Writing the Bibliography Sheet Use the Internet or library to find the sources on your topic from newspapers, journals, or books. On a full sheet of paper, type your name, Government 2305, the day & time of your class, and your topic. Cite at least four (4) sources using MALL (Modern Language Association) guidelines. Additional sources may be added later. You may use the MALL Handbook for Writers of Research Papers at the checkout desk of the library or any similar publication to help you write your citations in the correct format.

There are many on-line resources on MALL format hat are helpful. Guidelines for Writing the Paper Correct typographical errors by proofreading your final paper. Use words correctly & eliminate spelling errors by looking up definitions & spellings of words in the dictionary. Try to eliminate grammatical errors & awkward sentence structures. Use a variety of sentence patterns & lengths. Reduce wordiness by not using redundant or irrelevant words in the same sentence, e. G. , if you can write a twelve & twenty word sentence expressing the same idea, use the former.

If you are writing about a problem, explain the various solutions to the problem and write about which one or ones are best and why based on your research. Compare and contrast the different viewpoints of American and/or foreign sources on your topic. Paper length?a minimum of 1000 words of text, type-written double spaced. This excludes headings or any other non-text lines such as title page and work cited page. Everything else being equal, the longer your paper, the better. Organization?Organize your ideas by writing from an outline. Focus? Narrow your topic.

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A focused discussion is better than a broad presentation of a topic that does not cover anything very well. Writing style?with few or no hypocritical errors, misspelled words, and grammatical errors. Use proper paragraphing and improve your writing style by revising the paper as many times as necessary. Citations?anytime you borrow someone’s ideas, paraphrase or quote them, cite all sources using MALL guidelines. Sources? At least 4 sources will be used. Sources such as Wisped, about. Com or ask. Com are not appropriate sources for an academic paper. The more you cite and use, the better.

You will not be given credit for using sources from your bibliography unless you actually use and cite them in the body of your paper. Foreign sources can add depth and interest to your paper. Next to your citations of foreign sources, specify the country from which the source was taken. Components of the Completed Paper A typed cover page with your name; Government 2305; day ; time of the course, e. G. , MIFF 8:30-9:20 rotor 10:00-11:20; ; title of your topic. The main body of the paper explaining the international significance of the issue, problem, or person. MALL citations of sources.

A bibliography or ‘Work cited” page Papers that do not meet the minimum requirement for length, does not use four resources, use MALL format and citations, or fails to provide a work cited page will receive a grade of F. Submission All papers must be submitted on-line via Blackboard by attaching a file containing your paper and work cited page as a single document. The file must be in Microsoft Word (. Doc or . Dock) format. The paper must be submitted twice – once in Turn-it-in and once in the second hyper-link. Failure to turn your paper in on both hyperlinks will give you a grade of no grade.

Late Papers Papers will NOT be accepted after the due date Papers must be submitted through Blackboard. GOBO 2305 Research Paper Rubric 2013 Required Elements Student’s Name Fall Of Paper Needs Improvement Adequate Acceptable Proficient Format (10 possible points) Does not follow instructions O points Follows some instructions 4 points Follows most instructions 6 points Follows instructions 10 points Language and Usage (10 possible points) Contains major grammatical and syntax errors. Word choice is not appropriate for the topic. 0-3 points Contains minor grammatical and syntax errors.


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