The Problems Balancing School, Job, and Family Although this is something that a lot of people deal with balancing school, jobs, and family is a very difficult thing to do, and most people can’t handle it because of the stress and the constant back and forth, or at least that’s how I felt until I decided to take a different approach. Even though people do this all the time they never realize that to balance school, job, and family is a juggling act and just like a juggling act you have the balls in a constant rotation.

If you stop or lose focus with one that could potentially mess up the others. Another way it’s like a juggling act is that it takes practice, which is what you should do, is practice to find the most convenient way for you to balance the three. The way I see it is that just because school, job, and family are separated doesn’t mean you need split into three different people, yea they’re different environments but you should have the same mind set of each.

When you start to split yourself it starts to show in your performance. For me my school work was the hardest affected I started to half-ass my work and it very which is bad because whether the things that are being are the same things I’m writing about or not you should always give it 100% at all times or else it’ll be obvious that you’ll be slacking and balance will start to fall apart.

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One of the most important I learned is that the problem with balancing things isn’t always an external problem sometimes the simplest thing is what gives the most trouble which is just accepting that there has to be a change in your lifestyle and working with it, or in the worst case scenario is that you would have to up something, for me it was just a little free time.

You should realize that just because you give something up doesn’t mean it’s gone forever, because once you’ve learned to balance the things you need to you could always just and more things to the act. Over the years I learned these little tricks are they the solution to the problem? For you maybe not but for me it is, which means that when it comes to balancing different aspects of your life it’s a trial and error process until you find what works for you.


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