1. 0. Abstraction:

Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. is a GSM-based cellular operator in Bangladesh. Airtel is the 6th nomadic phone bearer to come in the Bangladesh market. and originally launched commercial operations under the trade name name “Warid Telecom” on May 10. 2007. The intent of doing this study was to cognize about the alterations that took topographic point when Airtel took over Warid in 2010. There were tonss of rumours of this alteration from 2008 and it was more like an unfastened secret within the organisation that airtel will unify with Warid. There were tonss of tensins that people will lose their occupation. but airtel?s concern theoretical account is such that cipher lost their occupation. alternatively the IT functionaries got the opportunity to work in IBM. Ericsson and Siemens. So the alteration was good and employees adapted reasonably nicely. However the HR patterns of Warid were really steadfast so employee dissatisfaction were reasonably high. but Airtel put a batch of accent on employee battle. so turnover rate in Airtel is about nothing.

2. 0. Executive Summary

Airtel is the 6th telecom operators in Bangladesh. In January 2010. Bharti Airtel Limited. Asia?s taking integrated telecom services supplier. acquired 70 % interest in Warid Telecom. Bangladesh. Since so the journey of airtel in Bangladesh has started. But officially the activities with the trade name “Airtel” started on 20th. December. 2011 in Bangladesh. As an emerging company Airtel is making highly good. Through their important progresss in Bangladesh. Airtel is traveling in front on the path to accomplish their ends. The study has been prepared in align with HR activities at Airtel. Airtel values its human resources and its HR policies are aimed at aiming and retaining best endowment in the industry. as the direct impact of the organisations betterment falls upon the employees.

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The organisation work to develop and nurture battle. which requires a bipartisan relationship between employer and employee. The purpose of this research is to happen out the schemes and attacks that are taken by the Organization to construct up Employee Engagement and the effectivity of Employee Engagement in Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. This study provides the tactics and attacks of high perceived of organisational support taken by Employee. The study findings show that there are several factors that make employees satisfied and a positive result of Airtel. All engaged employees who intellectually and emotionally bound with the organisation who feel passionate about its ends and its committed towards its values therefore they go the excess stat mi beyond the basic occupation.

3. 0. Materials and Methods:

3. 1. Primary research: As there is a deficiency of mention stuff. most of the analysis is based on observations and interviews with direction. trainers and trainees.

3. 2. Secondary research: Mentions from text editions. web sites and articles is used to help the analysis.

4. 0. Introduction:

Fastest turning telecommunication sector of Bangladesh had been incorporated with the 6th nomadic phone bearer which presently known as “Airtel” . It is deserving adverting here that. this company was really launched its commercial operations under the protections of the trade name “Warid Telceom” in 2007. Later on. Warid telecom sold a bulk 70 % interest in the company to India based company Bharti Airtel Limited for US $ 300 million. The full direction control was taken over by Bharti Airtel Ltd and was successful plenty to revamp the whole company under their ain Airtel trade name from 2010.

After it had been approved by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission on Jan 4. 2010. the parent company arranged for better direction. control. operation for this fresh aspect of them. This fiscal agreement is being used for the enlargement. better web. better coverage and capacity. advanced and new offers and services. Along with all these agreements. new aspects. determinations and support. Airtel Bangladesh is undergoing a immense success and profitable concern. Dhabi Group continues as a strategic spouse retaining 30 % shareholding and has its campaigners on the Board of the Company.

Peoples in any organisation are those assets which are built-in portion for the growing and development of any organisation. Therefore. changeless preparation and development plan along with some attractive compensation and benefits is no uncertainty a great facilitation for them. Following that. placing the grounds behind the being of unsated work force and pull offing them consequently is the chief challenge for HR. This study describes the acquisition. direction. development and betterment of the work force of Airtel Bangladesh Limited and how they are the most efficient and effectual section to use and prolong their gifted human resources.

5. 0. Requirement Procedure
Working at airtel means a portion of the trade name that has ranked 7th in the list of most In Demand. Airtel is a trade name that is future ready in footings of engineering and most significantly. a trade name that is ready to enthrone its hereafter in the custodies of a clump of immature and vivacious campus recruits that will determine the manner the organisation conducts concern traveling frontward. An airtel calling therefore offers an chance to race in front:

5. 1. Pre Placement Talks
Pre arrangement negotiations are conducted on campuses about the plans for immature professionals. In order to advise the pupil of the overplus of chances has to offer for immature professionals. 5. 2. Application From

Post the pre arrangement talk. interested campaigners are invited to use through an airtel application from which is circulated with the aid of several campus arrangement commissions.

5. 3. Short Listing

Airtel has progressively seen a rush in the interested appliers over the old ages. therefore short listing based on predefined standards becomes an imperative measure in the whole procedure. Short listing of campaigners based on group treatment held on campus as portion of the concluding choice procedure.

5. 4. Group Discussion

With over 100 applications coming in from each of the campuses. short listing based on an application from entirely becomes a powerful undertaking for the campus director. therefore group treatment come into the image and play a important function in acquiring a concluding set of short list that?s eventually advance into the concluding unit of ammunition of interviewers.

5. 5. Final Interview
Final interview for the short listed campaigners takes topographic point on their several campus as a portion of the concluding arrangement procedure. Interviews are conducted by a panel of at least 2 people consisting of a concern HR Head and member of the airtel direction board.

5. 6. Concluding Offers
Post the concluding interviews on office. airtel communicates the concluding offers for the campaigners address to placement commission which so it turn inform the campaigners.

6. 0. Training & A ; Development of Airtel
Training is concerned with leaving peculiar accomplishments for specific intents.
We typically say developing can affect the sweetening of accomplishments. cognition. attitudes or societal behaviour. It may intend altering what employees know. how they work. their attitudes toward their work. or their interactions with their colleagues or their supervisor.

Training and Development in Airtel is one of the major duties of the Organizational Development squad. The Organizational Development ( OD ) Unit encompasses four chief countries of activity:

Endowment and Leadership direction
Career and sequence planning
Reward and Recognition

6. 1. Internal and External Training:

Airtel?s end is to change by reversal the bing preparation theoretical account of to a great extent outsourced preparation. and alternatively develop internal preparation as the centrepiece of its employee accomplishments development scheme. 6. 1. 1. Internal preparation: At Airtel. internal preparation can be loosely categorized into: In-House Training – preparation conducted by employees. Internal preparation is those provided by sellers who are engaged by AIRTEL to supply relevant preparation on a need footing.

1 ) On-the-Job Training

2 ) Coaching.

6. 1. 2. External Training:

External Training will hence be utilized purely to import unavailable accomplishments or expertness on a erstwhile. non-repetitive footing and will by and large be reserved for directors and supra. External Training as opposed to internal preparation is those provided by sellers who are engaged by AIRTEL to supply relevant preparation on a need footing. External preparation can be classified into:

Domestic – preparations taking topographic point within Bangladesh
Foreign – preparations taking topographic point outside Bangladesh
In-house Vendor Training – preparation conducted by seller in AIRTEL premises

6. 2. Skill Development

For most of the proficient development. on-the-job preparation is considered. If any identified proficient preparation can non be conducted while on occupation. the preparation demand is forwarded to the division caput for his / her attending. The division head coordinates with the HR division to seek preparation from outside beginning. For managerial or people accomplishments developing. the division caput requests the HR division for the specific preparation ; the HR division identifies if the preparation can be provided by the resources indoors. or else seeks developing from other developing organisations. Airtel offers different class Sessionss where the adept teachers provide cognition on assorted direction or proficient topics like squad development. leading accomplishments. GSM engineering. etc.

7. 0. Classs of Employee Engagement

Harmonizing to the Gallup the Consulting organisation there are different types of people: – • Engaged: “Engaged” employees are builders. They want to cognize the coveted outlooks for their function so they can run into and transcend them. They’re of course funny about their company and their topographic point in it. They perform at systematically high degrees. They want to utilize their endowments and strengths at work every twenty-four hours. They work with passion and they drive invention and travel their organisation frontward. • Not Prosecute: Not-engaged employees tend to concentrate on undertakings instead than the ends and results they are expected to carry through. They want to be told what to make merely so they can make it and state they have finished. They focus on carry throughing undertakings vs. accomplishing an result. Employees who are not-engaged tend to experience their parts are being overlooked. and their potency is non being tapped. They frequently feel this manner because they don’t have productive relationships with their directors or with their coworkers.

• Actively Disengaged: The “actively disengaged” employees are the “cave inhabitants. ” They’re “Consistently against Virtually Everything. ” They’re non merely unhappy at work ; they’re busy moving out their sadness. They sow seeds of negativeness at every chance. Every twenty-four hours. actively disengaged workers undermine what their occupied coworkers accomplish. As workers progressively rely on each other to bring forth merchandises and services. the jobs and tensenesss that are fostered by actively disengaged workers can do great harm to an organization’s operation.

8. 0. Factors Leading to Employee

Battle of Airtel Studies have shown that there are some critical factors which lead to Employee battle. Some of them identified are-
1. Equal Opportunities and Fair Treatment
2. Performance assessment
3. Pay and Benefits
4. Health and Safety
5. Job Satisfaction
6. Communication
7. Family Friendliness
8. Co-operation

9. 0. Motivation Factors of Airtel

Actually in airtel Bangladesh limited theory Y is applicable because they provide a friendly working environment to their employee. Partnership and friendly direction system is running here. Every employee has the right to raise his/ her voice in the company and portion their thought with managerial organic structure. HRM section treat their employee in a democratic mode. For this grounds non merely exceed down direction system is non used but besides the horizontal direction system is besides used. In Airtel HRM organic structure besides focus on both end oriented and value driven corporate civilization and satisfactory calling chances of employee. They besides motivate their employee through wages and acknowledgment mechanism. This policy is given bellow-

9. 1. Reward and Recognition

In a competitory concern clime. more concern proprietors are looking at betterments in quality while cut downing costs. Employee wages and acknowledgment plans are one method of actuating employees to alter work wonts and cardinal behaviours to profit a little concern. To retain its employees and making a good feeling. ABL designs and updates its wages and acknowledgment plan clip to clip ; which is nevertheless named as “Airtel KUDOS Reward & A ; Recognition Program” . The purpose of this plan is to planing innovating and actuating ways to prosecute and pull people towards the organisation.

Designation of company or group ends that the wages plan will back up is of import
Designation of the coveted employee public presentation or behaviours that will reenforce the visions of ABL.
Determination of cardinal measurings of the public presentation or behaviour. based on the person or group?s old accomplishments
Determination of appropriate wagess
Communication of plan to employees

In order to harvest benefits such as increased productiveness. the HR squad of Airtel designs the wages plan in such a manner that the company or group?s end must be identified and the behaviours or public presentation will lend to this. The reward plan can be fiscal and non-financial every bit good. HR squad of Airtel Bangladesh focuses on the non-financial wagess than fiscal because it is long lasting and more anticipated wage to the employees.

To accomplish its vision by 2015 of being the most loved trade name and enriching the lives of 1000000s ; ABL continuously works to accomplish its 3 values- alive. inclusive and respectful.

10. 0. Employee Engagement Practices in Airtel

The most of import drivers of growing and success for any organisation are its people. The organisation work to develop and nurture battle. Airtel is considered to be the best in HR patterns. Different patterns that is detained by Airtel Bangladesh ltd are ? The HR section sets up cross-functional squads in times of merchandise or service launches. “Such squads typically constitute high performing artists from each section. who jointly make it go on. These attacks help to pass on every section with each other.

To further HR interface. every member of the HR section has been assigned two sections to discourse and screen out all HR. forces and disposal issues. `The thought is to supply employees with a individual window to the section.

The HR Intranet provides information on HR policies. organisational construction. preparation calendar and the house diary.

With these enterprises. Airtel has won a particular topographic point in the Bharti group. The quality of service and client attention is a contemplation of the quality of people and our belief in changeless betterment and up step.

Employee friendly HR policies have been put in topographic point. which amply reflect the organisational concern for its people. Some typical illustrations of these policies and patterns include

1. 0. Figure: HR Policies amply in The Organization
These policies and patterns are applied across the organisational degrees without any favoritism.
Airtel offers a flexible compensation construction to its employees wherein the employees have the flexibleness to construction their fixed constituent of their compensation harmonizing to their demands within the scope of statute law.

ECF- Employee Communication Form is a sought of meeting or conference held one time in a twelvemonth or one time in two twelvemonth by the top direction. In this meeting all the employees are supposed to garner in the conference hall. There follows unfastened communicating between employees and the top direction. where employees are free to pass on or can discourse assorted issues coming up. Through these meetings employees get opportunity to acquire themselves to the full engaged with the company and the issues or the new aims of the company.

In airtel there is a wages and acknowledgment system which encourages the employees a batch. Every employee recognizes the best work done by their squad members. seniors or juniors.

11. 0. SWOT analysis on Airtel HR patterns:
11. 1. Strength:

Friendly working environment.
Focus on win-win-win policy by practising HR in ethical mode. Democratic leading manner.
Focus on employee satisfactory calling chances.
Value goaded corporate civilization.

11. 2. Failing:
Lower compensation programme.
Inefficient in proper use of its ( Airtel ) HR capacities.

Work force per unit area on HR is so much non to the full motivated.
Poor international roaming installation for HR forces.
Deficit of human resource in the Help-line than the rival.

Insufficient ongoing preparation.
Standards used to measure public presentation are non clear.
Lack of orientation plans for new employee.

11. 3. Opportunity:
Focus on advanced thought through every degree of employee.
Decision doing procedure is rather decentralized.
Effective clip direction to O.K. a new thought.

11. 4. Menace:
Higher employee turnover rate.
Retention of endowments.

12. 0. Human Resource Analysis
The survey and the consequences of analyses used to analyze the research inquiries. To analyze employee battle. study has been done. 50 employees completed and submitted the study. an overall response rate of 100 per centum.

12. 1. Gender
Of the respondents to this study. 36 per centum ( n = 18 ) were female and 64 per centum ( n = 32 ) were male.

2. 1. Figure: Human Analysis ( Gender )
Female ( 36 )
Male ( 64 )

12. 2. Age
The age from the sample shows that the figure of employees aged 20-26 and 26-30 old ages are lot more that the other elderly employees. This can likely be a mark that as immature people are more bucked up and basking the work in Airtel and as a young person trade name Airtel is engaging more energetic immature people.

2. 2. Figure: Human Analysis ( Age )

12. 3. Experience
Number of old ages of service in the organisation varied among respondents with 6 per centum ( n = 3 ) holding been employed zero to one twelvemonth ; 22 per centum ( n=11 ) employed 2 old ages ; 24 per centum ( n = 12 ) employed 3 old ages ; 48 per centum ( n =24 ) employed for over 3 old ages with the organisation.

2. 3. Figure: Human Analysis ( Experience )

Age Above 30 old ages
26-30 old ages
20-25 old ages
Jan-00 Jan-00 Jan-00 Jan-00 Jan-00 Jan-00
& gt ; 30

13. 0. Performance Appraisal & A ; Evaluation System

A good public presentation rating system verifying that there is a public presentation lack and determining in every organisation. Like other organisation Airtel has to be corrected through preparation or through some other agencies ( such as reassigning the employee ) . So effectual public presentation assessment will actuate the employee which is a large undertaking of HR professional.

14. 0. Compensation Management

Airtel offers a flexible compensation construction to its employees wherein the employees have the flexibleness to construction their fixed constituent of their compensation harmonizing to their demands within the scope of statute law. Performance Linked Incentive ( PLI ) strategies are linked with the variable constituent of the compensation construction. This constituent is linked to both the single public presentation against his/her set KRAs ( Key Result Areas ) and the overall public presentation of the concern entity that an employee belongs to. Airtel leaders and directors understand the demand to convey lucidity to employees about how their functions. ends and actions align the realisation of organisational vision and ends. The mechanisms like Performance Management System ( PMS ) and Talent Management Process ( TMP ) are the cardinal beginnings of placing the preparation demands of the employees and look into to competence degrees for publicity.

15. 0. Findingss:
1 ) There have a lower investing on leading inactive to keep high staff battle degrees.
2 ) Some deficit of acquiring regular feedback to employee and besides the managers? activities care.
3 ) Proper Training missing on bettering accomplishments of the entry degree every bit good as mid-level employees. 4 ) There is a bit high work force per unit area of employee and improper distribution of work diverseness. 5 ) The most failing point of airtel ltd is to neglecting the valid client verifying informations.

16. 0. Recommendation

Though Airtel has taken effectual attacks to develop employee battle. they should go on the pattern and develop the direction system. because engagement degree varies and demands on continues observation. Some recommendations are given below: – 1. An of import deduction from this determination is that the organisation should go on to put in its leading enterprise and other related plans in an attempt to keep high staff battle degrees. Directing resources toward this aim would look to be an effectual investing for this organisation.

2. Implementing new schemes. giving regular feedback to the employees and besides the director is necessary to keep employee battle.
3. More preparation can be introduced to better accomplishments of the employees. 4. Work force per unit area of the employees should be reduced by engaging more people and administering work among them.
5. Airtel depends a batch on Bdjobs. com for acquiring CVs for Territory Manager. Key Account Manager. Manager Compliance ; most of the clip good CVs are non found at that place so so HR takes people from mention which is clip devouring. as a consequence HR can non run into the demand of different sections in providing employees as they require.

6. Airtel should verify the original educational paperss of the forces to acquire talented and qualified employees.

17. 0. Decision

Recent research and literature demonstrate an increased involvement in the subject of human resource activates. and surveies show that human resource of inception is straight related to positive organisational and concern outcomes. This survey was designed as an explorative step of the HR of Airtel and examined the overall degree of HR of Airtel Bangladesh limited company HR theory would propose that in an bureau such as the survey site. where the workers are significantly engaged. production results would be high and client service would be exceeding. A reappraisal of the one-year study from the survey bureau indicated that the survey bureau met or exceeded the criterions and indexs for the financial twelvemonth in which the survey was conducted. Therefore. a major determination of this survey was that the high staff battle degrees may hold some correlativity with the organizations? high production results and quality client service studies.

18. 0. Mentions
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