The social media is the most common way for communication
and pretty much of knowing anything and everything in the world these days and it’s
rapidly growing. It changes and influences all people in a unique manner. Some
people may argue that social media has a horrific impact on children and young
adults, and that it negatively effects on their brains, character, or
personalities, while most people see that social media has a tremendous effect
on them than a negative one. Moreover, social media have helped many people
worldwide to connect, or re-connect with each other as social media is a new
way of keeping in touch with loved ones and everything or strengthening bonds
between long-distance relationships.

Social media is the best way to educate people with
entertainment,  research1
by YAW-CRC’s partner organisations (researchers from the Inspire Foundation,
University of Western Sydney and Murdoch University) illustrates social media is
used to educate younger lives such as teenagers, a voice in society, enabled
more teenagers to be creative and innovative, has given teens the ability to
hone different skills that are significant in the real world and gives teens
the skills to become more confident and independent. Additionally, social media
is used to improve debating and discussion skills in a local, national or
international context as this help’s teenagers to develop public ways of
presenting themselves. YAW-CRC’s research also revealed that social media can
provide younger lives with opportunities to learn how to function successfully
in a community, navigating public social pace and developing social standards
and skills as participants in peer groups.

Social media keeps people connected no matter where in the world,
this article2 by
Steve Campbell (a member of MUO (MakeUseOf) and is community manager at
Vayner-Media) demonstrates social media permit people to communicate with
easily and effectively with close friends or even closer family members
worldwide as social media have the power to open the world up to users, making
it a smaller place than it has ever been before. Furthermore, other research3
by David Randall (a British journalist and author of The Universal Journalist)
shows social media offers opportunities for creating and maintaining
relationships, whether with family, friendships or partners as over a third of
couples marrying someone they met online. For example, app like Tinder4
can help people’s love lifestyles by way of exposing compatible they might not
gave met through the usual day to day-to-day routines as users can choose which
people in which age group and social circles they need to meet. Another
example: Facebook that is giving its user the opportunity to maintain
relationships with friends and family regardless of distance as Facebooks
permits its users to share in other life’s life experiences. In contrast to
this online communication can help children’s or teens who are travelling
abroad or going away to university, couples who are in long distance
relationships can stay connected and be part of each other lives through social
media platforms.

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Alternatively, social media can assist people in despair, an
by Steven Morris (A reporter for the Guardian) illustrates older people using
social media improves cognitive capability, increase a sense of self-competence
and could have a have a beneficial typical impact on intellectual health as
social media makes them feel less isolated. In addition, over 65s use of social
media have increased, in the article by Paul Mortimer 6(a
member of digital22) revels social media platforms/tools have changed the ways
people interact with each other as people can communicate easily, quickly
access information and spread news simply by logging on their favourite social
media platform. In contrast, there’s online support groups that provide
emotional support such as +sg7
(support group) that assist people, who are facing with depression or
anxiety.  On the contrary, social media
plays a significant part in educating students, a research8
by James A. Griesemer (Professor and current chair of the department of
Philosophy at the University of California), shows social media help increase
professional development opportunities, it will engage the students, help them
make real world connections between what they’re learning and future career
paths. Additionally, social media can help teacher to improve their
communication with students through social media platforms e.g. Facebook group
messages or chats as teachers can create a Facebook page for a class and can
post events, notes and assignment due dates. Another example: Twitter post
supplementary materials, such as links to relevant articles and videos, that
students can access outside of class on their mobile or home devices and if
teachers use a hashtag with tweets, will help student’s follow a conversation
and see every tweet on that topic, if the tweet contains the chosen hashtag.
This will link students with subject matter experts and professional in certain
fields helping students from links between what they learn in the classroom and
where that knowledge can take them in college or maybe in university. In
contrast to this, students can monitor other students on social media feeds for
ideas on new instructional social media, trends and support. As well as parents
can communicate with students if they might find that a lesson is relevant or
interesting, and could choose to share their knowledge or contribute to the

Overall, the significance of using social media is to
enhance pre-existing relationships and allows join new faces, giving
opportunities to share interests, passions and personality. Also for people to
be engaging on social media platforms is a new adventure as exploring a new
place where different skills are needed or wanted. Social media is a convenient
and significant communicate network for people such as keeping contact with
friends and family worldwide. Additionally, people could also learn new things
on social media by watching or reading the things that people shared onto the
social media platforms. This chapter have assisted me to answer, “Does social
media ruin lives”. In contrast to this, social media have developed the way we
live such as communication, education, more connected to world, knowing
anything and everything in the world and amusing yourselves.



(Independent is a reliable source because it’s a quality newspaper and work
along with the Guardian)


(Guardian is generally regarded as a reliable news source as it has a long and
well-established history in the UK)



(ASQ(American Society for Quality) is a reliable source because it’s a
knowledge-based b=global community of quality professionals with nearly 80, 000


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