1) Meaning of Ideology: Ideology means a closely organized system of beliefs, values, and ideas forming the basis of a social, economic, or political philosophy or program. It contains those ideas that a nation strives to accomplish in order to bring strength to its nationhood. 2) The Base of Pakistani Ideology: The Pakistani ideology is based on the Islamic ideology, which is quite obvious given the real reasons for the partition of the now Pakistan and India.

The real reason for the partition was that Muslims were being imposed to follow the Hindu religion and the British didn’t help the Muslims and let the Hindus impose thing on the Muslims. The reason for the creation of Pakistan was so that the Muslims could practice their religion without any hindrances. 3) Aims of a Separate Homeland: Hindus and Muslims are completely different from each other, and so, for them to live together in the United India was a complete disaster. The Hindus would not let the Muslims live a peaceful life following their religion.

They would urge the Muslims to join them in their faith and accept their religion. This being a major issue in the life of the Indian Muslims, a separate homeland was demanded. 4) Two Nation Theory: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who presented the two nation theory told the people that the Muslims and the Hindus are two completely different nations and they cannot be merged into a single nation. Sir Syed was the first one to say that the Hindus and the Muslims can not stay happily in one nation because their hatred for each other was too great.

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So the only way to save the Muslims was to create a separate nation for them. 5) Difference in Culture, Civilization and Religion: Each and everything about Muslims and Hindus is different; be it there culture, their civilization or their religion. The main reason for the demand for a separate homeland was that the Muslims believe in sovereignty of Almighty Allah while on the other hand the Hindus believe in several gods. This is simply not acceptable in Islam because including anyone else in Allah Almighty’s personality is unforgivable.

The reason for the nation breaking into two nations was Islam, which differentiates the Muslims from the Hindus. The ideology simply says that the Muslims should be able to live in a country which is their own and practice their religion without any hindrances. The Muslims are free to practice their faith in Pakistan and live in their country according to the teachings and principles of Islam. Islamic Ideology and Pakistan’s Ideology and its deep link on individual life and collective life • Impact on an Individual’s Life:

As Muslims when we have total belief and faith in Islam, we learn to be responsible and discipline ourselves. Man should know that everything that he has is given to him by Allah Almighty and that he should not use it as he pleases but should use it only when Allah Almighty wants him to use them. One should be careful that everything that one does is not hidden from Allah Almighty and everything man does he has to give full accounts for his actions in front of Allah Almighty. Man should never let his passions take control of him and become an untamed beast; he needs to abide by the rules told us by Allah (s. . t). Man should not do deeds which he knows that no worldly power can harm him but should be afraid of Allah Almighty’s lash and abode by the rules that he has told us to follow. When man submits himself wholly to Allah then only he becomes obedient and keeps himself on the right path towards Allah and heaven. The most righteous man is the one who knows that he has a purpose to be sent unto this world and it is to please his creator. And one shall not rest until he has given full account of what he did for his lord and how much time and effort he put in for this purpose. Impact on Collective lives: In Islam everyone enjoys equal rights and equal status and equal opportunities. Because of this there is no one better than the other, none above the other; all are equal. Due to this there are no figures put near the personality of Allah Almighty. Where everyone is equal people are happier and so there are fewer fights. The only difference between Allah’s people can be made by their deeds; the outer/worldly difference does not make any difference and is absolutely wrong in doing so that way.

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