In order to make myself up-to-date, I tried to read news everyday whether through internet, newspaper or radio but mainly on technology. Thus, I consider myself quite a technologically savvy person.

Because of reading news, I don’t need to buy too many gadgets which upgrade their versions unexpectedly fast! Another way to come to know of the latest gadgets, I would rather be shopping in electronic stores. While shopping, we can try out the products. Then, we recognize more about them and there is no need to buy them with their newest models.

Besides, when your friend buys a new gadget, you can try and play with it. This can also improve our technological knowledge and give more topics to communicate with your friends. Even though I haven’t gotten so much money to buy all the latest version, I have to buy some when in need. For instance, I really need an e-dictionary which is small enough to be portable, then I can use it anywhere.

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Morever, a laptop is also a very useful nowadays since we can go browsing the Internet everywhere providing Wi-Fi in Hong Kong. So, I’m planning to buy a new one because the new laptop we will buy already includes the Wi-Fi function. However, I need to do research first because not all brands are reliable!

In a nutshell, technology nowadays is more and more important because we need to rely on them more and more frequently. That’s why we have to learn new things every moment!


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