Capitation is a attention direction scheme introduced as a population-based organisation and bringing of attention to the general population. In implementing this scheme across the wellness attention system. the effectivity and quality of wellness attention proviso should better. ( Talbott & A ; Hales. 2001 ) However. in pattern. differing sentiments emerged over the virtue of capitation in guaranting the bringing of effectual and quality wellness attention services because of the outgrowth of advantages and disadvantages in the execution of the scheme. With heightened competition among managed attention organisations. the effectivity of capitation in equilibrating cost-effectiveness in wellness attention with effectual and quality wellness attention emerged as a important issue.

The wining treatment looks into the advantages and disadvantages of capitation to find its virtue as a scheme in wellness attention finance. If the disadvantages of capitation outweigh its advantages so it may be high clip to look for alternate schemes in wellness attention finance. If the advantages overshadow the disadvantages so indicating to countries for betterment would profit betterments in this wellness attention finance scheme.

Capitation as a Health Care Finance Strategy

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Capitation refers to the payment of a fixed sum per individual made in progress of the covered period to wellness attention suppliers or entities in exchange for the agreement or proviso of the contracted wellness attention services to the eligible persons within the specified period. After reception of advanced payment. the wellness attention supplier or entity assumes the duty to set up or present services to the eligible people covered by the wellness attention agreement. ( Bazzoli et al. . 2000 ; Talbott & A ; Hales. 2001 )

This implies a figure of things. One deduction is the shifting of financial duty to wellness attention suppliers in set uping and supplying wellness attention services because a fixed-sum payment for the service has already been made and it is up to the wellness attention supplier to service qualified persons by sing the two factors of cost effectivity and ethical attention ( Bazzoli et al. . 2000 ) . Arranging or supplying services that exceed the fixed amount means that the wellness attention supplier or entity absorbs the extra cost but wellness attention suppliers besides carry the professional duty to present effectual and quality wellness attention to persons.

The other deduction is the risk-sharing involved in capitation ( Talbott & A ; Hales. 2001 ) . By and large. two parties are involved in capitation. wellness insurance companies or organisations and wellness attention suppliers or entities. Persons obtain wellness attention programs with wellness insurance companies to set up capitation agreements with wellness attention suppliers or entities.

Hazard is shared because if the cost of wellness attention services is less than the advanced payment so the wellness attention insurance company technically experient loss but if the cost is greater than the advanced payment so the wellness attention supplier or entity bears the difference in payment ( Talbott & A ; Hales. 2001 ) . As such. force per unit area falls on wellness attention suppliers to equilibrate cost with quality wellness attention service. Both parties can bear the hazard of loss in one instance or the other so that the countervailing consequence makes the scheme work for both parties. On the portion of patients. they are ensured of wellness attention services under the capitation scheme.

Positive Effectss of Capitation

Expectations and existent experience with capitation shows that this has a figure of positive effects. One positive consequence of capitation is the improved wellness attention service for patients ( Talbott & A ; Hales. 2001 ) . Since wellness attention suppliers and entities provide service with financial duty for these services. there emerges the motive to develop agencies of efficaciously pull offing any recurring and chronic conditions in the group covered by the capitation agreement.

Health attention suppliers. cognizing they have to present cost effectual quality service. necessitate to hone their competency in turn toing common wellness attention jobs among the covered group. Persons organizing portion of the group so anticipate to have effectual and choice service as needed within the given period. Leff et Al. ( 1994 ) studied the effects of four capitation plans on mental wellness attention and found that entree to wellness attention service every bit good as adequateness and rightness of wellness attention proviso is better in the capitation plans when compared to the payment for service agreements. This means that even if there is the motive for cost effectivity. service bringing besides improved.

Another positive consequence is improved cost direction by wellness attention suppliers and entities ( Bazzoli et al. . 2000 ) . The hazard involved in hazard sharing constitutes an inducement for wellness attention suppliers and entities to place and implement agencies of minimising the cost of attention proviso by minimising unneeded use of resources and promoting cost-efficient use of resources.

Capitation provides better chance for innovativeness on ways of supplying cost-efficient quality wellness attention service such as the focal point on preventative wellness attention such as visits with the aged to help in the proper medicine consumption to forestall faux pass and falls and proviso of early sensing intercession is more cost-efficient than handling hurts and escalated wellness conditions. ( Blumenthall. 1996 ; Rice et Al. . 2000 ; Bloom et Al. . 2002 )

Still another positive consequence is the enhanced integrating between wellness attention suppliers and wellness attention establishments in footings of administrative direction. hazard direction. advanced service bringing. and other countries affecting outstanding integrating ( Bazzoli et al. . 2000 ) . To supply effectual quality wellness attention service. physicians and infirmaries have to work together in developing organized and effectual attention direction.

Since both besides portion the hazard. integrating becomes necessary for both parties to minimise hazard realization by guaranting the efficient usage of hospital resources and allotment of the competency of doctors. However. feedback from the American Health Association merely supported efficiency but non needfully important cost decrease ( Bazzoli. 2000 ) . Nevertheless. efficiency in attention direction is an of import positive consequence of capitation that could impact. albeit indirectly. cost direction.

Negative Effectss of Capitation

Equally much as there are positive effects. appraisals and experience with capitation besides shows that it has a major negative consequence. A negative consequence is the hazard of professional and ethical misconduct in service bringing that adversely affects patients and the profession. Capitation involves the hazard that wellness attention service supplier would supply inadequate and deficient service to covered persons necessitating wellness attention by merely restricting the service to the fixed amount received. This is an impending hazard since existent service bringing depends on wellness attention suppliers and their ability to equilibrate cost effectivity with quality service.

Prioritization of cost effectivity over quality service could go on. In add-on. wellness attention suppliers could besides hold to capitation agreements covering a group less likely to necessitate wellness attention service within the peculiar period to the disadvantage of groups necessitating intensive medical attention. The ground for the penchant is so the wellness attention service would necessitate lesser cost to let the wellness attention supplier to accomplish additions.

Bloom et Al. . ( 2002 ) showed that mental wellness attention patients constitute one group likely to be the non-preferred group because of the high cost of intervention due to uninterrupted attention. The outlook of higher cost than the fixed amount paid is a disincentive to hold to a capitation understanding covering this group. Some managed attention organisations have benefited from this strategy. This non merely works to the hurt of the population but besides the unity of the medical profession. ( Blumenthall. 1996 )

Deductions of the Positive and Negative Effectss

There are more positive effects than negative effects. which mean that capitation constitutes a feasible and effectual system in wellness attention finance. The positive effects show that these are accomplishable and have been experienced in existent pattern. As such. the realization of these benefits can be duplicated in other capitation plans to back up the viability of this wellness attention finance scheme in carry throughing its intended ends. The negative effects show that this is a hazard. which means it can go on or non.

There are documented instances utilizing capitation as a proprietary activity but there are limited instances showing the demoing the realization of the hazard. Furthermore. a hazard means that it is preventable doing ordinance or inadvertence of the execution of capitation in wellness attention finance of import ( Swartz & A ; Brennan. 1996 ) . With effectual ordinance of capitation. the hazard could be averted giving manner to the realisation of its positive effects. Bettering the capitation standards could besides guarantee indifferent wellness attention bringing such as the needs-based capitation expression developed in the U. K ( Rice et al. . 2000 ) .

Relation to Other Surveies

A broad scope of research has been done on capitation in the wellness attention system including the economic sciences of capitation. instance surveies of capitation plans. and appraisal of its effects and effectivity. This paper considers the consequences of these surveies to nail the positive and negative effects to measure the virtue of capitation as a wellness attention finance scheme. Information supports my positive position over capitation.


Capitation has more positive and accomplishable effects than negative consequence. In add-on. the negative consequence is preventable through ordinance and inadvertence. Realization of benefits of capitation is feasible provided the hazard is punctually addressed.


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