When comparing South African acting humanistic disciplines with that of first universe states one might be inclined to see it as being in a province of crises. But merely like one can non compare apples with oranges one can non compare one state ‘s state of affairs in the acting humanistic disciplines with that of another, because of the different contexts they find themselves in. If you look at Heilbrun and Gray ‘s book, Economics of art and civilization, it becomes clear that like all other establishment, the acting humanistic disciplines, operate in a material universe ruled by economic sciences and depends on the audiences ‘ to purchase the tickets, alternatively of passing it on other recreational activities. Ticket gross revenues are besides capable to the possible audiences gustatory sensations and pockets, something that differs greatly between states ( 2001:9 ) .

Changes Post-Apartheid

Post-1994 South Africa ‘s cultural landscape has been altering invariably, with among other things, the acting humanistic disciplines councils that traditionally supported white acting humanistic disciplines being undermined and without the needed information ‘s handiness ( mediaclub South Africa ) . South African creative persons and theatre practicians are left with their custodies tied ( van Graan & A ; Ballantyne 2002: thirteen ) . This uncertainness caused less plants being created but this is turning about with new authors and performing artists come ining the scene ( mediaclub ) . Bad investing determinations by boards have besides caused province theatre occupant companies to shut down. This lead to the constitution of many new public presentation companies and smaller private theaters and festivals ( new wave Graan & A ; Ballantyne 2002:21, 22 ) .

PANSA ‘s study 2004

When looking at PANSA, Performing Arts Network of South Africa, Presentation to the Parliamentary Ad Hoc Committee on Arts and Culture of June 2004, there are large jobs when it comes to the distribution and direction of financess. First the financess are non distributed every bit among the states Gauteng being favored over Limpopo and Mpumalanga among others. The most of import organic structure that distributes public financess for the humanistic disciplines and culture- the National Arts Council- is accused of compromising creative person, hapless direction that makes be aftering hard because they take a long clip to O.K. support and performing artists struggle to acquire the money they are owed. The money from the National Lottery is besides non making its full potency harmonizing to this presentation because of hapless organisation. PANSA in this presentation feels that when it comes to authorities funded theaters that they are no used efficaciously blowing resources and because there is n’t adequate transparence, when it comes to large undertakings, a choice few are the lone 1s that can use for them. Besides the same job with CREATE SA and The development of Humanistic disciplines and Culture, there are adequate financess but they are non distributed reasonably, equally or in some instances to the right people. So in this presentation in 2004 the biggest job was non the financess but the distribution of it ( PANSA 2004 ) .

Present jobs

Traveling along in clip closer to the present, the acting humanistic disciplines still necessitate a batch more attending harmonizing to the Annual study of the section of humanistic disciplines and civilization tor the period 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011 none of the marks for the acting humanistic disciplines were met because of late blessings, entries and capacity and budget restraints ( 2011: 35 ) . And of the Eight Nedbank Arts affinity undertakings that got support in 2012, merely two were in the acting humanistic disciplines ( Humanistic disciplines and Culture trust 2012:1 ) . But this can be because the acting humanistic disciplines do non pull large adequate audiences. Harmonizing to Brent Meersman, “ The acting humanistic disciplines should n’t look for audiences in estranging cultural sand traps like the State Theatre. ” ( Mail and Guardian 3 July 2012 ) Meersman argues that theater ‘s biggest job in South Africa is that it merely caters for a really little elite group, that is acquiring smaller. Theaters are non accessible, because of where it is positioned public conveyance is non an option and it is expensive, excepting a big portion of the possible audience. It is besides structured harmonizing to Western Ideas of the 4th wall that alienates an synergistic South African audience ( Mail and Guardian 3 July 2012 ) . But shriveling audiences is a worldwide job for the acting humanistic disciplines, because of a combination of socio-political and economic alterations. In our society that has become really instant because of engineering there is no hazard or delay involved when it comes to devouring merchandises. The consumer can for illustration ticker a dawdler and have an thought what a film is approximately, or toss the channel when a certain plan is non run intoing his or her specific demands, without go forthing the comfort of his or her place. But when it comes to the acting arts the consumer can seldom truly prove the merchandise beforehand, and is suck in the public presentation for the balance of the show. It besides cost more than electronic signifiers of amusement and in economic systems, like that of South Africa, the electronic replacement seems to be the more practical option because it takes less physical labour to reproduce ( Antrobus 2009: 4 ; 5 ) .

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Humanistic disciplines Festivals

But that been said there is a phenomenon happening at the different humanistic disciplines festivals that is positive to the acting humanistic disciplines. In Antrobus ‘ survey for his thesis in 2009 he looked at the consumers at the National Arts Festival, and found that most festival hearers will watch about anything, he labels them as a strain of audience, the “ Festavore ” . They attend public presentations to acquire every bit much out of the hebdomad as possible. This harmonizing to Antrobus makes the art festivals non merely of import for the development of the humanistic disciplines but besides, expands theater ‘s audience, educating them in theater but besides doing theatre portion of South African civilization as a whole ( Antrobus 2009: 1 ) . This survey besides found that the genre does non necessitate to be one that is familiar to the “ Festivor ” consumer, or needfully one he participates in or likes, it is more about researching gustatory sensation than lodging to preconceived thoughts ( Antrobus 2009: 22 ) .

The National Arts Festival, is the biggest of its sort in Africa and has inspired many other of it ‘s sort pulling different audiences nationally, like the Afrikaans Klein Karoo Nationale kunstefees, Aarklop, Arts Alive, Gariep Kunstefees and Macufe in Bloemfontein ( Media nine ) . The handiness of these different festivals makes audiences turn and gives the acting arts a phase to develop on ( Antrobus 2009:1 ) .

South African Film industry

Harmonizing to the National Film and Video Foundation: 2010 Overview, the South African movie and telecasting industry is turning fast. With entries for the one-year South African Film and telecasting awards trebling between 2009 and 2010 because of more movies being produced in South Africa. This can be as a consequence of the South African National broadcasters fiscal crises, that has left many people without occupations and financess, coercing lasting companies to look towards feature movies and docudramas. Better direction of the Department of Trade and Industry, has besides helped to excite the field economically, despite the SABC ‘s crises the funded characteristic movies could duplicate in one twelvemonth. The south African box office besides climbed from 0,8 % on norm to 10 % with 15 South African movies being released between January and August of 2010. It is really clear that the south African Film industry is turning quickly giving hope to the acting humanistic disciplines ( NFVF 2010 ) .


The South African acting humanistic disciplines in the twenty-first century are non wholly in crisis, the humanistic disciplines merely necessitate to turn and alter with the society it operates in. I agree with the findings of the humanistic disciplines and Culture conference about traveling the humanistic disciplines frontward, the humanistic disciplines have to admit the jobs, non be disillusioned by them but instead expression for new ways to get the better of them. Form confederations with people portion the same vision to beef up it and besides be entrepreneurs, because support is non ever available it is of import to look at other options. Last the acting humanistic disciplines need to concentrate attending on instruction to bread a passion for the humanistic disciplines in the following coevals ( Arts and Culture trust 2012 ) .

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