The Perceptions of Arrange Marriage by Young Pakistani Muslim Living in a Western Society particularly the United and Canada was in portion was written by Arshia U. Zaidi who is the Assistant Professor at the University Windsor Ontario Canada. The article will analyze about the perceptual experience of arrange matrimony by the 2nd coevals females Muslim from Pakistan who happened to populate in the western society while their former civilization back place still follow it root from the demand of their households here in the western society. When it comes to love. everyone has a pick to get married whoever they want to. But as the Zaidi stated in this article. non so fast by the manner of traditional method and the rural manner of life in South Asiatic states who have a length strong advocator of arrange matrimony in their civilization. In this article the chief focal point will be chiefly based on three subjects: An Attitude toward Romantic of Mate Love Prior to Marriage. Preferred Method of Mate Selection. and eventually Reason for Engaging in An Arranged Marriage. The article will analyze the advantages and the disadvantages of why arrange matrimony is good in comparing to that of the western society manner of acquiring matrimony.

The first ground why the attitude toward romantic love prior to set up matrimony by many Pakistanis Muslim females who live in the Western society was that. love supposed to be arranged by the two twosomes who happen to cognize each other first before the can acquire matrimonies. The other ground why many Pakistanis Muslim females rejected their parents arranged matrimony was merely because most of these females knew merely one civilization and that is western society civilization where by free will of pick regulation. The South Asiatic females who have come here to western universe understand this civilization better than their parents but their parents still wants them to go on with their traditional civilization of arrange matrimony which is beliing in existent universe among these westerners adult females. The advantage of holding a free pick to get married whoever is the fact that you do non hold to worry about what type of relationship that you are about to come in because you already knew the individual you have about to get married in individual.

The 2nd advantage of why arrange matrimony is non a right pick when it comes to preferable method of Mate choice versus that of self-choice is. most of the Pakistanis Muslim females that were interviewed in the Zaidi article were asked which pick to prefer between the mate choice matrimony and the self-choice? Majority of them selected the self-choice because join-venture is better than the force matrimony whom a individual you are about to get married does non cognize you physically before you meet them. In reading the article. the sentiment of the interviewees agreed with mine due to the fact that love does non hold to be dictated. You can marriage whoever that portions your position in this universe no affair the colour of their tegument or what faith they belong to because at the terminal of the twenty-four hours we are all human being. As Zaidi stated in the article. even in the state like Pakistan and India merely rural and traditional matrimony are still favor more to. compare that to those who lived in the urban countries who are moderate when it comes to marriage.

Third but non last. arrange matrimony has some advantage particularly during the old yearss or back in clip when folks and kins used to govern the universe. Some may believe that arrange matrimony is non a right pick during this epoch. but still the traditional manner that some people are bonded does non allow self-choice to go on frequently. Back in the old yearss. arrange matrimony maintain the kin and tribe closer because in instance if for illustration. if your boy or girl matrimony far off. the parents usually worry about the safety of theirs. Here one time the arrange matrimony happen. the parents will be the one to take the bride or groom and they foremost have to cognize the parents of the individual their girl or boy is about to marriage to. Which to the position of many westerners society is still non to the full understand when it come to the collided of the two civilizations which are ; the civilised society and remainder of the underdeveloped universe chiefly those of South Asiatic states who are still maintaining their civilizations integral.

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In decision. matrimony supposed to be a self-choice non the 1 that supposed to be forced upon by person else. As discussed from the above chief points. you can non purchase love because it is something is abstract and does non hold a spirit merely you can do it to be spirit. There may be all sort of loves but the attitude toward love prior to matrimony ; the preferred of method of mate choice ; and the ground for prosecuting in an ordered matrimony are the 1s that captured might hold captured my attending when traveling through this article written by a really insightful Professor Zaidi. Anyone who is interesting in reading this in the hereafter is extremely recommended.


Zaidi. A. ( 2002 ) . Percepts of arranged matrimonies by immature Pakistani Muslim adult females populating in western society. Journal of Comparative Family Studies. 33 ( 4 ) . 495-514.

02-48-102 Social Institution and Social alteration: Sociology.
Critical Review One Topic: Percepts of Arranged Marriages by Young Pakistani Muslim Women Living in Western Society. By Arshia U. Zaidi

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