I want to state you about the celebrated novel “The image of Dorian Gray” which was written by Oscar Wilde. “The image of Dorian Gray” is the merely published novel of this author. Some words about Oscar Wilde. He was born on the 16 of October in 1854 in Dublin. Ireland and died on the 30 of November in 1900 in Paris. He was the 2nd of 3 kids. He was an Irish author and poet. He became one of London’s most popular dramatists in the early 1890s. Today he is remembered for his quip and dramas. several of which are widely considered chef-d’oeuvres. Wilde’s parents were successful Dublin intellectuals.

Their boy became fluid in Gallic and German early in life. But he proved himself to be an outstanding classicist. foremost at Dublin. so at Oxford. He became known for his engagement in the lifting doctrine of aestheticism. Wilde had sexual dealingss with work forces and male childs. so he was imprisoned for 2 old ages. After prison Oscar changed his name in Sebastian Melmoth. He was died in expatriate in France November 30. 1900 from acute meningitis and was buried in the Bagneux graveyard in Paris. About 10 old ages subsequently he was reburied on Pere-Lachaise graveyard and the winged rock sphinx was set on his grave.

His chief plants:
* Poems ( 1881 )
* The Happy Prince and Other Stories ( 1888. faery narratives )
* Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories ( 1891. narratives )
* House of Pomegranates ( 1891. faery narratives )
* Intentions ( 1891. essays and duologues on aesthetics )
* The Picture of Dorian Gray ( foremost published in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine July 1890. in book signifier in 1891 ; novel )
* The Soul of Man under Socialism ( 1891. political essay )
* Lady Windermere’s Fan ( 1892. drama )

* A Woman of No Importance ( 1893. drama )
* An Ideal Husband ( performed 1895. published 1898 ; drama ) * The Importance of Bing Earnest ( performed 1895. published 1898 ; drama ) * De Profundis ( written 1897. published diversely 1905. 1908. 1949. 1962 ; epistle ) * The Ballad of Reading Gaol ( 1898. verse form ) .

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The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Puting and Time. The events of this fresh take topographic point in England. in London. in “Victorian” London. The clip of the novel is divided into 2 parts between which the 18 old ages passed. But precise clip is non pointed. I think when the writer wrote this novel ( 1891 ) this clip he described in his work.

Plot. The fresh Begins with a conversation between Lord Henry Wotton and his old friend. a gifted painter Basil Hallward in his workroom. Hallward is working on a portrayal of an remarkably fine-looking chap whom he has met late. The chap is 20 old ages old and his name is Dorian Gray. When the painter had finished his work. he has presented a portrayal to Dorian. who looking at the portrayal idea: “If the portrayal alterations and I could ever be as I am now” . Then Dorian Begins to pass on with Henry Wotton really frequently and hi dips into the high life: he attends different feasts. spends his eventides in the operas.

Meanwhile Dorian fell in love with the actress of the hapless theater Sybila Wayne. One twenty-four hours Dorian goes tj the theater with Henry and Basil to see how Sibila will execute the function of Juliet. But she had a fail and Dorian went out. stating “You killed my love” . The following twenty-four hours he knows that the miss committed a self-destruction. The talented portrayal becomes a mirror of the psyche of Dorian: it reflects all the awful things that Dorian did. For illustration. after the decease of Sibila the atrocious furrow appeared on his face. Basil is seeking to speak to him. but in response to this Dorian kills him with a knife. Over many old ages Dorian doesn’t alteration. he is immature and beautiful adult male. But one time he decides to destruct his portrayal. In the terminal. his retainers reveal the dead organic structure of the old adult male in the room. Fictional characters. The list of chief characters: – Dorian Gray

* Basil Hallward
* Lord Henry Wotton
* Sibila Wayne

Dorian Gray is a immature adult male who is endowed unbelievable beauty. He devotes his life to hedonism and corruption. This figure is double. He combines a romantic
and aesthetic individual with barbarous. ruthless wrongdoer ( condemnable ) . These two opposing sides of his character are in changeless battle with each other. The writer puts Dorian Gray in antic state of affairs: he gives him ageless young person and beauty. but his image on the portrayal is aging and becomes ugly. Dorian traded his psyche to happen ageless pleasances. In the beginning of the fresh Dorian is described as clever. nice individual. respectable blue blood. but after the decease of Sibila he becomes cruel. violent. terrible. heartless and soulless. immoral. inhuman and hardhearted. Basil Hallward is an creative person who painted the Dorian’s portrayal. His utmost devotedness to Dorian Gray distinguishes him from other characters in whom he sees his ain ideal of beauty and adult male.

Basil is a really originative individual. he puts his bosom and psyche into his plants. For him Dorian is “motive in art” . Basil is cagey. sort. intelligent. witting individual who is ever ready to assist. Lord Henry is an blue blood. a sermonizer of the new thoughts of hedonism. He is apathetic to the people. he chooses friends and enemies on the footing of aesthetic considerations and opportunism. So. I can state he is cheeky. cheeky. sarcastic. avid. hypocritical and heartless. Sibila Wayne is an actress and one of the most astonishing and moral images of the novel. Before run intoing with Dorian she was populating in a fantasy universe. the universe of the theatre. she was a gifted actress. Love showed her the artificiality of her universe where she didn’t lived. but merely played. With love in her psyche the endowment is lost because she tries to get away from the universe of semblances to the existent universe. But it leads her to her decease. She suggested Dorian love that would be an art in existent life.

Subjects. In the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” the basic aesthetic rules of the theory of art by Oscar Wilde ( the foreword to the novel ) and their artistic realisation ( the novel ) are combined. In the novel. a alone ambiance of beauty is created – beautiful people. superb address. perfect plants of art. though sometimes the beauty turns into an empty embroidery. The subject of the fresh – the futility of seeking to fit the life and art. The chief thought is associated with the emptiness of aestheticism. The writer shows us how gross outing the beauty may be sometimes from the interior. So. the another subject of the novel is interior and outer beauty.

Language. The manner of Wilde’s authorship is really difficult and complicated to read. He uses a batch of complicated sentence constructions. complex sentences with homogenous members. direct reference. parenthesis ( for illustration. in the address of Lord Henry ) . But besides he uses simple. impersonal sentences in Dorian’s address. Wilde utilizations in his novel a batch of duologues. but narrative is besides assisted ( description of Dorian’s ideas ) .

Opinions. First. I read this novel in brief. it is interested me. so I decided to watch the movie. the screen version was really astonishing. fantastic and I liked it. Besides. I know that there are 28 screen versions of this novel. When I had clip I read this fresh to the full. This book includes the foreword with 25 author’s aphorisms about art. From the first pages I found it tiring and hard. but reading on and on I could non rupture myself off. This novel has made a strong feeling on me. Feelingss were non pleasant because there is revealed the autumn of the psyche. the development and advancement of immorality. But I can state that the chief character. Dorian Gray was a painstaking adult male. and rather self-critical. He on occasion looked into his interior universe ( portrayal ) . saw the consequences of his autumn. and knew what was go oning. Wilde surprisingly showed the enlargement of Dorian’s psyche that makes you think. After reading. I was lost in idea that the outer shell can be wholly misdirecting. how frequently we forget about interior beauty caring merely about the outer beauty. Furthermore. the novel is full of different apothegms and citations. If you note down quotation marks. you can happen a big figure of them in this book. I think you would wish many of them. Of class. I recommend reading this fantastic novel to all those who have non read.


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