What is the last name of the individual responsible for diversity day training?
Brown (Mr. Brown)
What is Erin’s first name?
(MEDIUM) Which of the companies founders committed suicide?
Robert Mifflin
Which restaurant chain was Pam banned from?
During the first dundies episode, which employee received the “Don’t go in there after me” award?
(MEDIUM) Who is Michael Scott’s favorite actress?
Meryl Streep
During Michael’s diversity day training, what race was on Stanley’s note card?
What is the name of the book that Michael Scott “wrote”?
Somehow I Manage
In the first episode, during his prank. what does Michael accuse Pam of stealing?
Post-it notes
What is printed on Michael’s coffee mug?
World’s Best Boss
When Michael signs the diversity day form, who’s name does he sign?
Daffy Duck
What movie is the office watching on movie Monday when Jan comes to visit?
Varsity Blues
Why doesn’t Michael want to do Meridith’s intervention on groundhog day?
He celebrates privately
HARD. Michael claims to be part Native American Indian. How much Indian?
How many people get their arms cut off in a baler each year?
There is a female warehouse staff member Michael thinks is named pudge. What is her real name?
MEDIUM What is the name of the disease that pam invents, where your teeth turn to liquid and drip down the back of your throat?
Spontaneous Dento-Hydroplosion
What is kevins guess, when betting on how many jelly beans are in the container at Pam’s desk?
Who does Angela name her son after?
Her cat
What is the name of the security guard?
Martin Nash spent some time in prison before coming to Scranton, what was he arrested for?
Insider trading
Who does Michael attempt to buy drugs from to frame Toby?
Vance refrigeration delivery guys
Who did Michael choose to pick the new health care plan for the branch?
Who’s car is hit with a watermelon during the safety training episode?
What was Jim’s plan B for marrying Pam?
The church in Niagara Falls
At the Michael Scott Paper Company, which corner is “Pam’s Corner”?
The one with the copier
Kevin cuts off the top of the Christmas tree because it is too tall, what does Michael want to do with the top?
Sell it to charity
Jim starts a social club, much like the French Revolution and the Black Panthers. What was it called?
The Fist
What is Michael’s favorite flavor of cake?
Mint Chocolate Chip
How much does Jim donate to Oscar’s Nephew’s walk-a-thon?
Who’s warehouse uniform is Jim wearing while Dwight and Michael are silly stringing the warehouse in Utica?
How many times has Meredith been divorced?
Who wears the face mask while playing in the basketball game?
What does Jim put for Dwight’s middle name on his ID badge?
What is Andy’s middle name?
Michael invited Pam along to the job fair because the school was her alma mater, what was his first reason?
Eye candy
How many pounds does Jim offer to lose for the weight loss challenge?
65 pounds
Michael asks the office what the number one cause of death is in America. What is Dwight’s response?
Shotgun weddings
QUOTE: Bankruptcy is nature’s do-over.
QUOTE: There’s too many people on this earth. We need a new plague.
Daryl taught Michael some black man phrases. Which one is missing? Fleece it out, dinkin flicka, bipity bopity give me the zopity
Goin’ Mach Five
QUOTE: Cat heaven is a beautiful place, but you don’t get there if you’re euthanized.
What is the brand of ladies suit that Michael accidentally buys?
Who has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer?
Who is Dwight’s Bestish Minch?
Michael Scott
How many apples does Erin eat while bobbing for apples?
Who is the main character in threat level midnight?
Michael Scarn
What is the name of the lawyer that Michael gets during the sexual harrassment episode? Also the same lawyer he asks dwight to see if he covers hate crimes?
James P. Albini
What is the name of the game Kevin and Oscar play at their desk that Angela hates?
Hate ball
Why does Carol break up with Michael?
Putting his face over her ex-husbands on a Christmas card
What is the name of Andy’s college acapella group?
Here comes treble
During the office olympics, who wins flonkertin?
What is Bob Vance’s profession?
What kind of company does creed run out of his car?
Fake ID
What does Jim think Michael will say within the first hour of the booze cruise?
I’m king of the world
Quote: I like waking up to the smell of bacon. Sue me. Who said it?
Michael Scott
What happens to Dwight when he tries to go pick up Michael after burning his foot?
Crashes into a pole, gets a concussion.
What is Michael’s cast made of after he burns his foot?
Bubble wrap
Who complains about the men’s bathroom being white’s only?
According to prison Mike, what was the worst thing about prison?
Finish the Quote: Dwight might have won the battle,
but I will win…the next battle.
Why does Dwight think having all the women in the office at the same time?
They’ll get on the same cycle (wreak havoc on the plumbing)
What does GAI stand for?
Guys afternoon in
New york new york, the city so nice they named it twice. What is the other name?
What is Michael’s favorite pizza joint in new york?
Who complains about Pam planning her wedding to Roy at the office?
Finish the quote: I’m like Superman and the people who work here are like the citizens of
Gotham City
What is the first name of the company Jim starts?
In which business does Dwight steal the chandelier in his perfect crime?
Who is Justice Beaver?
Crime Fighting Beaver
What is the name of Ryan’s baby?
During the first halloween episode Phyllis thinks Dwight is a monk. What was he dressed as?
A Sith Lord
What singing tv show does Andy try out for?
America’s next a capella sensation
What is Michael’s online profile name for the dating website?
Little kid lover
What is Meredith’s sons profession at the end of the series?
What is the name of the band that phyliss hires for her wedding?
When Jim and Pam spend the night at schrute farms there are several differently themed rooms. Which one were they in?
Who was the vallet at Andy’s dinner party at schrute farms?
Finish the quote: I am better than you have ever been or
Ever will be
Which employee doesn’t have full internet access?
Finish the quote: Who says exactly what they’re thinking?
What kind of game is that?
What is the name of Michael’s men’s fancy shoe store idea?
Dwight goes through an extensive selection process to find his assistant to the assistant to the regional manager (this when he finally becomes the manager), who does he choose?
FINISH THE QUOTE: Long Island ice teas are
way stronger in Canada.
Where does Michael go on his international business trip?
How much does Dwight sell the princess unicorn dolls for?
What is the catchphrase for the princess unicorn doll?
My horn can pierce the sky
When Michael is looking for Jobs after giving Dunder Mifflin his two-weeks notice, what is the only company he calls for a job?
Prince family paper
The staff spend an episode debating whether a certain actress is hot. Who is the actress?
Hilary Swank
Dwight doesn’t like the Girl Scouts. He thinks it’s dangerous to teach young girls what?
Self-esteem and leadership skills
While Michael is roasting everyone who does he tell, “Your teeth called, your breath stinks. “
Michael spends an episode spreading rumors. What is the rumor about Andy?
That he’s gay
Michael spends an episode spreading rumors. What was dwights?
That he uses store bought manure.
What is andys extension?
When Kevin writes a check to Pam for her wedding, what does he write in the memo line?
To loves eternal glory
At what event does Erin break up with gabe?
The dundies
Which president does gabe believe he bears a resemblance to?
Abraham lincoln
There’s only one Alfredo’s that has good pizza. Which one is it?
Alfredo’s pizza cafe
While Andy is trying to remember the words to the kit Kat bar theme song, what candy does he name?
Snickers bar
What is the name of the dog that Kevin gets from the fundraiser?
Where do Michael and holly move?
Boulder Colorado
Who takes over as manager when Michael leaves?
Deangelo vickers
What is the name of the volunteer group dedicated to keeping the community safe, of which Dwight is the secretary?
Knights of the night
What tv show was Michael on as a child?
Fundle bundle
What tattoo does Andy get on his butt?
A nard dog
Which office worker gets invited to Dwight’s aunts funeral?
How do schrutes make sure that the dead the bury are truly dead?
Shotgun to the face
What was Kevin’s nickname in high school?
Kool aid man

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