The Other Side of Heaven is a 2001 movie produced by Academy Award victor Gerald R. Molen and directed by Mitch Davis and stars Christopher Gorham as John Groberg and Anne Hathaway as Jean Sabin. The Other Side of Heaven is about John H. Groberg’s experience as a Mormon missionary in the Tongan islands in the fiftiess. The film focuses on Groberg’s adventuresome experiences and tests while functioning as a missional in the South Pacific. While portraying these events. the movie discusses small LDS divinity. concentrating alternatively on the Mormon missional experience. The film itself is a really inspirational to all of us because there is a batch of us who keep on faulting other people and even God on the bad things that is go oning to us but in truth this is the effect of our action.

It is full of moral values and things that is really realistic and necessities to human. The film portrays what the basic ecclesial community is aimed for to convey together the households and persons in intimate personal societal relationship based on religion. John Groberg’s mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter twenty-four hours Saints to Tonga becomes the instrument of God of learning people the importance of seting the word of God in each in every one’s life. John teaches people that they should hold faith in God. that they should set God at the centre of their household.

John makes people in Tonga solid particularly when the hurricane hits the island. and the island is to a great extent damaged. The people ration their nutrient and H2O to last and many people on the island dice. John shows the importance of functioning people and sharing what you have because through this stance we could alter and act upon people in a really meaningful manner and John has been able to accomplish this.

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