Dream is something that all of us need to have. It is our vision. Dream is what you want to do for your future. I believe that having a great dream, is a must to us. And I have a big dream I know in order to pursue my dream, I will face failure. This cannot be stopped. Even Albert Einstein and Sir Isaacs Newton faced failure when they are trying to create a great formula that is remained to be used till today. When I was a child, my teachers and parent’s said to me, ‘people who have no dreams of the future will not fly far away.

Because of those inspiring words from my parent’s and teachers, I wanted to be many things like being a doctor , lawyer, teacher many more ,but I always wanted to be an engineer this dream of mine was quite a common one but still after growing up I was adamant on this dream. I would not let go of this so easily but sometimes while working on it I used to think why do I have to do it. But as I told you I was very adamant on it . I got the inspiration of being an engineer by my dad cause he is one too .

As a child my dad wanted to Join the army but as he realized his abilities he Joined an engineering collage. It was very tough for him cause it was in a very new place but sill he completed it. My second inspiration was a neighbor of mine . He was not an engineer but his will of becoming what he wanted to become was very strong. His circumstances were very bad but still he overcame after that these two idealistic people for me where my inspiration. Whenever I felt I could not do it I always looked up to them which filled my heart full of inspiration, then working on that dream was a piece of cake .

After knowing I was not good in math I was very upset . Then I worked on it. Till I was perfect. I had already decided my collage which I wanted to go how much to score for that and how to score for that . I want to go to a premier institute of technology which will make me achieve my dream of being an excellent engineer . Which I sure will achieve. Days are near of proving my self what a big engineer I want to be so working on my dream is a must because dreams does not come true Just while idling it comes through hardwood.

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