Brown with Nothing But NET discover that the old exchange server had two corrupted databases. We ran sestets. Exe and Sensing. Exe to repair the corrupted databases. Due to lack of disk space and speed of external NAS drives the process took 29 hours to complete. Once the database repair was completed the server was operational and people were able to access email, but we still had three problems to address: We had no backups, the server configuration was not optimal and the SSL certificate was expired. Systems Affected: Exchange server 10. 1. 1. 13 Impact on Business: Loss of ability to use company email.

What is the current status of the incident? The new server for exchange is built with plenty of storage space and the whole company email is up and running. What steps still need to be taken? I had Steven D. Brown with Nothing But NET load Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery on the old Exchange server and backed it up to the Omega NAS that was connected to the server. It was only a 60-day trial version, but we were able to get a good backup in case of another failure. The c: drive on the old exchange server was configured as a Raid O which is not attendant and all drives had low available disk space.

The memory on the server was BIB and was being used in such a manner that the server was using about 2 of swap space. Nothing But NET suggested brutalizing the server to allow the server to have more memory and additional free disk space. We loaded a server with Ovenware Sees 4. 1, and because the rack in 10 data center did not have enough space for the new server, we performed a POP migration over the WAN connection. After the process was complete, the databases were able to mount, but some features of the server were not operating properly.

After investigating the problem with numerous connections to the server from outside, Nothing But NET found that one of the problems was an expired certificate and suggested renewing the certificate. Justine Hall from Nothing But NET assisted in the renewal and installation of the certificate. ? Estimated time to complete tasks to completion: At this time, it has taken around 4 days of work. Lessons Learned: When dealing with an exchange server, make sure there is plenty of disk space for the system to operate. And a backup must be in place to prevent any further long periods of down time.

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