The theory of Spontaneous
Generation is that living creatures come from the food source, for example,
frogs come from water and are not laid by another frog.  Although this
theory sounds like a joke nowadays, a while ago this was widely accepted as it
followed religion and scientists claimed to have proof. This theory was
believed across the world for many centuries until a scientist named Francesco
Redi in 1688 with an experiment including two jars of rotting meat. One jar was
open to the air and flies, and one jar was sealed with a gauze that let air
through but didn’t let any organisms outside the jar enter, such as flies.
Because the only jar of maggots in was the open jar, it shows that organisms
such as flies brought the maggots, and the gauze-covered one did not have any
maggots. Then a scientist called John Needham disagreed with Redi’s findings.
He thought that the maggots came from microorganisms within the meat and
repeated his experiment but instead with soup. He found out that even though he
had heated the sealed container there was still insect living in there, which
convinced that spontaneous generation happens and that the insects came from
the soup, not any other animals laying eggs. This experiment was later proven
wrong by Lazzaro Spallanzani who did the same experiment but instead heated the
liquid thoroughly to kill any microorganisms. He noticed that there were no
organisms in the liquid and therefore that John Needham experiment was faulty
and not accurate at all.  In the seventeenth century, a Flemish scientist
called Jan Baptista van Helmont said the mice could spontaneously generate from
a bundle of rags and wheat kernels left in a container for 3 weeks. However,
this theory has been shut down by modern science. The conditions he described
are the best conditions for mice to live in, so they will naturally find the
place and mate, and start a life there. Until this day this theory has been
widely thought as being inaccurate, as most people now agree with Redi and
think that living organisms can only be produced by other living organisms and
the theory of evolution how humans did not just come to be but have evolved
over millions of years from other animals. After this, the theory has been
largely regarded as being wrong because modern science has proved that
everything is made of small particles called atoms, which most scientists
believe were created during the Big Bang, and therefore life did not just come
to be from food sources as it is suggested in the theory of spontaneous
generation. In the 16th century it was common belief among almost all people as
it was never challenged, and it was not until centuries later until another
theory was suggested. 


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