The term diabetes or more frequently referred to as diabetes mellitus by physicians, is acquiring popular among people today. This disease has affected many people from all around the universe. A study was conducted by National Health and Morbidity Surveys ( NHMS ) . It is found that the prevalence of diabetes in Malaysia was 15.2 % in 2011. The population of Malaysia in 2011 was 29.2 million, which means that 4.4 million of the population was affected by diabetes.

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Graph of prevalence of diabetes in twelvemonth 2007 and 2011.

Diabetess is a chronic disease where a individual has a high sugar degree in blood, normally due to a low production of insulin in their organic structure. The most frequent and obvious symptoms of diabetes are frequent micturition ( polyuria ) , increased thirst ( polydipsia ) and increased hungriness ( polyphagia ) . It is besides observed that the piss of the diabetes patients is sweet and attracts emmets.

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This disease, diabetes mellitus ( DM ) , is fundamentally divided into three chief types, which were named as Type 1 DM, Type 2 DM and gestational diabetes mellitus severally.

Type 1 DM was antecedently known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or juvenile-onset diabetes. The development of this type of diabetes is due to destruct of pancreatic beta cells by the organic structure ‘s immune system. Pancreatic beta cells are the lone cells in the organic structure that produce insulin that is of import in modulating the blood glucose degree.

The non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or adult-onset diabetes, which is known as Type 2 DM these yearss, is caused by the insulin opposition where the cells do non utilize the insulin in a proper manner.

Gestational diabetes mellitus occurs during gestation, where the organic structure of the pregnant female parent is intolerant of glucose. During 24-28weeks of gestation, pregnant adult females are normally advised by physicians to carry on a trial on diabetes. Doctors frequently advise the patients to exert and pull off their diets in order to command their diabetes.

Type 2 DM


Type 2 DM can be spotted by the common symptoms of diabetes, including frequent micturition, decreased vision, etc. However, some Type 2 DM patients have no symptoms for old ages during the early phase as Type 2 DM occurs easy over clip. As the blood sugar degree rises, the development of the symptoms begins.

Symptoms of Type 2 DM are as follow:

Frequent micturition and increased thirst.

The most common symptom is polyuria, where they urinate more frequently. Frequently related to the increased thirst, the extra sugar in the blood stream pulls fluid from the tissues. With lesser fluid in the organic structure, you feel thirsty and you may imbibe more. This leads to an addition in micturition.

Decreased vision.

Diabetic retinopathy is a disease where the retina of the oculus is damaged by diabetes. High sums of blood sugar will damage the blood vass in the retina, which may cut down your vision. If critical, it may take to blindness.

Infections and healing.

An person with Type 2 DM normally have slow-healing lesions or cuts. They are besides more prone to illness. The permeableness of the blood vass is reduced by the high blood glucose degrees. This so reduces the sum of O and foods making the site of the lesion, decelerating the healing rate.

Increased appetency.

When the insulin is unequal, the glucose transported into the cells reduces. The cells have non adequate energy and get down interrupting down alternate beginnings like fats for energy. As a consequence, you feel hungry and you will seek for nutrient.

Discovery of diabetes

Pancreass and diabetes

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In 1889, Oskar Minkowski, a German physiologist, who was nominated six times for Nobel Prize, together with a German doctor, Joseph von Mering, have by chance discovered the relationship between the pancreas and diabetes. This find was said to be an accident because the experiment was conducted to measure the soaking up of fat following pancreatectomy alternatively of diabetes.

In his experiment, he removed the pancreas from a Canis familiaris by carry oning a surgery. With its pancreas removed, the Canis familiaris exhibited disorder similar to human diabetes. This observation made Oskar Minkowski to recognize that the pancreas produces a substance that plays a function in modulating the blood glucose degree. However, he did non pull off to detect what the substance was.

Banting ‘s Idea

In 1920, Dr. Frederick Banting conceives an thought on insulin after reading an article in the diary by Moses Barron, an American diagnostician. He so confronted Professor John Macleod, who was besides analyzing on diabetes in Canada, converting him that his thought on insulin worth a attempt. Macleod so provided Banting with a research lab with minimal equipment and 10 Canis familiariss. Charles Best was assigned as his assistant.C: UsersGoh- FamilyDesktop3_best_banting.jpg

By carry oning experiments on the depancreatized Canis familiariss, he eventually came to the find of the insulin, which was foremost named as “ Isletin ” when the infusion was foremost injected into Dog 410.

Banting and Best so started pull outing insulin from pancreases from cowss. The Canis familiariss which were weaken by diabetes seemed healthier after having the

infusions. Macleod so gave them more financess and moved them to a research lab with better working conditions.

In late 1921, Dr. James Bertram Collip joined them in the research. He was assigned to sublimate the insulin so that the worlds can have them safely.

Testing on worlds

Banting and Best were the first worlds to be tested with the infusions. They did non experience good at first but they were non harmed by the infusions.

In January 1922, a trial on insulin was conducted on a 14-year-old male child named Leonard Thompson. Surprisingly, this male child who was in critical province due to diabetes recovered quickly. The squad so tested the insulin extracts on the other prevalence and they recovered, excessively. This marked the success in the difficult work of the squad in looking for a manner to maintain worlds with diabetes alive.

The Nobel Prize

The find of insulin was one of the biggest finds in medical specialty. In twelvemonth 1923, Banting and Macleod were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Best and Collip were non awarded. However, Banting decided to portion his hard currency award with Best while Macleod shared with Collip.

Contributions of scientists to physiology

Oskar Minkowski

Oskar Minkowski published the construct where the pancreas produces a substance which was named as insulin subsequently. He discovered that the pancreatic substance is responsible in commanding the blood glucose degree.

Furthermore, Oskar Minkowski proved that the pancreas is besides responsible in bring forthing bile pigments every bit good as site for uric acid formation.C: UsersGoh- FamilyDesktop1_pancreas.png

His find was a wonder to the medical and physiology field, progressing the apprehension of people in their organic structure maps, specifically the pancreas. By making so, it inspires the younger scientists to intensify their cognition on the pancreas.

Without these foundations, scientists presents will non be able to detect so much more things sing pancreas.

Dr. Frederick Banting

The find and extraction of insulin by Dr. Frederick Banting and his squad was besides a great accomplishment in medical field. He contributed to physiology field in the sense where he successfully demonstrated the map of the insulin to cut down the blood glucose degree, or in other words, being able to protract the lives of the diabetes prevalence.

His great accomplishment in the extraction of insulin saved many people who had diabetes from deceasing by shooting insulin into their organic structures. This find gave the diabetes patients hope to last, or at least protracting their lives, other than bettering the cognition in both medical and physiology Fieldss on the maps of endocrine insulin and pancreas.

Health jobs



Type 2 DM is developed when the pancreas produces deficient insulin to the organic structure or when the organic structure has insulin opposition. Researchs have been traveling on for old ages to happen out the causes of diabetes in order to bring around this disease. Other than the familial issue, it is besides believed that human civilization life style is one of the causes to diabetes mellitus.

High-fat and carbohydrate diet.

Carbohydrates have a great influence on the blood sugar degrees. It is advised non to devour high-fat nutrient as it may do fleshiness, which is one of the chief causes of diabetes.

Alcohol ingestion.

It is known that the beer and sweet vino contain saccharides which may raise the blood sugar degrees. Furthermore, it may besides impact the effects of insulin in the organic structure. Failure of the insulin map will take to diabetes.

Sedentary life style.

Exerting can increase the usage of insulin in the organic structure while it helps to fire extra organic structure fat. With that, the weight of the organic structure can be controlled and the hazard of acquiring diabetes can be reduced excessively.


Many patients of the Type 2 DM are corpulent. A theory was published that being overweight may take to insulin opposition, a status where the cells do non react usually to insulin. Less glucose is taken into the cells and therefore extra glucose is present in blood, taking to a high glucose degrees in blood.


There are presently few types of diagnosing available. Experts from American Diabetes Association, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and the International Diabetes Federation recommended people who suspect themselves acquiring diabetes to travel for the trials below:

Glycated haemoglobin ( A1C ) trial.

In this trial, blood sample will be taken and analysed. Average blood sugar degree for the past few months can be revealed. The per centum of blood sugar attached to haemoglobin is measured.

& gt ; 6.5 %


5.7 % – 6.4 %


& lt ; 5.6 %


Random blood sugar trial.

In this trial, the blood sugar degrees are in mgs per deciliter ( mg/dL ) or millimoles per litre ( mmol/L ) . Blood sample is taken at random clip.

& gt ; 200 mg/dL ( 11.1 mmol/L )


140 mg/dL ( 7.8 mmol/L ) –

199 mg/dL ( 11.0 mmol/L )


& lt ; 140 mg/dL ( 7.8 mmol/L )


Fasting blood sugar trial.

This trial requires an nightlong fasting before taking the blood sample. The units of blood sugar degrees are similar with the random blood sugar trial.

& gt ; 126 mg/dL ( 7.0 mmol/L )


101 mg/dL ( 5.7 mmol/L ) –

125 mg/dL ( 6.9 mmol/L )


& lt ; 100 mg/dL ( 5.6 mmol/L )


Oral glucose tolerance trial.

An nightlong fasting is besides required. Blood sample with fasting blood sugar degree will be taken, and so a sugary liquid will be given. Blood sugar degrees are tested at intervals for few hours.

& gt ; 200 mg/dL ( 11.1 mmol/L )


141 mg/dL ( 7.9 mmol/L ) –

199 mg/dL ( 11.0 mmol/L )


& lt ; 140 mg/dL ( 7.8 mmol/L )


* Prediabetes indicates that an person has a high hazard of developing diabetes.


Type 2 DM occurs when the pancreatic beta-cells disfunction and produces less insulin. As insulin is the regulator of blood glucose degrees, a lessening in the sum of insulin present affects the ordinance of blood glucose degree. Inadequate sum of insulin leads to high blood glucose degree as the ability to modulate is reduced.

Insulin opposition is when the organic structure cells do non react usually to hormone insulin. At this point, the organic structure requires more insulin than usual to travel the glucose into the organic structure cells. Insulin opposition entirely does non do to develop diabetes. However, when it occurs together with pancreatic beta-cells disfunction, diabetes mellitus develops. The pancreas could non bring forth sufficient sum of insulin required by the organic structure for transit of glucose into organic structure cells and non all extra glucose is converted into animal starch. Therefore, the glucose in the blood stream remains and accumulates, doing an addition in blood glucose degree.

When the blood glucose degree reaches a per centum, an person is considered to hold developed diabetes mellitus.


Type 2 DM normally starts developing when the beta-cells in the pancreas disfunction. Beta-cells disfunctions occur bit by bit. Beta-cell is one of the types of cells found in the islets of Langerhans, where islets of Langerhans are the parts in pancreas where endocrinal cells of pancreas are found.

Beta-cells are involved in hive awaying and let go ofing the endocrine insulin which regulates the blood glucose degree. A failure in production of insulin by beta-cells reduces the ability of the insulin to modulate the blood glucose degree as unequal insulin is present to transport the glucose into organic structure cells. At the same clip, extra glucose could non be converted into animal starch. As a consequence, the blood contains more glucose than it should hold. Thus, the blood glucose degree additions to a high degree.

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Simplified diagram for pathophysiology of Type 2 DM.

Insulin opposition is when the organic structure cells do non respond usually to insulin, or is said to hold opposition to insulin. Therefore, more insulin is required in order to transport the glucose molecules into the cells. The sum of glucose transported into the cells to be stored as energy is greatly reduced. The organic structure detects this alteration and assumes that the organic structure has deficient glucose. Signals are transmitted to the liver to change over the animal starch in it into glucose which is so released into the blood stream. The addition in Hepatic Glucose Production ( HGP ) further increases the sum of glucose nowadays in the blood, taking to high blood glucose degree – diabetes.

However, for the Type 2 DM to develop, both the deficient insulin production and insulin opposition must be together.


Diabetess mellitus has no remedy but there are ways to cut down the impacts from diabetes. The chief end to forestall jobs from diabetes is to cut down the blood glucose degree. The most popular and effectual ways are to exert on a regular basis and pull offing one ‘s diet.

Pull offing diet.

An person with Type 2 DM demands to concentrate more on their weight control as most patients of Type 2 DM are corpulent. Doctors and nutritionist frequently advise their clients with Type 2 DM to cut down their Calories intake and devouring an even sum of saccharides at the same clip. Healthy monosaturated fats can be consumed to replace saccharides nutrient.


Exercise has ever been a good manner to take a healthy life. By exerting, the blood glucose degree beads of course as your bosom beats more and you breathe more other than bettering the blood flow. Furthermore, exerting can assist to fire fats that may assist one in pull offing their weight.

Oral medicines.

In some instances, physicians may order some medicines to be consumed to assist the organic structure to modulate the blood glucose degree. For illustration, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, biguanides, etc. These medicines are sometimes given together with insulin.

Injection of insulin.

The more common signifier of intervention is the injection of insulin. Approximately 40 % of Type 2 DM prevalence requires injection of insulin. By shooting insulin into the organic structure, glucose in the organic structure will be converted into animal starch in the liver, therefore lowers the blood glucose degree.


Diabetess is a slow slayer with none curable interventions, yet. However, it is need non to be afraid as the impacts can be reduced by proper intervention. If non treated decently, complications may go on, taking to blindness, kidney harm and bosom onslaught. Therefore, it is really of import to maintain one ‘s blood glucose degree at normal degree to avoid unwanted complications.


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