Many people. in their lives have many monstrous people or minutes that shape them to the individual they are presently. This casting of personality. nevertheless. can hold a positive or negative consequence on a individual. It can for good organize a person’s personality for the remainder of their lives. Even though Wes Moore is enrolled in a really sophisticated school. that being Riverdale. the school could non assist Wes Moore in the manner that Valley Forge can. The job with Riverdale does non wholly lie in the school system. it lies in the milieus around the school system. The drug invested streets and all of the force makes it highly difficult for Riverdale schools to be a suited topographic point to acquire an instruction. Temptation surrounds the school system and it can non get away from it. Not holding a whole batch of disciplinary actions for unsuitable behaviour besides causes the school system to crumple away from the best. “The job was that I wasn’t even demoing up half the clip. ” ( Moore 76 ) . The writer Wes Moore does non hold the subject for non traveling to his designated categories.

Even though Wes Moore’s start of school is a small rocky. he gets a wakeup call when he arrives at Valley Forge Military Academy. This military school does non play around with Wes in the slightest. At first. Wes thinks he can make whatever he wants and does non hold to listen to anyone or anything. non even First Sergeant Anderson. The Sergeant aftermaths everyone up and coerce them into the hallway. Wes Moore. nevertheless. does non believe that he has to acquire out of bed for anybody. The Sergeant supports boring Wes to acquire out of bed by stating. “Get your Goat-smelling buttocks out of the rack! ” ( Moore 86 ) . Wes. nevertheless. stands his land and does non travel an inch. The Sergeant so leaves to do Wes believe he has won this conflict between the two of them. Sadly. Wes Moore is mistaken. Suddenly eight pupils at the military school pick up Wes’ bed and cracks him onto the difficult land.

The Valley Forge Military Academy taught Wes Moore what Riverdale ne’er could. train. The other Wes Moore has many educational experiences every bit good. merely non over the same subjects. Yes. the writer and the other Wes Moore both learn how to allow no one trampling over them. they do it in approximately wholly opposite ways. The writer does it by traveling to military school to acquire some subject for himself and to stand up for what he believes in. The Other Wes Moore does it by force and bullying. His thought procedure is if you scare off your enemies. you don’t have to worry about them. The turning point of both the characters is different from each other. The writer turns around his point of views in military school and learns subject. The Other Wes Moore. nevertheless. is when he and his brother Tony are on the tally from the bulls for killing the constabulary officer.

The writer chooses to turn his life about while the Other Wes Moore decides to maintain heading down hill. The Other Wes Moore could hold easy been merely every bit successful as the writer. If the Other Wes Moore had a small spot of subject like the writer does in his life clip. he would hold had a better opportunity at holding a different life. like one that does non hold his buttocks bars for every bit long as he lives. Besides. if the bulls would hold caught him sooner in his drug packs. before he was truly deep in them and did non hold the guilt of killing person. he could hold had a lupus erythematosus of a penalty and turned his life about when he got out of prison. The pack helps Wes putting to death Ray and if he ne’er got involved in the first topographic point he would non hold been capable of killing him. This book makes me believe about how events in a life-time form the sort of individual you will go later in life. Everything connects and shapes a individual. That is why people should take the positive influences in life to bosom and go forth out the negative 1s so the best life awaits a individual in their hereafter.

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