make so ‘ . Besides, visually impaired people make and appreciate art, harmonizing to Walter ( 2001 ) . In add-on, if a visually impaired visitant visits museums, in most instances they need a multi-sensory geographic expedition of an object, signage printed in big image or founts and audio format description for objects in order to heighten their visit experience. In some museums and galleries, it is allowed to hold usher Canis familiaris for the visitants who have vision damage.

Walter ( 2001 ) underscore the demands of the people with ocular damages. Harmonizing to Walter ( 2001 ) , visually impaired single needs accessible information in a scope of options formats, a haptic marks or diagrams and an audio-information. Furthermore, the museum ‘s staffs needs to hold preparation in managing a visitant with ocular damage. A museum with a well trained staff could understand more the demands of the visually impaired visitants. A visually impaired visitant is non wholly blind. In most instances they could see but merely blurred vision and some could merely recognize big fount of prints.

2.4.1 Museums and Galleries

In order to set up a basic abstract construction to be usage in this research undertaking, the reappraisal will now be set out to be cognizant of the background of two museums and two galleries which are the British Museum, National Maritime Museum, The National Gallery and the Tate Modern as the research country for this survey.

a ) The British Museum

British Museum is one of the oldest and largest taking museums all over the universe. It has a aggregation of more than seven million objects which originated from all continents. In add-on, British Museum is a representation of about all the civilization of the universe. Furthermore, British Museum is known as the history of the universe in a 100 objects ( British Museum, 2010 ) .

The British Museum is a free entryway that attracts more or less a five 1000s visitants that visits the museum during its unfastened hours. Its visitants are runing from kids to grownups, all types of gender and disablements. Furthermore, sing this museum needs a twenty-four hours in order to see all the exhibits in it.

B ) National Maritime Museum

Greenwich country is known for its alone signifiers of architectural design. In add-on, Greenwich country has been recognized as an attractive force for shopping and instruction which is the University of Greenwich. Furthermore, touristry in this Greenwich is developing more as the approaching Olympics will be held in this location.

Similarly, National Maritime Museum is one of the prides of this country. As a tourer finish, National Maritime Museum is composed of three chief sites which are the Maritime Galleries, the Royal Observatory and the Queen ‘s House. Basically, the museum focuses on its four subjects which are the sea, ships, clip and the stars and the relationship with the people ( National Maritime Museum, 2010 ) .

National Maritime Museum welcomes visitants in all scopes of ages and regardless of the gender with or without disablement. Furthermore, it provides educational acquisition for the kids. In add-on, the visitants of this museum are normally pupils from different schools and or universities. Furthermore, handicapped people are sing the museum but most are mobility impaired visitants.

degree Celsiuss ) National Gallery

National Gallery is situated in the bosom of London. Thousands of people visits National Gallery daily. It is good known for its art from the celebrated and celebrated creative person.

The gallery welcomes each and every single regardless of gender, age and disablements.

vitamin D ) Tate Modern Gallery

Tate Modern is a gallery of international modern art. Its aggregation is a British art aggregation from the last 1500 old ages till the present clip ( Tate Modern, 2010 ) .

2.5 Drumhead

This chapter conveying approximately by discoursing about the disablement and the signifiers of disablement. Furthermore, it was clearly discussed in this chapter the importance of accessible touristry and which had established as the basic foundation for this survey. At the latter portion of this chapter, it has been discussed about the installations being offered by the museums for the visually impaired visitants.

To sum it up, the literature reappraisal ‘s the conditions of the handiness of the museums for the visually impaired visitants. Consequently, it is of import to recognize the peculiar demands of different people ( age group, genders, impairment group and or handicapped persons ) .

The undermentioned chapter will uncover the methodological analysis of the research survey along with the other relevant methodological issues.


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