A lower GI series, besides called a Ba clyster, is a medical process used to analyze and name jobs with the human colon ( big bowel ) . X-ray images are taken while Ba sulphate fills the colon via the rectum.This scrutiny is used to probe alterations in intestine wont, hurting, any abdominal mass, malaena ( blood in fecal matters ) or abdominal obstructor. Because of the badness of reaction when Ba enters the circulation, it is contraindicated in patients who have had recent intestine surgery or rectal biopsy. If a tight stenosis is demonstrated, merely run a little volume of Ba proximally to specify the upper border, for otherwise the Ba may impact. A Ba clyster besides is a diagnostic trial. During the trial, the physician puts a contrast stuff called Ba into the rectrum. Adequate Ba is given to make full up the colon ( big bowels ) . A apparent X ray of the venters is so taken.

By make fulling the full pit of the colon the physician can see the contour of the colon ‘s liner. Polyps diverticula ( outpocketings ) , ulcers, fistulous withers ( gaps ) , crypts ( certain types of pits ) and inflammatory alterations can be detected. Multitudes ( such as tumours ) are specially of involvement because this trial is frequently used to test for colon malignant neoplastic disease.

Chiefly, Ba clyster is used to except diseases of the colon such as colorectal malignant neoplastic disease. Over the old ages, Ba clyster has been used to measure a broad scope of other conditions such as these:


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-Celiac psilosis

-Colorectal adenoma ( harmless tumours )

-Colonic diverticula ( pouches or pouch in the colon )

-Colonic polyps

-Crohn disease


-Diverticulitis of the colon

-Chronic enteric pseudo-obstruction

-Lower GI hemorrhage

Although the Ba clyster was originally as a manner to name disease, its function has changed. Doctors use the trial as a showing tool for certain people who are at hazard for colorectal malignant neoplastic disease.

Besides, a Ba clyster is used in some instances to handle a status. The force per unit area exerted when the Ba is put into the colon frequently consequences in deciding an invaginations ( a telescoping consequence in which the colon creases in on itelf ) a status seen in babies.

A modified trial, the double- contrast Ba clyster, has been developed in order to see the mucose membrane in the colon better. This is achieved by utilizing a roentgenoscope ( a machine for sing the internal construction ) and by pull stringsing the place of the individual and the sum of Ba and air that is introduced.


A Ba enema clearly shows a colonic herniation. Barium clyster are most normally used to look into intestine wellness, they can assist name and measure the extent of inflammatory intestine disease such as ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease. Polyps can be seen through non removed during the tests like with a colonoscopy, they may be cancerous. Other jobs such as diverticulosis ( little pouches formed on the colon wall that can go inflamed ) and invaginations can be found ( and in certain instances the trial itself can handle invaginations ) . An acute appendicitis or distorted cringle of the intestine may besides be seen. If the image is normal a functional cause such as cranky intestine syndrome ( IBS ) may be considered.

In a wellness colon, Ba should make full the colon uniformly and demo normal intestine contour, patency ( should be freely unfastened ) and place.


During the Ba clyster process, the contrast stuff may punch the colon and spill into the during abdominal pit. The liner of the abdominal pit may go septic ( the status is called chemical peritoneal inflammation ) . The colon may contract and go out of use.

Because of these possible jobs, certain people may non be good campaigners for this process.

The intestine is prepared before the process. Anyone undergoing a Ba clyster must be monitored during the intestine readying process.

Perforation rates among the different types of clyster are likely due more to perforations that occurred prior to the clyster, and the force per unit area exerted within the colon, instead than from the contrast stuff.

There is less radiation exposure than an abdominal CT. X ray are monitored and regulates to supply the minimal sum of radiation exposure needed to bring forth the image. Most adept feel that the hazard is low compared with the benefits. Pregnant adult females and kids are more sensitive to the hazards of ionising radiation.


CT scans and ultrasound are now the trials of pick for the initial rating of abdominal multitudes, and colonoscopies are going the criterion for everyday colon showing for those over age 50 or with a familial history of polyps or colon malignant neoplastic disease, although it is non uncommon for a Ba clyster to be done after a colonoscopy for farther rating.


Miller disposable clyster tubing. If the patient is incontinent, it is allowable to utilize a tubing with an inflatable turnup. However, it is usage should be confined to such instances, owing to the addition hazard of perforation.

Contrast MEDIA

Barium sulfate is the most common type of positive-contrast media used for the Ba clyster. The concentration of the Ba sulfate suspension varies harmonizing to the survey performed. A standard mixture used for individual contrast media Ba enemas scope between 15 % and 25 % weight to volume ( w/v ) . The thicker Ba used for dual contrast Ba clyster has a weight to volume contration between 75 % and 95 % or higher.


The blending direction as supplied by the maker should be followed exactly. The cold H2O is reported to hold an anaesthetic consequence on the colon and increase keeping of the contrast media. And cold H2O may be lead to colonic cramp, so the recommended temperature is used to fix the Ba sulfate is ( 40-45F ) . If we use the hot H2O may blister the mucosal liner of the colon bocose of the Ba sulfate produces a colloidal suspension, agitating the clyster bag before tip interpolation is of import to forestall separation of the Ba sulphate H2O.


To obtain an accurate x-ray image of the contours of the colon, faecal stuff must be cleared. This is achieved by the cleaning clyster.

Besides, a laxatives may be given orally to unclutter the colon of faecal stuff that may interfere with the process and the trial reading.

Normally, you will non be allowed to take nutrient or fluid after midnight the dark before your process. You may be given fluids by IV that contain dextrose ( sugar ) merely prior to the trial.


It is critical that the patient has an empty intestine for this scrutiny and so a rigorous cleaning government must be commenced prior to the process. An illustration of this regimen would be a low-residue diet for 2 yearss prior to the process, so on the twenty-four hours before, a powerful purgatives, illustration Picolax, should be taken and so curtail to clear fluids merely, but each Centre will their ain specific government for intestine readying.

If the patient is a adult females of childbearing age, the radiographer will inquire if there is any possibility you are pregnant. Because this scrutiny exposes the pelvic country to radiation, it is of import that you tell radiographer the day of the month of your last catamenial period and whether there is a opportunity that you may be pregnant.


Intestines must be wholly empty. Typically, patient will be asked to follow a restricted diet for two yearss prior to the scrutiny. This may include a soft diet or a liquid diet.

Barium clyster is performed at an outpatient x-ray centre or in a major infirmary. You normally go place the same twenty-four hours.

When you arrive, the staff will look into the last clip that you had nutrient of fluids. They will besides do certain that you bowel has been prepared adequately ( by cleansing clyster or laxative or both ) .

Before patient scrutiny, radiographer will explicate the process to the patient and reply any inquiries patient might has.

You will stay wake up throughout the Ba enema process. The contrast stuff ( Ba ) will be put into the rectum through a fictile tubing. A side from that uncomfortableness, you may experience the force per unit area of the liquid that is being administered. Otherwise, hurting should be minimum.

Prior to executing your Ba clyster scrutiny, the radiographer will gave the patient a infirmary gown to have on. This gown has no metal snaps on it, because metal can interfere with the truth of the image. It is of import that everything underneath this gown be removed, including jewellery and underclothes.

Several x-ray will be taken. The continuance of the whole process depends on the velocity of the Ba to make full the necessary countries of involvement, the figure of images required to properly measure the colon and whether extra Ba or images are required.

Once the movies are complete, the radiographer will demo you the lavatory installations do you can throw out the Ba. After you have expelled the Ba, the radiographer may take another X ray to measure wheter any Ba remains.


Most people have a short recovery clip and travel place after the process. The images are read by a qualified who communicates the findings to your physician who may choose to see the images excessively. Your physician normally calls you within a hebdomad with the consequences. If there are unnatural consequences such as abnormalities in the contour of the colon proposing unnatural multitudes, your physician will discourse extra diagnostic and direction programs, which may include biopsy or surgery.

The Ba will do your stools white for few yearss. This is normal. If the patient experience irregularity following the scrutiny, state the physician. He or she may rede you to take a laxative. You besides should increase your H2O ingestion in the yearss following the scrutiny.

Following STEPS

After you leave the infirmary or surgical centre, anticipate your following intestine motion to incorporate the contrast stuff. You should watch for abdominal hurting, cramping, or purging. Name your or seek medical attending at the nearest medical installation if you have terrible symptoms.


Name your physician if you have any of these jobs:

-moderate to severe abdominal hurting

-moderate to severe abdominal bloating


-severe diarrhoea

-inability to take nutrient or fluids

Besides you should see the physician if you have any unusual jobs after the Ba swallow trial, such as emesis, hemorrhage, hurting or problem external respiration. If you do non hold a intestine motion in 2-3 yearss after the trial, you should besides name or see your physician.

If you pass dark stuff or have fresh hemorrhage in your stools, go to a infirmary ‘s exigency section. In extra, any terrible abdominal hurting, bloating, and cramping demands rating in a infirmary.


There are grate fluctuation in positions recommended, and the following it is merely the strategy used in the section.

1. topographic point movies of the rectum and sigmoid colon ( lying )

RAO/Prone /LOP/Left sidelong of the rectum

2. topographic point movie of the hepatic flection, splenetic flection and rectum ( erect )

-LAO to open out the splenetic flection

-RAO to open out the hepatic flection

-Right lateral of the rectum

3. topographic point movie of the cecum ( lying ) . Positioning of the patient supine.

4. over couch movies ( normally with a ceiling tubing ) to demonstrated all of the big intestine ( lying )

Supine/Prone/ Left sidelong decubitis /Right sidelong decubitis/ prone, with the tubing angled 45 grade caudad and centered 5cm above the posterior supine iliac spinal columns.

5. The post-evacuation movie of the cecum when the other movies have failed.

6. Extra topographic point movies of any parts of abnormalcy are taken as required.


Computer Tomography ( CT scan ) and ultrasound are the present twenty-four hours trials of pick for the initial rating of abdominal multitudes and colonoscopies are going the criterion for everyday colon showing for those with the history of polyps or colon malignant neoplastic disease, although the usage of Ba clyster trial after a colonoscopy for farther rating. Barium enema trial remains utile for placing anatomical abnormalcies in patients with stenosiss of the colon that are excessively little for a colonoscope to go through through for scrutiny intents.


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