In her article. “The Last Shot” . Darcy Frey takes us through the life of a fighting underprivileged senior in high school. Russell Thomas. life in the undertakings of Coney Island who is utilizing his hoops endowment to seek and do it to the NBA in hopes of a better life. On the other terminal of the spectrum. in his article “The Best Pickup-Basketball Player in America” . Timothy Harper embraces the life of a 50 twelvemonth old successful man of affairs. Allan Dalton. traveling through great lengths to go on playing hoops by showing his passion for the game even though he wasn’t able to do a calling from it. Allan Dalton and Russell Thomas are really different in respects to the socioeconomic position and other cultural influences. but even though these participants seem like they have nil in common they portion the same dedication and passion for the game.

Allan Dalton and Russell Thomas grew up in two really different environments which made a immense impact on their privileges sing hoops. Frey describes Russell’s impoverished and preponderantly black vicinity of New York’s Cooney Island ; “In this vicinity. on a peninsula of the southern tip of Brooklyn. there are about no shops. no trees. no constabulary. merely block after block of grey cement projects-hulking prisonlike. and stick outing directly into the sea. ” This shows us that because this vicinity is so stray and underprivileged adolescents such as Russell Thomas had no counsel or control and were able to roll the streets all twenty-four hours doing it more likely for them to acquire into problem and travel anyplace except school. The metropolis was full of hoops tribunals and for the adolescents the game signified an flight from world.

On the other manus. Harper describes the scene of Allan Dalton’s geographic location and why he has to go forth his vicinity in order to happen the game he is looking for. “Other hubbies and male parents of his age in the leafy suburbs of Franklin Lakes. New Jersey are kicking back. stowing golf bags. seting off tools. firing up gas grills as Dalton climbs into his BMW and weaves along the weaving lanes toward the trim difficult resort areas of New York City. ” By depicting Dalton’s vicinity as he is go outing he is blossoming his socioeconomic position to us. Dalton drives a BMW. his neighbours are good off or middleclass work forces who are playing golf and firing up grills while he is traveling to play in the slums of New York non because he resides there like Russell Thomas but because he is taking to.

Even though Dalton chooses to travel countries such as the 1 that Thomas is turning up in he is non taking to populate at that place and he is passing merely some of his clip there which is why the two characters position of the “slums” is really diverse. Overall. Russell faces many challenges because of the scarce chances in his surrounding and positions hoops as his “Last Shot” to get away. while Dalton on the other manus escapes his world of a high category superficial society by traveling to the slums and showing his passion for hoops as “the best pickup-basketball” participant in America.

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Another of import factor that distinguishes Russell Thomas and Allan Dalton is the chance of instruction in respects to basketball. Harmonizing to NCAA regulations. pupils who want to play athleticss in a four-year Division 1 school. those with the nation’s top athletic plans. must come in college with at least a 70 norm in high school and holding received a combined mark of at least a 700 in the math and verbal subdivisions of the SAT’s. ( Frey. pg 47 ) . For many pupils. such as Russell Thomas. this was simply impossible due to the deficiency of instruction they had received get downing from simple school. Russell Thomas and many others merely like himself didn’t have parents as role-models who they could turn to for support and counsel and hence school became a minor importance to them doing them to give up on their surveies.

This was extremely ambidextrous for prospect participants such as Russell Thomas. because even though his hoops accomplishments were exceeding his opportunities of having a scholarship and wining were bantam due to his educational standing. For participants such as Allan Dalton who had grown up in a healthy environment obstructions for having a scholarship in conformity to classs. and obtaining a sheepskin were much more come-at-able ; hoops or athletics wasn’t their lone door to success. Allan Dalton was a schoolboy star at Hyde Park High School. in Boston and averaged twenty six points a game as a senior in 1970-1971 for Suffolk University.

This shows us that for Dalton school wasn’t such as a challenge as it was for Thomas. and for Thomas hoops seemed to come more of course while Dalton had to work hard on his game. Timothy Harper portions with us in his article that in the spring of 1971 Dalton was drafted by the Boston Celtics. but he didn’t do it to team and had to fall back to playing nine hoops. Overall. even though Thomas and Dalton faced different challenges they both had to work hard to get the better of their obstructions to make their dreams irrespective of whether the challenge was instruction or their accomplishment in the game.

Although Russell Thomas and Allan Dalton come from two really different backgrounds and are in really different places they portion a common dedication and devotedness to the game of hoops regardless of what their grounds for this may be. In her article. Darcy Frey reveals to us that the first clip that Russell took the SATs. he received a combined mark someplace in the mid 500s. and you receive 400 points for subscribing your name. This twelvemonth he gave up his tiffin period to analyze and recently he’s been transporting around a set of vocabulary flash cards. which he pulls out whenever at that place isn’t a hoops in his manus. This illustrates his dedication to the game because without equal classs Thomas wouldn’t be able to play and therefore his dreams of a scholarship would be unachievable.

His attitude on holding to analyze more than others because of deficiency of instruction is besides exceeding because alternatively of giving up he is seeking even harder to turn out that even with all the fortunes he was confronting he is able to acquire to the desired degree through difficult work and dedication. Even though Allan Dalton makes a life through concern and does non trust hoops every bit much he besides exerts the same sort of dedication for the game of hoops ; “Sometimes on Saturday eventides. back in his hotel room after a twenty-four hours of turn outing himself yet once more. on yet another resort area. against yet another group of spring immature legs excessively tired to take of his gym shoes. his caput thumping from an effort concern. he wonders whether he should hold accept one of those dinner invitations. but the following forenoon he’s up early once more. looking out the hotel window. trusting for some sunlight so that he can play some hoops. look intoing the zephyr to see if he and his teammates can hit from the exterior. ” ( Harper. pg 56 )

After all the battles that Dalton is faced with day-to-day including his age and physical ability he is still non giving up his love for the game. Dalton is an older adult male and because of his age his is frequently faced with stereotypes on the hoops tribunal including other immature teammates oppugning his ability and accomplishment. By giving himself to the game of hoops and non allowing anything discourage him by maintaining a positive attitude. Dalton becomes an inspiration to immature participants. Inclusively. the dedication that was shown by Russell Thomas sing his instruction and Allan Dalton in refering his pickup games shows us that even though they are two really diverse participants they portion a powerful characteristic doing them more similar than we could conceive of on the interior.

All of us are faced with different battles in our lives merely like Dalton and Thomas and we must larn how to confront these obstructions and seek to do alterations that will impact us merely in positive ways. Russell Thomas had to larn how to get by with the fact that he was underprivileged and accept the fact that there were factors in his cultural milieus that he could non alter such as his socioeconomic position. while Allan Dalton had to confront the world that he was non the most skilled hoops participant and would non do it to the NBA.

Both of these participants did the right thing by accepting what they could non alter and doing the best of the state of affairs ; Russell Thomas worked harder than of all time before to educate himself while Allan Dalton kept himself happy by ne’er discontinuing and go oning to be an illustration by demoing the dedication of a true participant by playing pickup hoops and animating others. All in all. it isn’t needfully endowment or intelligence that’s traveling to acquire you the farthest in life. it’s how you choose to see things and how much attempt you put in that is traveling to honor you. In the terminal. the happiest people in life don’t have the best of everything they merely make the best of everything they have.


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