Many times when believing about dance the first thing comes to mind is a concert or dance in a saloon. Never did I think dancing was a work of art. Dancing can be used for many things. one specific is communicating. I’ve chosen two manners of dance that’s beloved to me which is concert dance and wind dance. Dance is one of the most universe activities in the universe. It’s used on several different occasions.

Ballet is an art of dance created by organic structure motion. Ballet began in Italy in the fifteenth century. Harmonizing. to the ( Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. 2014 ) . “In the sixteenth century. Catherine de Medici. an Italian Lady. married woman of King Henry II of France and a great frequenter of the humanistic disciplines. began to fund concert dance in the Gallic tribunal. Her luxuriant festivals encouraged the growing of concert dance de cour. a plan that included dance. decor. costume. vocal. music and poesy. A century subsequently. King Louis XIV helped to popularise and standardise the art signifier. A passionate terpsichorean. he danced many functions himself. including that of the Sun King in Ballet de la nuit. His love of concert dance fostered its lift from a past clip for amateurs to an enterprise necessitating professional preparation. ” In concert dance the usage of line is use rather frequently. The organic structure motions are the chief focal point in concert dance. A concert dance terpsichorean is chiefly dancing on point or “toe work. ” Rhythm is besides of import in concert dance because as a terpsichorean the modus operandi has to be exact as adept.

Choreographers work truly difficult to do certain the art is performed right. Jazz dance is chiefly for amusement. When I hear jazz dance I immediately think about guitars and membranophones crushing to reggae round. Jazz dance is a organic structure motion along with a pat. Jazz dance is fun when a group of people are involved. “Jazz dance is an American signifier of dance that developed in the early 1900s as both African and European peoples began to blend their dance traditions. Africans focused on beat and torso motion and Europeans on musical harmoniousnesss. common people and societal dances. ” ( Schrader. C. A. 2005 ) When executing wind dance the organic structure is traveling in different beat. the weaponries can be in one place while the legs are executing a wholly different move.

Wind terpsichoreans chiefly perform solo or unless at a parade. This particualr dance influences each terpsichorean to be better and more involve with new modus operandis. Harmonizing. to ( Schrader. C. A. 2005 ) “During the past 15 old ages. wind dance has become the footing of music picture. The combination of blame. vocalizing and wind dance have spawned “hip-hop. ” Ballet and Jazz dance both are really in debt when it comes to larning them. They both bring different modus operandis and composing elements. Although concert dance and wind dance have a batch in common they are both performed otherwise.

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