As I was approaching the house, the surroundings seemed to change. The air became misty all of a sudden. The weather became cold and when I looked towards the trees, it looked as if they were alive. I turned my concentration away from the trees, which had started to make me shiver, and continued my journey towards the house. Moving towards the gates that separated the house from the entire road that led to all the other houses, I noticed that almost all the plants that surrounded the entrance were ruined. I walked to the gates and pushed them open.

Entering the compound, I tried to keep my focus away from the cemetery that was located on the right. The weird thing was the darkness of the cemetery. It was dismal. The sight was frightening. Just as I couldn’t bare to look any further, I noticed some movements. The movements came from one of the graves. I took another look at the grave, and then rubbed my eyes to make sure what I was seeing was real. A young girl, about the age of eight, dressed in a beautiful white gown, was staring at me; she stretched her hands out and motioned for me to come. Frightened, I turned round and ran towards the house.

However, before climbing up the stairs, I was aware of the statues of the animals that were placed on each side of the entrance door. I did not know what was so special about the statues but I was aware that they might be the protectors of the house. I looked up, searching for windows to make sure there was some escape routes in case I was also counted as an unwanted guest. There were some designs windows just above the entrance door and, looking around the house, I found some more windows. The windows were designed with pictures of angels, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and the three kings.

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My first thought was that the house most have once being a church. It explained the cemetery, but what it did not explained was the little girl. I went back to the front of the house and took in a big breath, before climbing up the creaking stairs. When I got to the end of the stairs, I looked at the statues, which looked as if they had just been punished. Turning my concentration away from the statues, I pushed open the door to the house. The first thing I noticed about the house was the smell. The smell was so strong that I felt as if I would faint.

However I couldn’t faint, as I was not able to see what was around me, and could not turn back as the door had shut. I took out my torch from my shoulder bag and turned on the flashlight to brighten up the surrounding. Straight away I was able to see a long hallway. I flashed the light on the floor so that I could see what I was standing on. I gasped as the tiger mat came alive. I ran straight down the long corridor until I came to a door. The door looked older than everything I had seen. The door was carved from timber tree. As I walked closer to the door some disgusting bugs started to crawl out.

It was a nightmare. There was no-way I was going to enter that room. I took on my heels and walked towards the corridor to the next room. The next room was located on the left, and unlike the first room, the door was beautifully carved. Above the entrance was a picture of a young girl; under the picture was written ‘God Be With Thee’. Seeing this made me believe that this house was definitely a holy place once. I entered the room and looked around. The room was beautiful it had a wonderful aroma. The room smelled like lavender. Nonetheless, I was puzzled for no soul had lived in that house for over hundred years.

It made me wondered if someone lived in the house, but what I saw next answered my thoughts. A little bit away from me was a table, the table consisted of six chairs and on the table are six plates and cutleries. The table had been laid ready for meal. I guessed then that the room was the dinning room. I walked to the centre of the room and looked all around. Further away at the back I noticed a buffalo’s head. The head was standing just above the cupboard. Something about the buffalo made me shivered. I looked up at the buffalo’s side of the room, as I gazed at the buffalo I could see blood dripping from its mouth. I was terrified.

I ran out of the room without looking back and ended down the corridor to the next room that was filled with toys. The room looked beautiful. However the sights of the walls made me wished that I had never entered the room. The walls looked rigid. They looked as if they were melting. The paintings on the walls were so old that they had started to rip. Looking a little bit closer I was able to see that some of the colours on the painting had started to become paler. I bent down and picked up a toy lying by my feet. And ran out of the room when the toy’s face transformed into the face of the little girl that I had seeing in the cemetery.

From the room I ran to the kitchen. I was able to tell that it was a kitchen because of the fishy smell that hit me as soon as I entered, and also because of the layout of the room. The counter was made out of natural woods. I looked around until I located the sink. I went to it and examine the beautiful carved taps. Feeling thirsty all of a sudden I opened the cold-water tap and put my hand under. Big worms crawled out and landed on my palms. I was horrified. I shook them away from my hands and walked backwards until I got to a wooden chair on the other side of the room. I sat down on the chair and relaxed.

A few seconds later I found myself on the floor. Crawling out of the broken chair were ants. I ran out of the room all the way to the front door. I tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. I looked down and searched for the tiger mat, to my dismal it wasn’t there. I stared at the stairs and know straight away it would be safe to walk up it. The stairs were also wooden. However the woods were carved into little angels. There was no rug on the stairs and no painting on the walls. The whole stairs was bare except for the carving. I got up the stairs and looked at the first room in front of me.

On the door of the room it said ‘ To Our Beloved Daughter’, I tried opening the door but it would not open. I pushed, but nothing worked. I looked down both sides of the corridor and noticed how exciting the hallway looked. There were pictures from all over the world. There were four cupboards containing trophies from different types of sports. I tried to open the door to the cupboard but it would not open, even though it was over hundred years old. I took out a spare key that I carried everywhere I go. I put the key into the keyhole and turned. Just then some kind of alarm started to go off somewhere in the house.

Just as the door opened I was rushed by different kinds of animals. The tiger mat, the two statues at the entrance and of course the buffalo. I struggled as much as I could and ran down the stairs and out the front door. I ran all the way to the gate, but just as I was about to open the door the little girl appeared again holding a soft toy. As soon I saw the animal I ran right through the gates. And that was when I realised the gates were invisible. I walked as far as I could from the house then I turned round to see the house sank. It was a nightmare.


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