The organisation I have chosen for this assignment Air Products was founded by the late LeonardA P.A Pool in 1940 in Detroit, Michigan, on the strength of a simple, but so radical, thought: the “ on-site ” construct of bring forthing and selling industrial gases, chiefly oxygen. , which will function as the foundation for measuring strategic issues within a corporation, is the UK Corporation Air Products. We will chiefly concentrate on their Air Products based operations, as there has been a dramatic addition of Air Products production here late compared with other continents. Therefore it is likely to be of increased strategic importance to the length of service of Air Products.

There are a turning figure of approaches/methodologies in order to assistance houses in e-business scheme preparation Kalakota and Robinson, ( 1999 ) ; Hackbarth and Kettinger, ( 2000 ) ; Oliva, ( 2001 ) ; Huizingh, ( 2002 ) ; Rifkin and Kurtzman, ( 2002 ) ; Czuchry and Yasin, ( 2003 ) ; Bhandari et ( 2004 ) . This subdivision critically evaluated five of these approaches/methodologies and so recommends the usage of one attack for the instance company.

Air Products appears to be a vertically incorporate concern as they have a interest in all the major facets of the production way such as the extraction of gas, transit, selling, and research and development. A company ‘s environment is divided into two classs. These are called the external environment and the internal environment.

Businesss can non command their external environment due to it being highly unpredictable, particularly in the Air Products industry. An industries velocity of alteration and way are ne’er changeless. For illustration, factors that are important to a concern ‘s success such as rising prices, merchandises monetary value, and gas demands are ever altering with changing grades of velocity. Therefore it is up to direction to implement a scheme that gives a concern operational flexibleness and allows it to germinate with the environment in which it operates.

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Maping the environment helps to find the strategic docket via associating together both the external strategic factors and operational issues in a cohesive mode to derive a Fuller penetration into any possible hazards, chances or menaces.

Strategic / Tactical / Operational Hierarchy


Budget, fiscal and selling directors deal with the short term planning of the concern, such as current net incomes or staff to client ratio. Oversee the operational staff.


Directors and other operational staff trade with the daily running of the concern, such as the production of O.

Input signal

End product


Chairman, managers and stockholders deal with the long term planning of the concern. For case should they unify with another Air Product company or addition investings.

Johnson, Scholes & A ; Whittington ( 1997 )

A strategic analysis is a bipartite procedure that analyzes the demands from an germinating external environment and the corporation ‘s operational capablenesss. Strategic determinations are made in response to direct or anticipated issues within the company ‘s environments. Harmonizing to Johnson, Scholes & A ; Whittington ( 1997 ) , “ Strategy is the way and range of an organisation over the long term which achieves advantage in a changing environment through its constellation of resources and competences with the purpose of carry throughing stakeholder outlooks ” .

Analysis Methodology

A figure of beginnings were at my disposal to assist foster the end of accomplishing an apprehension of strategic and operational issues within the context of a corporation ‘s mentality. We will analytically grok the administrations past scheme covering with their external environment and internal operational environment.

Analysis of External Strategic Issues

External Environmental Analysis

The external environment consists of the issues outside of an organisation. An effectual, consistent scheme that reduces uncertainness utilizing analytical methods is therefore important to the long-run prosperity of a concern.

Air Products is a major O gas, Food and Beverage, HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // ” HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // ” Balloon Helium, HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // ” HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // ” Welding Gas Selector company in the universe, which accordingly has to cover with a wide and extended external environment when explicating a corporate scheme as their macro environment covers the full topographic point. Environmental conditions can take to chances or possible menaces to a corporation ‘s fight. The external environment is complex and hence unsure. In order to quantify Air Products external environment we will utilize the undermentioned methods:

Stakeholder Map

Stakeholder Matrix

PESTEL Analysis

Porters Five Forces

Companies use these corporate planning techniques as portion of their systematic development of schemes. The purpose of this is to enable the concern to run into its ends.

Stakeholder Map

A stakeholder map looks at the concern from an external point of position and includes the macro and micro external environments. The macro stakeholders of Air Product play a outstanding function in finding the corporation ‘s scheme.

Stakeholder Matrix

A stakeholder matrix is where the chief stakeholder variables are plotted against each other. In this instance the variables will associate to a stakeholders degree of importance against the influence of a stakeholder.




Global Government and Indigenous Communities



British & A ; Dutch Governments


Conveyance Companies


Capital Lenders

Environmental Groups


United Nations and EU

Trade Unions



High Influence


Box A consists of stakeholders who are extremely of import to Air Product success but have a low grade of influence on the company. Their clients, employees, the local authoritiess and communities where their gas Products is situated are extremely of import to the company ‘s success, but do non hold the company ‘s involvements at bosom.

Box B is stakeholders who have a high sum of influence on Air Product, every bit good as being extremely of import to the corporation ‘s success. Air Product must therefore prioritise these stakeholders via edifice strong working relationships to vouch effectual communicating and include them on their board of managers. They are the most important to the concern ‘s success. Stockholders along with the British and Dutch authoritiess both want Air Product to be successful as they are a major supplier of occupations and corporate revenue enhancement.

Box C has stakeholders with a low influence and low importance to Air Product, therefore they are a low precedence. Examples would include the O gas distribution companies.

Box D contains stakeholders who do non hold Air Product involvements at bosom, therefore being of low importance to the company, but they still have a high grade of influence over them. Lenders, environmental groups, the media, trade brotherhoods are all powerful entities but have small respect for the concern ‘s success.

PESTEL Analysis

The PESTEL analysis will find the cardinal drivers of alteration within the external environment of Air Product, which will assist to place any possible factors that could act upon its prosperity.


Environmental concerns have caused authoritiess to pass a bound to the countries where Gas Products companies Produce Air Product. New statute law has besides been introduced to increase operational environmental efficiency to cut down the impact on the environment. New legal models that regulate C emanations could cut down the demand for gas in favor of environmentally friendly energy options. Governments besides wish to cut down gas companies ‘ high net incomes through revenue enhancement and statute law. Resource rich Latin America and the states environing Mexico are politically unstable, doing operational and safety concerns.


the current economic universe recession has caused a decrease in demand for gas, particularly from the developing world powers worldwide who consume a huge sum of Air Product. This has caused a bead in gas monetary values, which will accordingly do a bead in net incomes for Air Product. John McGlande president president and main executive officer said “ the beginning of our financial 2009 coincided with the start of the globally fiscal crisis driving the recession that resulted in demand for our merchandises worldwide. The corporate revenue enhancement of Air Product companies is likely to go on to lift as authoritiess try to stem the big net incomes of Air Product markets such as in the gas industry, where their endeavors have a negative effect on the planetary environment. It presently costs more to develop and educate low paid autochthonal recruits in Asia than it does to pay higher wages to measure up and experient forces.

Over the past seven decennaries of providing gas and engineering solutions, we ‘ve developed a deep apprehension of our clients ‘ procedures and demands. This enables us to continually convey our applications expertise to bear, non merely in our traditional terminal markets, but through new applications in emerging markets. The solutions we provide enabling everything from alone nutrient freeze applications, to oxygen solutions for burning, to cost-competitive photovoltaic energy, to gasification and C gaining control undertakings, to a possible hereafter H economic system mean our clients can better their energy efficiency, cut down their environmental footmark and green goods merchandises with improved quality and dependability. These benefits become even more critical in disputing economic times.


AirA Products scheme of beef uping its base concerns. In Asia, the company took minority places in industrial gas companies in Korea, Japan, Malaysia, HongA Kong, and the People ‘s Republic of China, Thailand, and Taiwan. Air Product most of its prosperity to worldwide resources, therefore it could be considered on a social-ethical footing that AirA Products returns a proportion of its net income. This could be via investings in the local substructure and publicity of human-centered issues that increases the criterion of life, such as increasing local employee ‘s rewards. The consensus among universe populations is that AirA Products companies are socially unethical, through their harvest home and polluting of the environment, pretermiting their duties that come with being a big corporate power.


Foregrounding AirA Products environmental certificates and committednesss through its continued invention into clean renewable energy engineering, such as their solar and weave energy concern by progressing the engineering they can separate themselves from their rivals every bit good as cut downing their running costs, yet keeping high quality. As petroleum O, He and H, synthesis gas, C monoxide and N will finally be depleted ; AirA Product must believe to the hereafter environment and invent engineerings that can give them independency from gas if it is to go on as one of the universes taking energy companies. By making this AirA Products can react to all the environments demands and hence maintain the stakeholders satisfied.


Global clime alteration is a clear and present danger to the corporation in the signifier of ethical persecution from environmental groups and existent physical alterations in the environment, which could interrupt gas extraction.


Employment Torahs are more relaxed in Asia and Africa compared to Europe and the USA, due to merchandise brotherhoods being weaker. Legislation refering environmental limitations and wellness and safety are besides less extended.

Porters Five Forces Analysis

Porters five forces theoretical account identifies menaces from the competition between rivals, such as new entrants into the market, replacement merchandises and the bargaining power of clients and providers.

Air Product

Main Strategic Issues

In the macro environment of all Air Product companies, political factors are highly of import, as they need political support to bring forth gases. There are besides concerns from anti-globalisation and environmental groups associating to conservationism. In the past Air Product has been ( NYSE: APD ) serves clients in industrial, energy, engineering and health care markets worldwide with a alone portfolio of atmospheric gases. Air Product has invested a huge sum of its substructure in both Asia and South Africa due to the states being rich in natural resources. Besides they supply most merchant gas in liquid from to little and larger clients. Air Product signed a contract with Alcoa ( a company engaged in the production and direction of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum, and alumina combined ) in Russia, to provide N to Alcoa aluminum works in key fruit the company in Warsaw.

Within economic sciences lies the theory of globalization, this is the growing of dealingss that has led to the connexion of states and persons, on a universe broad graduated table. One of the purposes of globalization is to cut down barriers to enable transverse universe trading. Peoples are now more able to physically, lawfully, culturally, and psychologically connect with each other and trade in “ one universe ” . The epoch of planetary competition the economic geographics of concerns causes some contradictions, fjord illustration some Third universe states economic systems are turning but merely to the hurt of others. For illustration the per centum of hapless comparative to population sum has increased in Africa. Although China and India still contain tremendous Numberss of the hapless, they have embraced economic liberalization and rapid growing ( Porter, M 2000 ) .

These accusals increase Air Product profile and could impact its competitory advantage. It is hence an ethical and public dealingss issue, which needs to be addressed by Air Product corporate scheme. As Air Product is a public corporation it is apt merely to its stockholders instead than any one person, therefore it is non accountable to any individual person or groups positions. Air Product determines its precedences from their shareholder ‘s dockets. The most influential stakeholders are its stockholders, clients, the local authoritiess in which it operates and the international or domestic legal models.

Due to the concern being presently registered as a joint venture with the Butterley Company it has to take into history the Governments of both states and their regulative environment. Pressure groups such as the environmental organisation Greenpeace and to some extent the media, besides greatly act upon the corporations approach to their corporate scheme. AirA Products licensed its procedures and designs for fabricating cryogenic equipment used in industrial gas production. The new venture was called AirA Products ( Great Britain ) , Ltd. Air Products subsequently acquired a 100A per centum involvement in this concern and expanded its operation into the supply of industrial gases every bit good as cryogenic equipment. By seeking to suit their primary stakeholder ‘s beliefs and dockets through their concerns actions, they can filtrate down a sensed positive representation to their clients, employees and other organisations. This helps to portray the company in a positive visible radiation, therefore increasing their opportunities of holding a competitory advantage over any challengers.

Evaluation of Resource Capabilities

The economic jobs had inspired serious argument amongst politicians about the function of fiscal establishments and public policy. Parties on the left in Europe advocated controls and be aftering to forestall fiscal catastrophe. There are efforts to cut down revenue enhancement and authorities ordinance on private endeavor, to let them growing. This policy would increase net incomes for administrations, promote investing, raise productiveness, and kick start economic growing. These are cardinal elements of supply-side economic sciences ( Sloman, J. 2003 )

Some administrations openly promote globalization for the benefit of all. Competition and free trade are indispensable to better the universe ‘s economic system for all states, and the WTO ‘s docket has good purposes. However, critics argue that while globalization has the possible to go a positive power for economic growing, excessively many of the benefits go to good off states while the cost of seting markets and implementing understandings have to be endured by the already hapless workers within developing states. The fright is the rich states will acquire richer, and leave the hapless farther buttocks on a planetary graduated table ( Bove, J. 2001 ) .

One of the greatest arguments on globalization is the inequality of power and poorness, over half the underdeveloped universe is populating in globalizing economic systems. These economic systems have seen big additions in trade and a decrease in duties. There is an uneven balance of power with their economic systems. Negotiations are based on the rule of reciprocality, which for most portion, merely benefits the big and diversified economic systems. The bulk of dialogues and trade-offs take topographic point between developed states and some of the wealthier developing states, excepting the universe ‘s poorest ( Bove, J.2001 ) .

Internal Environmental Analysis

The internal strategic capacity of Air Product consists of the operational maps within the company ‘s substructure that are required for the administration to thrive and keep itself. We will utilize the following techniques in order to find if Air Product resources and capablenesss match critical success factors ( CSF ) .

SWOT Analysis

This method will supply an penetration into both the internal and external environments. This type of analysis is extremely subjective and is chiefly used as a guideline. A SWOT analysis should be used together with other tools to give a better position of the province of the company.

Air Product resources are their foundation for a sustainable competitory advantage ( SCA ) therefore it is important that the concern comprehends and use their touchable and intangible assets.

SWOT Analysis

Internal Origin ( properties of the organisation )


Increased its enterprise in public dealingss, therefore increased positive perceptual experience from the populace.

Research into alternate energy beginnings may diversify market and trades with the length of service of fossil fuels.

Use of a scenario planning method designed to foretell future scenarios, assisting them to plan eventuality schemes.

Continued investing in geographic expedition.


Air Product has a batch of its substructure in Asia which is a possible unstable state raising security concerns.

Their drill rigs still flare and burn the unwanted gases byproducts, which raises environmental issues.

A high trust on Air merchandise means they have to invariably finance expensive geographic expedition of new militias.


Gass monetary value have been unstable late, cut downing net income.

Global recession has caused a lessening in demand for fossil air merchandise.

Recent work stoppages on oilers caused negative promotion and disrupted their supply operations.


Future chances to travel into countries deemed excessively unstable in the yesteryear.

Gases militias continue to be made.

Developing world powers have a turning demand for gases.

Alternative energy beginnings and merchandise variegation may open up new markets.

Build working relationship with environmental groups to diminish unfavorable judgment.

Operational Placement

Air Product seems good positioned operationally to use its nucleus capablenesss. Both its touchable and intangible resources have been tailored into an efficient and complex system that has evolved from a thorough and regular internal analysis. It is hence able to run into its client ‘s sensed outlooks and separate itself from its challengers, due to its well-developed, complex operational activities that are hard for rivals to copy.

Air Product ‘s nucleus competency is that it is able to pull off a vertically incorporate gases concern, which covers the geographic expedition of dodo gas, production ( reaping ) , transit, refinement, trading and selling. All these nucleus competences and their economic systems of graduated table give them a competitory border and act as a barrier for entry to possible rivals.

Air Product ‘s operations, from extraction to the point of sale are comparatively independent of other concerns. Their operations are divided into sections of planetary concern bunchs, which specialize in each facet of the production line. The economic systems of graduated table are emphasised by their planetary web. They have a balanced attack between cost control and puting in new capablenesss, guaranting they maximise their hereafter fight.


In kernel, the statements above reveal that planetary selling is non needfully an all or nil proposition. Companies have the freedom to take from many possibilities on the spectrum from entire standardization through to complete customisation. Clearly there are fortunes where multinationals can derive through increased standardization of merchandises and selling, particularly with regard to maintaining costs down and edifice trade name power. Air Product the universe ‘s largest provider of H and He and have built prima supply places in growing markets such as refinery H, semiconducting material and level panel show stuffs, natural gas liquefaction equipment, place health care services, and advanced stuffs for high-performance, more environmentally friendly coatings and adhesives.

On the other manus, in conditions where national market differences are more pronounced, this scheme would harm the company and its repute. By doing standardization determinations utilizing mark market conditions as its get downing point, an administration can guarantee that, in the long-run, clients are being offered what they want.

Although Air Product can apparently derive a great trade from a standardized docket, its determination to unite planetary and local resources is finally more long-standing in a market where national client differences are influential.


Air Product is frequently perceived by a big demographic as holding a negative impact on the environment. Pressure groups, authoritiess and the general populace who constitute the consumer base, have increasing concerns associating to planetary heating.

In order to rectify the worldwide they should go on their external communications run to convert their stakeholders of their committedness to environmental issues by back uping sustainable development. This involves puting in alternate energy beginnings and introducing open uping environmentally friendly engineerings. Although at present this is merely a niche market due to authorities ‘s reluctance to modulate the energy mix.

If the polar ice caps continue to disperse over the following five old ages as a direct or indirect consequence of an addition in C emanations, so this raises the future possibility of geographic expedition in these parts where there are huge measures of untapped gases. may arouse negative reactions from some of their stakeholders such as environmental groups and authoritiess.

This in bend could ensue in disapprobation from the international community and their clients, as it would be contradictory to their environmentally friendly public dealingss docket. Customers could boycott their merchandise due to a loss in consumer trueness and may damage the corporation ‘s ego regard. On the other manus, failure to take advantage of these huge natural resources could give their rivals an chance for a monolithic and perchance terminal competitory advantage if they were to capitalize on the new states.

There is besides turning choler from automobilists sing the correlativity between, on the whole increasing Air merchandise monetary values, whilst gases companies such as Butterley Company continue to see unprecedented rises in net incomes. Air Product must non estrange its chief consumer base if it wishes to be seen as a imperfect, ethical and socially responsibly corporation. In this epoch of environmental friendliness and corporate reactivity, there could be a recoil from clients ensuing in lessened net incomes. Shell must therefore see cut downing their monetary values in relation to operating costs or go throughing on a proportion of net income to fund new environmentally friendly engineerings.

Air Product needs to increase its CSR ( corporate societal duty ) by traveling beyond the primary economic and legal concerns, such as maximising net incomes for stockholders and non merely following with bing ethical statute law, but endeavoring to transcend it. Its new sustainability study helps to bespeak Air Product ‘s ethical and discretional concerns, which relate to its environmental duties such as sustainability and reflects their consumer ‘s variable concerns Carroll ( 1979 ) . Indoctrinating their consumers with positive corporate statements helps to cut down the ill will towards the corporation and preserves the concern ‘s competitory advantage. Bettering their CSR image they can increase their repute, pull ethical investors and entice and maintain reputable employees.

South Africa should be seen as a short-run scheme so it can run into the gases demands of the universe powerhouses such as the USA and China via working the state ‘s resources. They should non nevertheless open their concern in Asia by providing them with gases, as the country is unstable and accordingly so are market conditions.

States such as China may in the hereafter be of strategic importance due to their huge resources, consumer demand and are monetarily much more stable than Mexico or South Africa. It should hence be considered a precedence for operational development over the following five old ages, if Air Product wishes to place itself for future length of service and prosperity by capitalizing on the Asiatic market.

However in the short term Africa is still more comfortable and profitable than any other part. World Air Product has declined by 2.5 % yearly in the past five old ages, apart from in Africa, which saw an addition ( Global Business Insights ) . Therefore Africa is strategically more of import than In-between Eastern, European or USA production in the short-run scheme of Air Product ( BLOBAL BUSINESS INSIGHTS, 2008 ‘The Top Ten Gas Companies ‘ ) .

Air Product can be confident that they are good positioned to turn to the challenges over the following five old ages, due to it holding a strong geographic expedition path record and a big monopoly on universe resources. It besides has an established, technologically advanced substructure. However a more thorough and far-reaching analysis is required in order to make a decision sing the long-run sustainability of the Air merchandise industry. Air Products is headquartered in Trexler town, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and behaviors concern in over 40 states outside the United States. The company has bulk or wholly-owned foreign subordinates that operate in Canada, 17 European states ( chief administrative offices in Hersham, UK and Hattingen, Germany ) , 10 Asiatic states ( chief administrative offices in Singapore and Hong Kong ) and four Latin American states. Air Products besides has involvements in entities runing in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.


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