The day was just beginning to break; the morning dew was glistening with light too pure to be destroyed. Sounds of the day were emerging; the playful song of birds in the old oak trees leaves. An alarm rang out of the stillness and a moan quickly followed. Phoebe dragged herself out of bed half-heartedly, time to start her day; get ready for school, walk to school, walk back; it was the same old boring routine, but Phoebe never realised how her day would end.

The walk home dawned on her much faster than she anticipated. Today something in the air felt different; a cold chill ran over her body, even though it was the middle of summer.

Dragging her bag along the floor she dumped it in the cupboard under the stairs.

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“Phoebe, is that you?” her aunt cried from the kitchen, but Phoebe didn’t have the energy to deal with her today, so she retreated up the stairs without a backwards glance.

There was a strange boy standing in the middle of her room looking out of the window. He turned around and staring straight through her he said:

“Dear cousin, this is your final day, soon you will join us.” Now Phoebe was terrified; she fled downstairs falling on the last step.

“Phoebe what’s wrong, why are you bleeding?” Phoebe reached for her swollen lip; she hadn’t noticed the blood trickling down her chin.

“Who’s that boy up in my room, he says he’s my cousin.” Phoebe said while her aunt was dabbing at her bloody lip; her aunt’s eyes glittered as she saw a single drop of blood hit the floor.

“There have been no boys in this house for at least five years, your cousin left this house along time ago.” Phoebe’s eyes widened at the thought.

She rushed back upstairs the boy was still standing there in the middle of her room.

“Why are you here?” She asked terrified.

“Because, dear cousin, I don’t want you to suffer the same fate as we did.” Suddenly she was surround by eyes; staring at her through the black of her room they were crying and screaming at her. Phoebe’s eyes started bleeding.

“You either die fast and painlessly by us; or slow and painfully by her.” Phoebe felt herself letting go.

Bang. Bang. Her aunt was walking up the stairs; the glint on her knife reflected the glint in her eye. The knife rammed into Phoebe’s back but she only felt it for a split second, suddenly she felt light.

“Why did she do this; I…I just don’t understand.”

“Maybe I can help you understand what she has done and why she has done it.”

Her cousin took her hand.

The room blurred past her; a vision of a small girl came in to view. WHACK. The little girl fell to the floor. The huge man towered over her.

“If you ever talk back to me again I’ll kill you like I killed your brother” with that he left the room and the girl began to cry. Not tears of sadness; but tears of anger and rage. The little girl couldn’t understand why her mother let him treat both of them this way.

The room blurred past her again; the little girl was older now; she was tip-toeing up the stairs; the glint on her knife reflected the glint in her eye; the towering figure she was so afraid of was going to be destroyed. She entered the room and plunged the knife into his back. One word escaped from his mouth: “Why?” She looked dead into his eyes and said:

“You know why” Each word dripped with so much scorn for the evil that plagued her life. She sat in the middle of the room and started to laugh. The room blurred past Phoebe again, the girl was being restrained by two men she cried out to her mother.

“Please mum; don’t let them take me” tears were streaming down her face. Her mother turned away and whispered:

“It’s for the best.”

Everything blurred past Phoebe again, the girl was being released to return to her mother. This would be the last time she saw her real home; the one she had lived in for only five years. She needed to take care of some unfinished business. Her face was like stone but the hateful look in her eyes bore down into her soul.

Finally Phoebe was back under the old oak tree; her cousin let her hand go.

“Maybe now you understand.” He said with a heavy sigh.

“We all died the same way. She buried all of our bodies in the garden, under the old oak tree. Twenty years ago she lived in a mental asylum, since then she killed all of us on the same day; the day when she was first admitted by her mother.”


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